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Descendants of St Lawrence family: Benest


This tree unusually shows four brothers at generation 1. It has not been possible to identify their father, probably because of a gap in Court records in the key period. He may, however, have been named John or Julien Benest [1]


Philip Benest


William Le Bas Benest at the age of 13

As in all trees, many early dates are approximate

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  • 1 Nicolas Benest (1500?- ) [2] m Mabel daughter of Charles Le Cheminant [3] (St L)
    • 2 Raulin Benest (1530?-by 1586) [4] m 1 Marguerite Langlois daughter of Richard and Catherine, née Lemprière [5]
    • 2nd wife of Raulin Benest, Collette Le Couteur daughter of Jean and Perronnelle Hue
      • 3 Nicolas Benest (1564-by 1625) [9] m Jeanne Le Gallais daughter of Edmond, of Surville [10] and Collette Le Geyt daughter of Noé
        • 4 Thomas Benest (1595-by 1647) (St L) [11] m Susanne Cabot daughter of Nicolas (Tr)
          • 5 Nicolas Benest (1625- ) living 1647 [12]
          • 5 Maximilian Benest (1627- ) living 1647 [13] m Jeanne Le Gallais daughter of Matthieu, of Surville and Catherine Martell daughter of Guille
            • 6 Nicolas Benest (1652?- ) m (1684, St L) Anne Gruchy
              • 7 Jeanne Benest (1684- ) [14]
              • 7 Nicolas Benest (1685- ) [15]
              • 7 Jean Benest (1691- ) [16]
            • 6 Jeanne Benest (1654-by 1663?)
            • 6 Elizabeth Benest (1657- ) [17]
            • 6 Jean Benest (1660- )
            • 6 Jeanne Benest (1663- ) m (1690) Jean Le Cacheur
            • 6 Raulin Benest (1665- )
            • 6 Matthieu Benest (1667?- ) m Catherine Le Gros
              • 7 Catherine Benest (1688- ) [18]
              • 7 Moyse Benest (1691- ) died in infancy?
            • 6 Josué Benest (1670- ) [19]
        • 4 Nicolas Benest (1606-by 1654) m Marguerite Luce ( -by 1693) daughter of Jean and Marguerite Langlois
          • 5 Jean Benest (1635- ) [20]
          • 5 Nicolas Benest (1644- ) [21]
          • 5 Rachel Benest (1652-1735) m (1682, St S) Abraham Le Geyt (1647-1718) [22]
        • 4 Philippe Benest (1612- ) [23]
      • 3 Philippe Benest (1566-by 1615)
      • 3 Raulin Benest (1570- ) living 1638 m Unknown Gibaut daughter of Philbert (St L)
        • 4 Marie Benest ( -by 1647)
    • 2 Nicolas Benest [le jeune] (no issue)
    • 2 Philbert (or Philippe) Benest (1540?- ) [24] m unknown
      • 3 Philippe Benest (1570?- ) living 1638 [25]
    • 2 Unknown Benest (1545?- ) m François Le Geyt [26] (1547?- )
  • 1 Julien Benest (1500?- ) [27] m Unknown
  • 1 Pierre Benest, living 1537-8- [28]
  • 1 Jean Benest (1500?-1569) (St L) m Unknown
    • 2 Jean Benest (1530?- ) m Unknown
      • 3 Jeanne Benest (1555- ) [29] m Guillaume Mauger
    • 2 Noel Benest (1532- ) [30] (St L) m Genette Regnauld, daughter of Jean
      • 3 Jean Benest (1553- ) m (1573) Guillemine Langlois daughter of Richard and Catherine Lemprière [31]
      • 3 Noel Benest (1558-1605) m Unknown Langlois daughter of Raulin [32] and Marie Gibaut, daughter of Jean
        • 4 Philippe Benest (1580-1657) m Sara Luce daughter of Raulin and Jeanne Grossier
          • 5 Raulin Benest (1605- ) m Catherine Unknown
            • 6 Raulin Benest (1630- ) [33] m (1663, St L) Sara Bailhache [34]
              • 7 Raulin Benest (1665-1705) [35] m (1686) Elizabeth Ahier daughter of the Rev Josué Ahier, Rector (St L)
              • 7 Sara Benest (1668- ) [36]
              • 7 Marie Benest (1670- ) [37]
              • 7 Aaron Benest (1671-1709) settled in St Brelade [38] m (1692, St L) Rachel Le Couteur
              • 7 George Benest (1674- ) (St B) [39] m (1696, St B) Marie Monamy daughter of Jacques and Marie Le Brun [40]
