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Silver timeline


A beaker by George Mauger c1780. Sold at Christie's in 2006 for £960

A timeline of Channel Island silver history, from Silver in the Channel Islands by the late Frederick Cohen and Nicholas du Quesne Bird

1309 John the Goldsmith murdered
1428 J Nicoll
1452 J Fryth
1539 J Le Porc T Coquerel died
1553 c Guillemotte
1572 J Girard J Girard
1601 T Mourin
1605 P De Beauvoir
1634 T Le V dit Durrell
1638 J Le Bayllyf
1641 M and F Messervy
1646 M Vaughan
1653 C Rowland
1670 P Henry
N Ozanne
1680 R Barbedor R Barbedor
W Young P Webb
W Pye
1684 A Herbert
1685 I d’Argent
1687 P Saint
J J Saint
P Bouchier died
1688 W Young
1690 H La Feuille
1696 P Amiraux 1
1699 H Aubin
1700 O Le V Dit Durrell
1704 I Mansell
1715 J Gavey
1717 J Robinson
1719 N Blondell
1720 G Henry
A Guernsey christening cup c1779 by Jean-Pierre du Port. Sold by Christie's in 2006 for £408
1723 A La Feuille
1725 T Cartault
1727 J Perchard
1730 T D Mauger
1740 L Ourry P Maingy
J Thoreau
1747 P Amiraux II
1751 P E Cachart
1752 E Naftel
1755 E Gavey W Arnell
1763 J (de) Gruchy I
1765 J de Gruchy II
1770 P Bouton
J Limbour
A beaker by George Mauger c1780. Sold at Christie's in 2006 for £960
1771 G Mauger
1773 J de Gruchy III J P du Port
1774 G Hamon I
1780 J Kerby T A Naftel
1781 J Quesnel I
1782 L Poignand
1782 H Poignand
1783 N A Naftel
1786 G Farr
S Gordon
1788 E Aubin
1790 M Gallichan
1792 J Mitchell
1793 J R Toutain H Ezekiel
An 18th century Guernsey christening cup marked 'IH' and overstruck by Jean Le Page. SOld at Christie's in 2006 for 1,200
1799 J Le Page I
1800 P Amiraux II
M Chevalier
1804 A Bishop and H de Jersey
1806 E Richards
1807 Poigand Fils
1809 G Hamon II
J E Hocquard
P Poignand
1810 C M Mauger
1821 J Quesnel II N Bodilly
1822 T de Gruchy
1824 J G Allen
1826 J Le Page II
1831 T de Gruchy and J Le Gallais
A christening beaker c1775 by Pierre Maingy of Guernsey. Sold at Christie's in 2006 for £420
1832 J Anderson
F Kirby
M Nelson
S Plummer
D Samuel
1835 E Le Goupillot
1837 R Marcus
T Olivier
1839 M Le Blanc
B Le Goupillot
J Le Goupillot
A Harvey
M Le Messurier
P Robillard
J Smith
J Walker
A salver c1760 by an unknown Guernsey maker, marked 'IH'. Sold at Christie's in 2006 for £2,400
1845 A G Bensa
M Constance
W Friend
M Le Goupillot
M Hyatt
M Issachar
W Westbrook
1852 J Carmalt
M Collenette
W Durrell
W Godfrey
S de la Londe
M Simon
1858 F R Bolt
A Cohu
1870 J Pope Genge
A wine taster c1730 by Guillaume Henry of Guernsey. Sold at Christie's in 2006 for £900
1874 A E Edgar I H Coventry
H Holinshed J Le Lacheur
J Mallett N Robilliard
A Quenouillere E Troutaud
J Walden
1877 E Hollonshed
1884 G Bowring retired
W Mallett
F B Pluck
J Ray
1890 C T Maine
1894 W T Bisson
E J Gallichan
E Leslie
1901 A E Edgar II
  • Silver: Introductory page and index to the book
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