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Escapee Denis Vibert report on early months of the Occupation

After the rush period of the evacuation consequent upon the occupation by the Germans, many landlords found themselves deprived of rents from houses which had been leased to evacuees. Some creditors also found that their debtors had left without settling the amounts due by them.

Some of these landlords and creditors proceeded to obtain powers to distrain or sell the furniture or other effects of their tenants or debtors. In many cases, however, friends of evacuees got together to appoint an administrator in order to protect their affairs. The lawyers did a "roaring" business.

During the period prior to and immediately after the occupation there was a run on the shops. The German soldiers also carried out systematic purchases and the military authorities commandeered stocks held in warehouses.

Within about two weeks after the occupation stocks in the shops had been exhausted.

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