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From the company website

The true origins of Cooper and Company have been lost in the annals of history. What is known is that on 24 June 1834 Thomas Cooper, Richard Cooper and John Stringer formed a new venture as Thomas Cooper and Company, which handled the wholesale of commodities.

The business is recorded to have operated from addresses across London and Brighton selling tea directly to consumers in varying amounts. By the mid 1800s the company was engaged in international trade to various British colonies with The Cooper and Company trading network encompassing much of the world.

Jersey advertisement

A front page advertisement in an 1890 edition of the Evening Post shows Cooper and Company traded in King Street and were known as Tea Men with their own Tea shop. This makes Cooper's one of the oldest remaining locally owned Jersey companies.

The first coffee roasting plant was purchased in 1949. The majority of sales in those days appear to have been a series of coffee and chicory mixes which were enjoyed by the French farm workers who came to the island from Brittany to help pick the Jersey Royal potato crop.

All tea sales in those days were loose, the ubiquitous teabag having yet to take a hold reflecting the more genteel and slower pace of life of the time.

Today Cooper and Company trade from 57 Halkett Place, which is the hub of their roasting, packing and retail operation.

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