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This note on the Helleur family, a copy of which is held in the Lord Coutanche Library of La Société Jersiaise, was compiled by A S Pipon and Brian Pipon, along with an accompanying family tree

It would appear that Matthieu Helleur came to Jersey in about 1679/80 and was possibly a Huguenot, although this is not certain. Matthieu married Susanne Alexandre in 1682 and they settled in St Brelade, which was to be the headquarters of this family for at least 100 years.

Unfortunately very little is known about the family, as none of them attained positions of any importance in island affairs, except for a few who served in the honorary police in St Brelade and St Lawrence. However, it is hoped that publishing all we know of this family will encourage readers to provide additional material.

The name Helleur is derived from the French heler meaning to hail or call, and may have indicated a crier or announcer.

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