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My Great Grandfather, Alfred Frederick Bree b 11 Apr 1879 Grouville, son of Paul Desiré Charles Bree b 1850 Grouville and Mary Ann Bree, (two different Bree families) served in the RN during WW I, he was decorated with Star, Victory Medal and the British War Medal. He served from 1914 through 1920. He served on the “Q” ships which were merely fishing vessels and pleasure craft in disguise designed to combat the German U-boat threat.

The one I know of was the Mary B Mitchell. A F Bree died in Falmouth, Cornwall 24 Nov 1957.

Apparently he had a laison with a woman in 1907, upon the birth of my Grandmother, Lelecia Roc’ee Bree in 1908, he took his daughter to live with his wife and family in Falmouth. He married Annie Kestle 14 Dec 1904 in Falmouth.

Roc’ee Bree married Horace Hutson 24 Mar 1929 in Falmouth. At the outbreak of war in 1939, Horace joined the Army and Rose as she would come to be known opened a pub in East end London and named it the Trade Winds, this was April of 1940. My Dad, (Gene) Raymonde Horace Alfred George Hutson, was born 31 Aug 1929 in Penryn. During the war he helped his mother with the pub and was so taken with the Americans that after the war he joined the crew of T-2 tankers and sailed around the world, finally coming to America in 1947. He left the USA in 1950, going back to Scotland where he married his first wife.

They weren’t in Scotland very long before deciding to move to Canada, where my brother and sister were born. It was in Canada after his discharge from the Canadian Army that he went into business for himself as a Private Investigator. He and his 1st wife finally divorced and he had advertised for a secratary in his Seattle, Washington office. This is where he met my Mom, she answered the ad, they later married and I was born in 1963.

Dad’s story is quite unique in itself, after the war and sailing around the world he celebrated his 21st birthday in Ellis Island, New York. He served in the British Army from 1951 – 1953 seeing action in Malaysia and then being part of the Canadian Army from 1956 – 1959. Sadly, he took his own life in September of 1968. I was two months shy of my fifth birthday, which, losing him at such a young age drove me to figure out who I was and how I came to be.

Gene Hutson

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