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Comete (top) and Venus

Comete was one of the first paddle steamers, if not the first, to operate a regular service between Jersey, the French ports of Granville and Saint Malo

Comete on the New North Quay in 1865, when she underwent an extensive overhaul between 1 January and 14 May.

Comete was built in London in 1841 but for some reason was not registered for another 12 years. She had the name Comet at this time. She was acquired by a Mr Durand in Granville and passed through Jersey in July 1856, before taking up service on island routes, renamed Comete.

Twice weekly

An advertisement from the Jersey Independent in April 1857 shows that Comete was operating twice weekly between Jersey and Granville. The fare advertised was 5s on the foredeck and 8s in the comfort of the cabin. It is not clear whether these were single or return fares.

Another 1857 advertisement for Comete appears to show her operated by, or on behalf of, the Jersey Steam Packet Company, which also used the Venus and Rose on services to St Malo and Granville. However, it is possible that these are two separate advertisements and that Comete was being operated in competition with the other ships.

In 1859 there were plans to transfer the Comete to a service between Cherbourg and Le Havre, but this did not happen, and although another advertisement in 1860 indicated that the Jersey to St Malo service had been discontinued, the ship continued to operate, and underwent a major overhaul in Jersey early in 1865.

Two years later she was acquired by the London and South-Western Railway and taken to England. After another overhaul she returned to Jersey, renamed Granville and operated between the island and France until 1871. She was sold twice before being scrapped in 1875.

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