Arthur Edwin Balleine

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Arthur Edwin Balleine

Arthur Edwin Balleine (1864-1943) was the benefactor from whose estate Le Don Balleine, which supports publications in Jèrriais, was established

Early life

He was the son of Captain Jean Balleine and Adelaide Arthur Langlois and the first cousin of the Rev George Orange Balleine.

Educated at Victoria College he entered the UK Civil Service in 1881 as a clerk in the War Office in London and moving to the Board of Agriculture in 1891 until his retirement in 1920. He then returned to Jersey and lived with his brother John who was Rector of St Brelade. Both were bachelors.


He was a noted authority on the Jèrrais language and the history of Jersey and was the principal mover behind the formation in 1896 of the Jersey Society in London, of which he was secretary for 24 years.

He died in 1943 and stipulated in his will that the majority of his estate should be devoted to the preservation of Jèrriais

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Balleine family tree

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