              • 7 Jean Benest ( -by 1693)
            • 6 Catherine Benest (1633- )
            • 6 Josué Benest (1635- ) m Judith Le Febvre daughter of John [41]
          • 5 Pierre Benest (1607- ) m Catherine Saison
          • 5 Philippe Benest (1610- )
          • 5 Nicolas Benest (1612- )
          • 5 Abraham Benest (1615-1672) m 2 (1654) Elizabeth Guille ( -1664); 1 (1645) Susanne Vibert (1630-1652)
            • 6 Abraham Benest (1649-1695) m (1680) Jeanne Benest ( -1695)
              • 7 Susanne Benest (1684-1691)
              • 7 Nicolas Benest (1688-1724) m (bef 1714) Susanne Noel ( -1724)
                • 8 Susanne Benest ( -1755) m Abraham Chevallier
                • 8 Abraham Benest (1714-1734)
                • 8 Elizabeth Benest (1717-1718)
              • 7 Abraham Benest (1691-1770) m Marie de Carteret (1691-1767)
                • 8 Elizabeth Benest (1720-1797) m (1741) Clement Salmon
                • 8 Edouard Benest (1721-1732)
                • 8 Susanne Benest (1723-1810) m James Lauton
                • 8 Abraham Benest (1724-1724)
                • 8 Rachel Benest (1728-1804)
                • 8 Abraham Benest (1730-1806) m (1759) Elizabeth Le Bas (1729-1803) daughter of Philip (1695-1754), son of Jean (1674- ), and Jeanne Hamon (1690-1782), daughter of Elie ( -1722) and Susanne Maret (1732- )
                  • 9 Abraham Benest (1759-1807) m Anne de Caen
                    • 10 Anne Benest (1804-1823)
                  • 9 Elizabeth Benest (1760-1825)
                  • 9 Marie Benest (1761-1842)
                    • 10 Philip Benest (1793-1870) [42] m (1825) Jenny Le Bas (1803-1883)
                      • 11 Jane Mary Benest (1826-1882) m Philip Renouf (1819-1881)
                      • 11 Philip John Benest (1828-1878) m (1853) Elizabeth Jane Rive (1828-1899)
                        • 12 Philip Rive Benest (1854-1878)
                        • 12 John Elias Benest (1855-1933)
                        • 12 George Le Bas Benest (1859-1951) m (1891) Clara Ann Labey (1864-1947)
                          • 13 Harold George Benest (1893-1949)
                          • 13 Christine Rive Benest (1895-1981)
                          • 13 Cyril John Benest (1896-1956) m (1934) Miriam Margaret Falla (1901-1981)
                          • 13 George Philip Benest (1899-1948) m Irene Edith (1902-1979)
                          • 13 Philip Labey Benest (1899-1947)
                        • 12 Charles George Benest (1859-1927) m (1911) Emily Bartlett
                        • 12 Emily Rive Benest (1861-1886)
                        • 12 Jessie Mary Benest (1863- )
                        • 12 Marie Adelina Benest (1865- )
                        • 12 Stephen Arthur Benest (1868- )
                        • 12 Sophia Louisa Benest (1871- )
                        • 12 Ernest William Benest (1874-1901)
                      • 11 Maria Sophia Benest (1830-1909) m (1853) Charles George Renouf (1830-1908)
                      • 11 John Benest (1832-1854)
                      • 11 Anne Benest (1834-1886)
                      • 11 George Philip Benest (1836-1907)
                      • 11 Stephen George Benest (1839-1862)
                      • 11 William Le Bas Benest (1848-1931) founder of Benest's of Millbrook m (1875) Emily Bichard (1849-1885)
                        • 12 Florence Emily Benest (1876-1953)
                        • 12 Horton William Benest (1879-1945) m (1904) Maria Blanche Gibaut (1877- )
                          • 13 Gertrude Blanche Benest (1907- )
                          • 13 Laurence Horton William Benest (1908- )
                        • 12 Hilda Marie Benest (1881-1972)
                        • 12 Sydney George Benest (1883-1959) m (1912) Mabel Nicolle (1886-1959)
