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Bill Reynolds:

Man of Speed


Fishmonger Bill Reynolds, a partner in Reynolds Brothers, has always loved fast cars.

In a Channel Television programme in 2019, Mr Reynolds looked back, at the age of 96, at his time in motor sport; from a young man who was almost killed while acting as a marshal for the Jersey International Road Race, to his eventual retirement from racing at the age of 78.

He was hit during practice for the 1949 race, while trying to run away from an out-of-control car, which crashed into a group of officials at Bel Royal. He was thrown into the air, but survived. A doctor, a policeman and the driver were killed.

It was some time before Mr Reynolds was ready to get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle, but eventually he was persuaded to do so by his brother, and he went on to compete in sand races, hill climbs and other speed events over six decades. He finally stopped racing his beloved 1932 Lagonda at the age of 78, but still took it out for occasional drives well into his nineties.

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