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Jersey houses

Bel Royal Villas, St Lawrence


A terrace of four seaside houses on Victoria Avenue


Property name

1-4 Bel Royal Villas [1]


Victoria Avenue, Bel Royal, St Lawrence

Type of property

Seaside terrace houses


No 4 sold for £855,000 in 1970; it was offered for sale more recently for £875,000

Families associated with the property

  • Bisson: Elie John Bisson (1896- ), his wife Mabel Maud, nee Ilett (1897- ), and their daughter Dorothy May (1929- ) and son Royston (1927- ) lived at No 2 in 1941
  • Anthony: Henry George Anthony (1870- ) and his wife Florence, nee Le Gros (1873- ) lived at No 4 in 1941
  • Voisin Emile Adolphe Voisin, a son of Francis Voisin, who founded the King Street store, who made his will in 1907, owned a large number of properties, including all five parts of Bel Royal Villas. He died childless and left his properties to his many nephews and nieces. Francis Albert Edward Voisin received 1 Bel Royal Villas; Alfred Arthur Herbert Voisin, No 2; Richard Jules Godel Voisin, No 3; Laurence Hubert Delamare Voisin, No 4; and Ernest Osmond Bishop Voisin, No 5

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A late 19th century set-piece row of four ornate terraced villas, retaining original features and character.

Notes and references

  1. There is a record of Elsie Dorey making her will while living at 5 Bel Royal Villas in 1935, and of Emile Adolphe Voisin leaving it in his will to his nephew Ernest, but the HER record shows only four properties in 2020. It is possible that the datached property to the right of the four shown in the photograph, now known as Bel Royal Lodge, may originally have been No 5
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