A gallery of photographs of German troops at work during the Occupation of Jersey

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A detachment of German troops marches through Charing Cross in 1940
There is a stark contrast between these two pictures taken only a few months apart. The top picture shows the Royal Jersey Militia marching through the streets of St Helier in 1939. Not many weeks had passed before the island had beeh occupied by German troops in the summer of 1940 and it was soldiers of the Wehrmacht who were marching through the streets of town. The upper picture was taken quite openly; the picture below was taken clandestinely through curtained windows. Discovery would have incurred a severe penalty for the photographer
A German staff car outside the churchyard at St Brelade
Troops at the Airport
A German staff car - a commandeered local vehicle - passes through King Street
1940 band parade

Propaganda photographs

The Germans sent official photographers to the island on a number of occasions to take photographs for propaganda purposes.

There seems to have been no actual attempt to document the Occupation, or if there was, the pictures have been lost.

The Bundesarchiv, the German Federal Archive, has only 118 photographs taken in Jersey in its online collection. We have chosen a selection to reproduce here. Many have been ignored because they are very low quality images and even those shown below have had to be digitally enhanced to obtain a reasonable quality.

Some of these pictures have been been shown separately in this website for some years, either further up this page or in other sections of our German Occupation gallery.

A commandeered Jaguar used as a German staff car, outside Gloster Terrace, the headquarters of Regiment 582
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