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Historic Jersey buildings

Boulevard Avenue, St Helier


Boulevard Avenue is a terrace of houses running between St Aubin's Road and Victoria Avenue. The surrounding area, about half way between First Tower and Millbrook, has come to be known as Le Boulevard. One of the houses in the terrace was home to the Millbrook telephone exchange in the early days of telephones in Jersey, until it was absorbed into the central exchange in 1960

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Mary Le Cornu (nee Tostevin) photographed outside Boulevard Avenue

Property name

Boulevard Avenue


Between St Aubin's Road and Victoria Avenue, St Helier

Type of property

Terrace of seven late-19th century houses


No 1 sold for £465,000 in 2019; No 4 for £450,000 in 2007 and No 7 for £500,000 in 2020

A renovated cottage attached to the back of No 1 was offered for sale recently for £485,000. No 1 is at the Victoria Avenue end of the terrace

Families associated with the property

  • Le Cornu
  • Tostevin
  • Theobald: Charles William Theobald was living at No 1 in 1941 and his son later ran a guest house at the premises (see below)

Members of the Seager, Temple, Lihou, Rendell, Thorpe, de Carteret, A'Court and Cole families lived in the terrace during the German Occupation

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed buildings

An elaborately ornamented terrace of seven late 19th century houses. The avenue is accessed through an imposing gateway with a pair of round pillars.

Guest houses

1 Boulevard Avenue was operated as a guest house in by Mr and Mrs D M Theobald in the 1960s [1]. No 4 was listed as a guest house in the early 1950s, No 2 from 1956 to 1974 and No 7 from 1957 to 1974

Notes and references

  1. Possibly from the 1950s to 1970s

Members of the Le Cornu and Tostevin families on St Aubin's Road opposite Boulevard Avenue
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