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Occupation registration cards of Bartley family members


During the German Occupation it became compulsory for all islanders to be issued with identity cards. The cards which formed part of the application process, which for many years were held in filing cabinets in the Bailiff's office, have now been deposited with Jersey Archive.

This list, sorted by date of birth, shows registration details of Bartleys and, under their married names, those women born Bartley. The first date is the card holder's date of birth, the second is the date the card was applied for. Some individuals are shown with more than one address, possibly reflecting a change in residence during the war. However, it appears that other second addresses may be errors.

It has become increasingly apparent that the Ancestry search results which were used to build our index are, as with so many Ancestry records for Jersey, full of errors. It is impossible to check records one-by-one against the original ID cards, but we are correcting errors as they are identified to us.

Copies of these registration cards are available from Jersey Archive, or can be viewed online by subscribers to their service. For more information, see Occupation identity cards

  • Charles Bartley, 1 Feb 1893, Tivoli Villas, First Tower, St Helier
  • Mary Phyllis Bartley, 29 Sep 1908, Tower Road, St Helier
  • Mary Phyllis Bartley, 29 Sep 1908, Collingwood, Old St John's Road, St Helier
  • Mary Elizabeth Bartley, 28 Jun 1928, Tower Road, St Helier
  • Sara Winifred Bartley, 23 Jul 1935,Sea Crest, Tower Road
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