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A grand occasion at Belle Vue in 1863

Belle Vue, on Mont au Roux, St Brelade, was owned successively by four prominent Jersey families - the Valpy dit Janvrins, Le Vescontes, Dumaresqs and Le Couteurs, and several distinguished members of those families lived there.

Three storeys

It is unusual in that it is a three-storey granite house, although the third floor appears very much an afterthought, and additions have been made over the years at the front of the property, rather than the rear which is more normal. So original 17th century ground floor rooms are hidden behind a newer structure, including a cast iron verandah which would have been very fashionable in the early 19th century.

Although the house includes many typical 18th century features, as well as the 17th century core, it is likely that an even older house stood there before.

The earliest owner who has been traced was Jacques Valpy dit Janvrin. It was his son, sea captain Philippe, who was quarantined and died on Ile au Guerdain in Portelet Bay after contracting the plague on a voyage to France. Today it is still remembered as Janvrin's Tomb.

Further sales

Philippe's heir sold Belle Vue in 1734 to Thomas Le Vesconte and Sara Esnouf, who sold it on to Philippe Le Vesconte in 1762. He sold it to Philippe Le Sueur, but legal complications meant that it reverted to the Le Vescontes, and after Pierre Le Vesconte had commissioned the first major alterations, he wold the house to Philippe Dumaresq, the journalist and founder of La Gazette newspaper.

Philippe sold Belle Vue to his elder brother Jean in 1792 and moved to St John. Jean's daughter Marie, married John Le Couteur, who rose to the rank of Lieut-General in a distinguished Army career and moved to Belle Vue in 1816 [1], when he retired, having bought the property from his father-in-law. He commissioned a number of alterations to the house, which had been leased to tenants and used as barracks for Russian troops stationed in Jersey in 1799-1800.

Notes and references

  1. This advertisement placed by Le Couteur in the Gazette de l'Ile de Jersey in 1803 suggest that he was already living at Bellevue then
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