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The 1915 book, Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the ships in which they sailed, lists the vessels of two of the Bessom family

Abbie Bacon

Joseph W Bessom

Barque Abbie Bacon

Philip Bessom

Captain Philip Besom, son of Philippe Le Gros Bisson

Selectman in 1806-1807, 1808-1809, 1810-1814

1790 Schooner Peacock 1814 Brigantine Doris, a captured prize
1792 Schooner Patty 1815 Brigantine Legal Tender, a captured prize
1795 Ship Betsy 1816 Ship Elizabeth
1798 Schooner Hannah 1818 Brigantine Dido
1811 Brigantine Comet 1822 Brigantine Plant
1812 Ship Catherine 1826 Brigantine Perseverance
1812 Private Brigantine Alfred and Schooner Tomahawk 1828 Schooner Ploughboy
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