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Alfred Thomas Kingston Leclercq (1879 - 1960) was the son of Thomas Alfred Leclercq (1837 - 1889) and Elizabeth Jane Kingston (1853-1909). On the death of his father, Alfred Thomas went to the Jersey Industrial School and from there to the army (1st Batallion Lancashires who were stationed in Jersey at that time). On discharge from the army he entered the navy in 1904 as a stoker - his naval records are in the name of Alfred Thomas Kingston Noel, but the records say that he adopted this name as an alias and that his correct name was Leclercq. The photos of ships are those he served on On discharge from the navy in October 1913 (he had absconded on a number of occasions and spent a lot of time in the cells) he re-enlisted in the army using his alias - Noel - and falsifying his age. He was in the machine gun corps and this is the badge on the photo of him (previous page). He was discharged as unfit in October 1916, so survived WW1. He returned to Jersey for a few days in November 1916 and was issued with a passport in the name of Noel. He lived the rest of his life in England where he met and married Alice Pinfold (1897-1977), and they had 2 sons - Thomas (my father) and Cyril. His family were unaware of his history or that he came from Jersey until after his death when papers were discovered.


Alfred had 6 siblings and the death of their father, a master mariner, from TB in 1889 clearly had a huge impact on the family. Alfred and brother Sidney were placed in the Jersey Industrial school while the girls (Maude, Marie, Elsie and Ruby) went to live with their maternal grandmother. Later, their mother re-married (Philip Noel 1864 - ) and the family was re-assembled, with the exception of Alfred who was by this time in the army.

What happened to the family?

Lizzie Maude Mary (1875-1955) married Frederic Tucker b1874 and they had one son Francis born in 1899. Marie Jeannet b1878 married William Honeycombe b1881 who was killed in France in 1918. They had one son, Arthur Sidney b1906. Thomas John b1880 appears in the 1881 census (aged 1) but not thereafter. Elsie Louise b1881 married soldier Thomas Michael Cooney b1879. They emigrated to the USA and the history of this family can be found on Ancestry. Sidney Ernest Reginald b1884 married Harriet Mabel Barnett b1884 and they had two children, Beatrice Mabel b1909 and Rita b1914. Sidney, a sailor, died at sea from kidney failure on SS Maimoa on a cross Atlantic voyage in 1921. Ruby M N b1887 seems to have married a soldier (Mellish) around 1910 but by 1911 is recorded as being a widow. She may have remarried a soldier (Wright) in 1913.

My father Thomas Noel b1920, son of Alfred Thomas Kingston, never knew he had this extended family. Are there any descendants living in Jersey today?

John Noel

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