Contemporary reports of privateering involving Captain Le Cronier

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Captain Le Cronier, privateer


From the Universal Magazine, Volume 20

Jersey, 28 March 1757

The Defiance, Capt Le Cronier, brought in here the 24th the Prince Henry, Capt Le Normant, of about 200 tons, from Martinico, which he took the 20th. He had a letter of marque, 37 men, eight six-pounders, besides swivels. After the privateer had engaged her some time, she ran ashore on the Ile Dieu, from whence they fired on the privateer from two batteries, and with guns that were brought to the sea side; nevertheless he continued to fire briskly on the prize, and took her after two hours engagement.

She had a man killed and two wounded. As the tide flowed, they got her off. It happened luckily that it was fine weather, and continued so for two days, in which time they repaired the damage she had suffered in her rigging, etc, which was considerable. The Defiance received no damage, but in her bowsprit and topmast, which was from the guns ashore. The cargo of the prize consists of 470 hogsheads of sugar, 57,480lb of coffee, 45,317 lb of cotton, 450 lb of elephants teeth.

From the Gentleman’s Magazine, Volume 28

February 1758

A vessel of 100 tons from Canada is taken by the Charming Nancy priv, Snow, and the Pere de Famille from St Domingo, by the Defiance priv, Le Cronier, and are both carried into Jersey

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