                          • 13 Stewart Nicolle Benest (1915-2002) m (1940) Dorothy May Turner (1920-2007) [43] daughter of Ernest (1872-1946) and Gertrude Churchyard (1879-1938)
                            • 14 Richard Michael Benest (1945-1947)
                            • 14 Peter Jeremy Benest (1951-1951)
                        • 12 William Le Bas Benest (1884-1937) m (1911) Helen Mary Nicolle (1887- )
                          • 13 Vernon William Benest (1912- )
                          • 13 Jack Lawrence Benest (1923- )
                        • 12 Blanchie Benest (1885-1885)
                      • 2nd wife of William Le Bas Benest (1888) Louisa Margaret Le Sueur (1866-1936) daughter of Charles (1810- ) and Margaret (1833- )
                        • 12 Douglas Stephen Benest (1889-1890)
                        • 12 Jenny Margaret Benest (1892-1973)
                        • 12 Kathleen Maud Benest (1893-1893) m (1927) Walter Adolphus Gillam Le Breton (1896-1964)
                        • 12 Louise Blanche Benest (1896-1898) m Alfred Harold Copp (1896-1981)
                  • 9 Jeanne Benest (1769-1803) m (1802) Pierre Viel
                • 8 Judith Benest (1732-1812)
          • 5 Noé Benest (1618- )
          • 5 Jean Benest (1620- ) [44]
        • 4 Pierre Benest (1588- ) [45] m unknown
          • 5 Jean Benest (1612- ) [46]
          • 5 Jeanne Benest (1615- ) m Thomas Blampied son of Drouet
      • 3 Philippe Benest (1560- ) living 1602 m unknown
        • 4 Raulin Benest (1590- ) [47] m Catherine Chevalier daughter of Thomas and Catherine Bisson
      • 3 Marguerite Benest (1562- ) m Ambroise Le Breton [48]
      • 3 Raulin Benest (1565- ) [49]

Notes and references

  1. A generation before the first of those featured on this page, there was a Julien Benest, who was one of the Sermentés of St Lawrence assisting the Crown Commissioners in 1515. In the Extente of 1528, John Benest of this parish owed the Crown, for St Germain, 4 cabots of annual wheat rente. This sum was paid in the 1607 Extente, by the heirs or assigns of (Ni)Collas Benest, who does feature on this page
  2. Cour d`Héritage 5/254 (1589): "Hyw Le Cheminant, attorney for (Ni)Collas Benest, eldest son of Raulin Benest, the said Raulin son of Nicolas and of Mabel, his wife, daughter of Charles Le Cheminant v Philippe Benest son of the said Nicolas and his said wife." Also 5/283 (1589): "Of the first part, Nicolas Benest, guardian of the under-aged children of Raulin Benest; and of the part of Pierre Faultrat, in right of his wife, . and of the part of Philippe Benest and of François Le Geyt [in right of his wife: CH 6/58 (1591)]. arbitrators to partage the inheritance of Nicolas Benest Le Viel and of Mabel, his wife"
  3. As above, also CH 5/254 (1589). Note: Le Cheminant, according to Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, Jersey Place Names I, 145, means "Wayfarer, Pilgrim." A St Lawrence surname, it became extinct on the death, in the parish, of Elie Le Cheminant in 1675
  4. Chef Sergent of St Lawrence 1579. The sergent was a fief officer who, on the Fief du Roi which covered much of St Lawrence, had to attend the Assise d`Héritage, "where he reported any benefits the Crown could claim on the fief since the last Assise": C N Aubin, A Glossary for the Historian of Jersey, . The property associated with this office, in St Lawrence, lay in the south of the parish to the west of the main road leading to the church, where Raulin and his family owned land. The fields named La Sergenté, Nord et Sud (L 727), Clos de la Sergenté (L 722) and the adjoining Costil du Sud de la Sergenté (L 780, 781 and 783) suggest the Sergenté property was either what is now called Blanche Pierre or Les Ormes. It may also have been The Grove
