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The de Barentin family almost certainly originated in the town of Barentin, close to Rouen in Normandy. Some held minor positions in the English Royal Household in the 13th century, but whether they were directly related to the de Barentins who settled in Jersey is far from certain. What can be said is that they achieved considerable success in the island.

In the 14th century they held the fiefs of Rosel, Samares, Longueville, Diélament, La Hougue Boëte, Houmet, La Fosse and Paisnel - a considerable land holding and a base for considerable power.

This position was achieved as a result of successive appointments of de Barentins as Warden of the Isles and Bailiff of Jersey. However, the properties owned by the family in England eventually proved more attractive to successive generations who did not hold high office and the family sold their Jersey holdings and left the island.

For the relationships between these de Barentins see Descendants of Drouet de Barentin.

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