Blanc Pignon, St Mt

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Historic Jersey buildings

Blanc Pignon, St Martin


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Property name

Blanc Pignon


Rue du Blanc Pignon, St Martin

Type of property

19th century rural house

Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two-storey house; 19th century facade masks earlier property. Shown on the Richmond Map

Old Jersey Houses

Not included. One of the datestones is shown in the list of 903 in the second volume, but wrongly identified as CMC (or G)

Notes and references

  1. The address of the property is wrongly identified in the Datestone Register as La Rue de la Pallotterie
  2. Charles Isaac was the son of Thomas and Marie Le Huquet, but the family line in St Martin at this time is very difficult to trace and it has not been possible to determine which of two possible Charles and Maries were his parents
  3. A rare example of a datestone whose date coincides with the couple's marriage
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