  5. Daughter of Thomas Lemprière, Seigneur de St Jean La Hougue Boeste, Bailiff
  6. A case heard before the Cour d`Héritage in 1586 names the husband of Elizabeth Benest, Pierre Faultrat, her father Raulin Benest, and half-brothers Nicolas and Philippe Benest and the mother of the latter two as "Collette, fille de Jean Le Couteur." Elizabeth`s mother, Marguerite Langlois, daughter of Richard and Katherine, née Lemprière, is named in a deed of 1611, (RP 3/183), and shown to have been previously married to Philbert Gibaut, with a son, Louis Gibaut, a party to the 1611 contract
  7. Messervy writes: "Pierre Faultrat was the eldest son of Jean Faultrat, Secretary to George Pawlet Esq., Lieutenant-Governor and Bailiff of Jersey, and descended from Pierre Faultrat who had settled in Jersey from France c1535," Genealogy of the Clement and Le Feuvre Families," 2
  8. Thomas Le Goupil and Marguerite Benest had issue in St Brelade, Elizabeth Le Goupil (1577) and her sister Jeanne (1580). The parents` initials and date are engraved over the door at what is now the Old Portelet Inn: TLG:MB 1606
  9. Chef Sergent of St Lawrence 1586 [CH 20/01/1586]; Procureur du Bien Public (St L) 1597; heir of his brother Philippe (1615): RP 4/324. Nicolas Benest was described as elder son of Raulin Benest in a deed of 1611: RP 1/227
  10. Seigneur du Fief ès Hamonets
  11. RP 7/98 (1625): "Nicolas Benest son of Nicolas of the parish of St Laurence, sells to Thomas Benest son of the said Nicolas, his elder brother, all and such part of the inheritance..."
  12. RP 13/211 (1647): Nicolas Benest, Maximilien Benest, enfants du feu Thomas Benest, ledit Thomas Benest principal héritier à la succession collateralle de deffunte Marie Benest fille Raulin, d`une partie, et Nicolas Benest fils Nicolas, et Philippe Benest, aussi fils dudit Nicolas senior, co-héritiers…
  13. Descendants in the male line for some generations
  14. On christening, "Jeanne Benest, fille Nicolas, fils Maximilian". Godparents: Jean Lorens, fils Jean, and his fiancée
  15. Godparents: Philippe Gruchy and (--) Gruchy
  16. On christening, "Jean Benest, fils Nicolas, fils Maximilian". Godparents: Jean Le Cacheur and his wife
  17. Godparents: Edmond Le Gallais and Elizabeth Bisson
  18. Godparents: Mr Matthieu Le Gallais and Elizabeth Renouf
  19. Godparents: Josué Ahier, Minister, and Elizabeth Le Gallais, daughter of Mr Matthieu Le Gallais
  20. Fils ainé (1693) RP 25/148 (1693): Nicolas Benest and Rachel Benest, wife of Abraham Le Geyt, younger children of the late Nicolas Benest and of the defunct Marguerite Luce his wife, sell to Jean Benest, eldest son of the said defuncts.. their parts of the inheritance
  21. Ibid
  22. Of La Guillaumerie, Maufant, St Saviour; this being his second marriage
  23. Fils Nicolas; Raulin Benest was his tuteur in 1630: RP 9/3: "Raulin Benest, guardian of Philippe Benest, son of Nicolas and of Jeanne Le Gallais, his wife". Also, RP 13/211 (1647): Son of Nicolas Benest senior and RP 11/183 (1637): Guardian of the children of Thomas Benest, 1637
  24. CH 5/254r (1589): "...Raulin Benest...son of Nicolas and of Mabel his wife, daughter of Charles Le Cheminant v Philippe Benest, son of the said Nicolas and his said wife. Philippe Benest was evidently acquisitive, where Le Cheminant property was concerned: CH 6/396 (1600): "St Lawrence; Philippe Benest senior occupying the inheritance which was formerly that of Edouard Le Cheminant, eldest son of Philippe Le Cheminant, the said Philippe [being] son of Charles Le Cheminant, sued by Thomas Le Geit (sic) guardian of Judith Vavasseur, daughter of Daniel Le Vavasseur dit Durel and of Marie his wife, daughter of the said Edouard Le Cheminant, to deliver to her, her part