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Aurora and Caesarea



It is unusual to have two public houses next door to each other, and even more unusual if they are owned by the same brewery, but that's exactly what is to be found in St Helier's Cattle Street, where the Aurora Hotel and the Caesarea have been side by side for well over 100 years

1899 advert
The Aurora lounge bar in 1970

The Caesarea is the older of the two public houses- indeed it is one of the four oldest in the town, having been in business since at least 1834, and the only one which has traded continuously with the same name for over 175 years.

The Aurora is not far behind, having been in business since at least 1858, when the British Press noted on 10 September that "Mr Canning of the Aurora supplied the banquet at the Queens Assembly Hall when the cable from England to Jersey was inaugurated by the Channel Telegraph Company".

Catering was a speciality of this tavern in the 19th century. In 1888 Mr W A Vade advertised in the British Press Almanac:

"W A Vade
Wholesale and Spirit Marchant
7 & 8 Cattle Street, St Helier, Jersey
(Opposite the Fish Market)
Board and Lodging on Moderate Terms
Horses and Carriages on Hire
Table d'hote every day at one o'clock
Price 1s

Mr A Traylen took over the establishment in 1894 and, after his death, his widow continued the business, describing herself as proprietoress. The Illustrated Guide to Jersey in 1898 described "Mrs Traylen's" as "a noted house for luncheons" and in the Evening Post Almanac in 1907 she was still offering table d'hote every day at one o'clock for one shilling.

Today the Aurora is a popular haunt of islanders of Portuguese origin and has a bar dedicated to Benfica Football Club.

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