Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Alcock

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Sir Michael Alcock


Old Victorian Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Alcock

RAF career

Educated at Victoria College, Sir Robert James Michael Alcock GCB, KBE, FRAeS (1936- ) was commissioned in the Technical Branch of the Royal Air Force in 1959.

By the time of the Gulf War he was Air Officer Engineering at Headquarters RAF Strike Command He was appointed the RAF's Chief Engineer in 1991 and promoted to air chief marshal in 1993. The following year he graduated from Cranfield University before being appointed Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief the newly established Logistics Command on 1 April 1994.

The role also carried with it a seat on the Air Force Board as the Air Member for Logistics, and Alcock became the first non-aircrew officer to sit on the Air Force Board. Additionally he continued to be designated as the RAF's Chief Engineer.

He retired from the RAF on 25 June 1996 and subsequently worked as an aerospace consultant.

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