of the vacant inheritance of Katherine Le Cheminant, daughter of Jean Le Cheminant, son of the said Charles; likewise, to deliver to her, her part of [that of] Elizabeth Le Cheminant, who was wife of Andrey Gibaut and daughter of Philippe Le Cheminant…" Philippe Benest had acquired this property directly from Edouard Le Cheminant, (CH 6/36 (1591), as shown in this action by Edouard`s sisters, Jeanne and Marie), whereas the property of Elizabeth had been transferred by her to Edouard. That of her first cousin, Katherine Le Cheminant, had fallen vacant on her death without issue, and would have passed to Edouard Le Cheminant and thus eventually to Judith, but for Philippe Benest`s claim to all the former`s estate...In contrast, Hyw Le Cheminant, (above at top), who for some reason was not party to this last action, brought one himself against Philippe Benest for the inheritance of his grandparents, Philippe Le Cheminant and Jenette de St Pierre, his wife, daughter of Nicolas; Hyw being identified as son of Edouard [CH 6/137 (1593) and CH 6/99 (1593)]. In this he was able to come to terms with Philippe
  25. RP 11/352 (1638): Philippe Benest son of Philbert has recognised a debt of 250 crowns owed to Raulin Benest son of Raulin, who was his first cousin. He and his father were clearly also connected to Noé Benest`s family, as in 1607 (RP 2/191) his then elderly father Philbert, was an elector of Raulin Benest as guardian of Pierre Benest, son of Noé
  26. C.H. 5/283 (1589); 6/58 (1591)
  27. Prevôt of St Lawrence. Julien is mentioned in a case before the Cour d`Héritage in 1536: "The action between Thomas Carter, in right of his wife, and Nicolas Benest, Jullyen Benest and Laurens Luce..[postponed]..Nicolas Benest being a surety for Jullyen Benest"
  28. Nicolas Benest "le Viel," Pierre Benest and Jean Benest had an interest in reclaiming land being sold that had belonged to Julien Benest (1500?- ), formerly Prevôt of St Lawrence. They were almost certainly his brothers, as they were of the same generation and acted together or individually, to reclaim these portions of land that had been sold. See cases before the Cour d`Héritage in 1536, 1537, 1537 again, 1538 and 1545. Regrettably, the cases do not name the father of any of these Benests
  29. Jeanne Benest was described in a case before the Cour d`Héritage in 1589 (5/277-8) as "Jeanne Benest..fille Jean, fils Jean". This is significant as the principal other party in the action was Nicolas Benest, son of Raulin, who was claiming part of her inheritance that had been sold to Servais Le Bailly, in right of his wife, née Mauger. Nicolas could only do so, by Jersey`s law of retraite, if the property had previously been held by a common forbear. In this case the common forbear will have been their mutual, and as yet un-named, great-grandfather. Guillaume Mauger was mentioned as husband of Jeanne
  30. Noel Benest is here given as son of Jean Benest and not, for example, as son of Pierre, based upon the 1906 research of the eminent genealogist, Charles A. Bernau. Noel`s inaction in 1589, with regard to reclaiming land sold by the above Jeanne Benest daughter of Jean, son of Jean, to which he, and not Nicolas Benest, son of Raulin, had first option, may have been based upon thrift or indifference regarding that land. However, had he been a son of Pierre Benest, Nicolas Benest would have had first choice in the matter
  31. Daughter of Thomas, Seigneur de St Jean La Hougue Boeste, Bailiff. An approximate date of marriage for Jean Benest can be gleaned from the following case: C. Hér 1573: "Raulin Benest in right of his wife, Jehan (Jean) Benest in right of his wife, each consent that Hugh Lemprière in right of his [Langlois] wife ... engage Etienne Le Demptu", their wives` kinsman, in a dispute regarding inheritance. The two Benests had married sisters, Raulin the uncle, some years before, Jean the nephew, who had probably married an older woman, perhaps that year
