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The Commercial Arcade also known as the States Arcade is a pedestrian-only shopping area in the centre of St Peter Port.


It can be approached from High Street, steps from Church Square, Market Steps or the Arcade Steps.


It was built between 1825 and 1828 by a Jerseyman, George Le Boutillier (1783-1889), who cleared the excavated area out of a hill of solid granite which stood behind the houses that stood in the High Street. 120,500 cartloads of granite were blasted and deposited near Galet Heaume on the South Esplanade. Unfortunately, after having completed the excavations, and having built around 50 houses on the site, Le Boutillier ran out of funds, and the banks foreclosed on him. They left a number of houses on the north side of Arcade Steps unfinished, as well as leaving the streets of the arcade open to the air, instead of installing a glass roof, as originally planned. Disappointed by the lack of success of this venture, Le Boutillier emigrated to America in 1838. In 1889, his sons donated £220 to the Guille-Allès Library in memory of their father.


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