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The family of Bisson, formerly of Normandy, held from the most remote period, lands and honours in the island; for, in the archives at St Lo, in Normandy, a deed shows the Geoffroy du Buisson gave the patronage of the Church of St Martin de Grouville, to the Abbey of Trinity de Lessay, on the vii calends August 1149; and another deed, dated the Saturday before the feast of St Helier, 1319, states that Sir Yon de Bysson, with the consent of John, his son, recognised the right of the monks of Trinity de Lessay to the patronage of the aforesaid church. These extracts are curious, for they show that before the present structure existed, which was consecrated in 1322, a former church was dedicated to the same patron saint.

St Brelade

The family formerly was located at St Brelade, and is now represented by Edward Leonard Bisson of St Lawrence.

In 1600 Richard Bisson owed suit of court, with 60 sous, 1 denier of relief, for the fief of Luce de Carteret.

Edward Bisson, son of Leonard, Seigneur of the fief of Luce de Carteret, became in 1602 possessed of extensive property in the parish of St Lawrence, which devolved upon him from the Hamptonne family, upon which the family has since resided. He married Elizabeth, second daughter of Nicholas Lempriere, by Elizabeth, daughter of Clement Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares.

Benjamin Bisson, son of Edward, was elected a Jurat of the Royal Court in 1632, and a Parliamentarian Commissioner in 1648. He married Rachel, daughter of Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur of VInchelez de Bas, by his wife Sarah de Carteret.

Benjamin Bisson, son of Benjamin, married in 1704 Judith Madeleine, daughter of Jean de Beaudenis, Seigneur de Morte-Terre in Normandy.

Army chaplain

The Rev Edward Bisson, son of Benjamin, was born in 1746. He was for many years Chaplain to HM 95th Regiment, Rector of St Brelade, and finally of St Lawrence. He married in 1782 Jane, daughter of Elias Le Maistre, by his wife Jane Dumaresq, Lady of St Ouen, who was the only surviving child of John, eldest son of Elias Dumaresq, who was the eldest son of Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur of Augres, and of Frances de Carteret, his wife; she being the eldest daughter of Francis, son of Sir Philip de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen, Lieut-Governor and Bailiff of Jersey.

The Rev Amice Bisson died in 1812 and was buried at St Lawrence, where a mural tablet records his memory. Edward Leonard Bisson, son of Amice, was elected Jurat of the Royal Court in 1832, Lieut-Bailiff in 1839, and Juge-délégué of the island, on the death of Sir Thomas Le Breton, Bailiff, in 1857. He is the last of this ancient family, and is no less distinguished by his high judicial ability than by his private virtues. Mr Bisson is also the heir-at-law to the Seigneurie of St Ouen, in case of failure of issue of the descendants of the late Philip Le Maistre.

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