  32. C Hér 4/898 (1580): "Noël Benest in right of his wife, daughter of Raulin Langlois" and C.Hér. (1571): "Noël Benest in right of his wife.. [regarding] the inheritance of Marie, formerly wife of Raulin Langlois, and daughter of Jean Gibaut"
  33. Of Mon Plaisir (1670), near Hamptonne, St Lawrence
  34. The St Lawrence Marriage entry in 1663 reads: "Mr Raulin Benest jun [et] M[se] Sara Bailhache." Sara Bailhache came from an affluent St Lawrence family, most of whose male members were merchants and shipowners in St Aubin
  35. Constable of St Lawrence 1703-5, following in this office, his brother-in-law, Josué Ahier, Constable 1687-1703: ABSJ VI, 261. Messervy corrected Raulin`s marriage as shown in the Armorial of Jersey, 124, to that shown here. From Raulin and his wife were descended the Pallots of Mon Plaisir and in a junior branch Brun Benest, father and son, of St Aubin, merchants from 1740, of some renown. The St Aubin branch gave to the Island George Philippe Benest, Constable of St Brelade 1809-1814, Jurat 1814-1841 and his nephew and namesake, who lived at Summerville, a large Victorian house - now a hotel- overlooking St Aubin`s Harbour, who was Constable of the parish, 1844-1860: See Armorial of Jersey, 124
  36. Godparents were: Raulin Robin and Marie Bailhache, his wife
  37. Godparents were: Josué Ahier, Rector and Elizabeth Bailhache, wife of Salomon Pipon
  38. Aaron`s godparents were: Mr Nicolas Bailhache and Elizabeth Benest. Payne, in his Armorial of Jersey, 124, has muddled Aaron`s generation, placing him one generation later, as the son of a later Raulin Benest
  39. Master mariner. George`s godparents were: Raulin Robin and Elizabeth Bailhache. He was a minor in 1693. The Armorial of Jersey has also confused the generation of this George Benest, as above
  40. Marie Le Brun, daughter of Jean, a master mariner, came from another family of mariners and merchants in St Brelade
  41. The Armorial of Jersey 124, describes this John Le Febvre as Seigneur of St John La Hougue Boëte. The tree "Descendants of Josue Benest" has this Josué at the head of that tree. He was, however, not the father of Raulin Benest jun
  42. Datestone at La Haule House
  43. One living son and two daughters
  44. RP 11/300 (1638): "Philippe Benest fils Noé, in right of his wife [Sara Luce], having right of Jean Luce fils Raulin [of La Chesnaie], principal heir of the late Elie Luce, sold to Jean Benest, his younger son...Raulin Benest, Philippe Benest, Pierre Benest and Nicolas Benest, children of the said Philippe Benest…." Also RP 15/981 (1654): "Philippe Benest, third son of Philippe Benest and of Sara, nee Luce his wife, with Pierre Benest, Abraham Benest, Noé Benest and Nicolas Benest, all children of the said Philippe Benest, sell to Raulin Benest, the eldest son."
  45. RP 2/191 (1607): "Raulin Benest established as guardian of Pierre Benest fils Noé, by the election of Jean Benest, Philbert Benest and Philippe Benest"
  46. RP 11/198: "Jean Benest fils ainé Pierre"
  47. RP 10/167 (1634): "Raulin Luce sells to Raulin Benest fils Philippe and [to] Catherine Chevalier his wife, Le Clos de Perrin.."
  48. Cour d`Héritage 1577: Jehan Benest, fils Noé and of Jenette his wife, in an action brought by Ambroise Le Breton, in right of his wife [Marguerite], to equally divide Jenette`s inheritance
  49. RP 2/83 (1606): Raulin Benest fils Noé reacquires by retraite from Raulin Langlois fils Raulin 5 cabots of wheat...sold by Jean Benest fils Noé [his elder brother]
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