Demolition of Airport Terminal extensions

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The ugly conclusion to years of extensions and alterations
How the building will look when demolition has finished
The terminal as it was when opened in 1937

Jerripedia normally focuses on the past, but this article looks forwards to summer 2012, when extensions which have been constructed over the years to the original 75-year-old terminal building will have been removed.

Few would argue that the gradual drowning of the original structure in one extension after another has ruined the view of what was generally considered to be a beautiful building, and although demolition work now under way in spring 2012 will not remove everything, it will allow the shape of the original terminal building to be seen again.

The construction of a new tower to house all air traffic control functions made the octagonal control tower on the top of the arrivals building redundant, and the Aviator restaurant below closed in 2009 and had remained empty since. So the decision was taken to remove a substantial proportion of the additions to the 1937 building since the 'sixties.

Original plans

Jerripedia has also been given the architect's plans drawn up in 1934, when the creation of an airport was first proposed. They were drawn up by Norman, Muntz and Dawbarn aeronautical consultants, and although the terminal which was eventually built differs from these designs, their influence can be clearly seen.


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