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Corbet Hue:
Dean of Jersey

Corbet Hue was born in St Helier on 3 July 1769. He was appointed Dean of Jersey in 1823


Hue was one of ten sons of Jean Hue, Vingtenier of St Helier, and Anne Dolbel, and brother of Clement Hue. He matriculated at Oxford from Exeter in 1786 and obtained his BA in 1799. He was Fellow of Jesus College from 1790 to 1820. He took his MA in 1792, his BD in 1890, and his DD in 1818.

He became Rector of Braunston, Northants, in 1819, and held this living until his death. His elder brother Nicholas lived with him at Braunston, and a marble memorial in the church records his virtues and his death in 1822.

A board on the church wall records that he gave £59 toward the building of the village school, that Corbet gave £260, and that a male heir of Clement Hue was to be trustee of the school for ever.

In 1823 Corbet was appointed Rector of St Helier's and Dean but he did not resign Braunston. He put in a curate and the registers show that he only paid three short visits after his appointment to Jersey.

At his first appearance in the States he caused a sensation by making a speech in English. Few details of his work as Dean survive, though he had to deal with the difficult and unpleasant case of Edward Le Vavasseur dit Durell.

He died in St Helier on 12 January 1838 and there is a monument to his memory in the Town Church. He never married.

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