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Church records

A database has been developed which allows the Jersey parish churches' registers of baptisms, marriages and burials to be searched for any name (or even part of a name) and is proving to be a valuable tool for family researchers alongside the traditional A-Z index in Jerripedia

The latest phase of development has seen the introduction of links from each baptism record to page images of the original French transcriptions, so that researchers can see all the information contained in the original records in the church registers.

Please visit the site and discover what an important tool this is becoming for those researching their family history in Jersey.

The database, although hosted on a separate platform, is now linked seamlessly with Jerripedia and can also be accessed direct from many Jerripedia pages, including all Family pages and each of the site's 3,470 family trees.

It is by far the fastest, most versatile and most accurate means of obtaining information about ancestors in Jersey

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