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On the buses


A page on omnibus services from an 1866 almanac

Waiting for a bus in a shelter at Havre des Pas


2008 stamps

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Advert for the open-top bus affectionately known as the 'toast rack'
Paragon penny omnibus
Hallewell's Red Rover omnibus for 'pic-nic parties'
19th century transport - A Down's horse-drawn bus
The first Slade bus
The last JMT double decker buses leave the island by boat in 1971. At the time they left they were said to be headed for a new life in Hong Kong, but it is now believed that few, if any, made it that far. One or more was lost overboard during the passage to England and most of them remained on British soil, to eventually be scrapped. It is thought that some may have eventually been exported to Singapore
A 'toast rack' bus at West Park in 1960
Buses at the Weighbridge
An open-top double-decker at St Aubin
A very early motorised bus at Le Hocq
Double deckers, newly arrived at the Harbour in 1955: Picture Evening Post
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