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Descendants of Daniel Dolbel


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  • 1 Daniel Dolbel (1645?-1727) (St S) [1] m (1675, St S) Elizabeth Baudains (1656- ) d of Richard and Elizabeth Fauvel (Gr) [2]
    • 2 Richard Dolbel (1675-1740) (St S) [3] m (1704, St S) Rachel Neel
      • 3 Richard Dolbel (1705-by 1710) (St S)
      • 3 Daniel Dolbel (1707-1765) (St S) [4] m (1735, St S) Susanne Fradin ( -11/1765) d of Jacques ( -1750) and Catherine Perrochon [5]
        • 4 Charles Dolbel (1736-1809?) (St S) [6]
        • 4 Daniel Dolbel (1739-1830, ae 90y 8m) (St S >St H) [7] m (1765, St S) Catherine Fiott (1737-1816) d of Jean [8]
          • 5 Daniel Dolbel (1767-by1774) (St H)
          • 5 Jean Dolbel (1769-1852, ae 83y 8m) (St H) [9] m (1792, St H) Anne Graham (12/1774-1808) d of Arthur and Rachel Mauger (St H); m 2 (1814, St S) Marianne Dolbel (1792- ) d of John and Elizabeth Le Breton (St H)
            • 6 Jean Dolbel (1792- ) (St H) died in infancy?
            • 6 Anne Dolbel (1795- ) (St H) liv. 1825
            • 6 Daniel Dolbel (1796-1807) (St H) [10]
            • 6 Mary Rachel Dolbel (1797-1822) (St H) [11]
            • 6 Philippe Dolbel (1798-by 1803?) (St H) [12]
            • 6 James Dolbel (1800-11/1851, ae 51y, 4m) (St H > St J) liv. 1825 [13] m (11/1823, St H) Jeanne Marie Le Boutillier (St J) d of Jean David [14]
              • 7 Mary Dolbel (1828?- ) [15]
              • 7 William Dolbel (1830- ) (St J) [16] m (1866, St J) Eliza Mary Fauvel d of John (St S) [17] no issue
              • 7 James Graham Dolbel (1832-1871) (St J) [18] m (1858 Lancs.) Louisa Albury d of Henry [19]
                • 8 William James Graham Dolbel (1859-1874) (Eng.) [20]
                • 8 James Dolbel (1861- ) (St J) [21]
                • 8 John George Dolbel (1861- ) (St J > USA) [22] m (11/1892, Rhode Is.) Grace M. Watts (Rhode Is., USA)
                  • 9 James G. Dolbel? (USA)
                  • 9 Louisa A. Dolbel? (USA)
              • 7 Anne Dolbel (1834- ) (St J) [23]
              • 7 Horatio Diamond Dolbel (1836-1897) (St J > USA) [24] m (1858, Gaspé) Elise Vibert (1829-1903) (USA)
                • 8 Horatio Dolbel (USA) [25]
                • 8 Delia Dolbel (USA)
              • 7 Charles Dolbel (1846- ) (St J) [26]
            • 6 Philip Edouard Dolbel (1803-1828, ae 24?) (St H) [27] liv. 1825
            • 6 Rachel Amelie Dolbel (1805- ) (St H) liv. 1825 m (1831, St H) Philippe Edouard Le Couteur (St P > St H) [28]
            • 6 Jane Dolbel, liv. 1825
            • 6 Lawrence Daniel Dolbel (12/1807- ) (St H) liv. 1825 [29] m ?Marrian ( -- )
          • 5 Catherine Dolbel (1770- ) (St H) [30]
          • 5 Nicolas Dolbel (1771- ) (St H) [31] m (1806, St S) Anne Godfray (1778-1827) [32] d of Jean (St S)
            • 6 Anne Dolbel (1807- ) [33]
            • 6 Jane Dolbel (1808-10/1886) [34] m (1840, St S) James Emmerson Esq. [35]
            • 6 Maria Dolbel (1812-by 1834) m (1832, St H) James Barclay Ross Esq. [36]
          • 5 Anne Dolbel (1772- ) (St H) [37]
          • 5 Daniel Dolbel (1774- ) (St H) [38] liv. 1809
          • 5 Marie Dolbel (1775-1858) (St H) [39] m (1797, St C) George Shaffner, Esq .
          • 5 Philippe Dolbel (1776- ) (St H) [40]
          • 5 Edouard Dolbel (1778- ) (St H) [41]
          • 5 Daniel Richard Dolbel (1781- ) (St H) [42]
        • 4 Philippe Dolbel (1742-1789) (St S >St H) [43] m (1771, St H) Marie Lys ( -1790) d of Jean and Susanne, née Skibo; sis. of Philippe Lys [44] (no issue)
        • 4 Jean Dolbel (1746-by 1821) (St S>St H) [45] m Elizabeth de Ste Croix ( -1821) d of Aaron and Esther Neel
          • 5 Jean Dolbel (1775- ) [46]
          • 5 Elizabeth Dolbel (1777- ) [47]
          • 5 Philippe Dolbel (1785- ) [48]
          • 5 Daniel Dolbel (1787- ) [49]
        • 4 Susanne Dolbel (1748-1834) (St S) [50] m (1778, St S) Jean Le Sueur (St S)
        • 4 Marie Dolbel (1751-1839) (St S) m (1780, St H) Pierre Bailleau (St H)
      • 3 Rachel Dolbel (1709-by 1719) (St S) [51]
      • 3 Richard Dolbel (1710- ) (St S) [52]
      • 3 Esther Dolbel (1713- ) (St S) [53]
      • 3 Sara Dolbel (1715- ) (St S)
      • 3 Edouard Dolbel (1717- ) (St S) [54] m (1741, St J) Jeanne Aubin d of Jean (St S)
        • 4 Sara Dolbel (1742- ) (St H) [55]
        • 4 Daniel Dolbel (1744-1854) (St H) [56]
        • 4 Jean Dolbel (1746- ) (St H)
        • 4 Elizabeth Dolbel (1750- ) (St H)
        • 4 Susanne Dolbel (1752- ) (St H)
        • 4 Philippe Dolbel (1755- ) (St H)
        • 4 Richard Dolbel (1757- ) (St H)
      • 3 Rachel Dolbel (1719- ) (St S)
      • 3 Jean Dolbel (1724- ) (St S)
    • 2 Daniel Dolbel (1679- ) [57]
    • 2 Jean Dolbel (1682- ) (St S) [58] m (1712, St S) Esther Besnard (St S)
    • 2 Elizabeth Dolbel (1686-1691) (St S) [59]

Notes and references

  1. Daniel`s christening, with that of scores of other infants in St Saviour during the Interregnum, went unrecorded. The Rector, Thomas Poingdestre, later wrote in the register that he, himself, would now be keeping it (translated) "in consideration of the nonchalance of the Cousteur [Lecteur: reader and often song-leader in church; evidently in this parish, charged with keeping the register] who had omitted since 14 September 1645 until 12 September 1652". It was also added that from 18 February 1654 to 8 July 1660 were also missing. The Jersey Land Registry, now kept at the Jersey Archive, should resolve the parentage
  2. Elizabeth`s firstborn child, Richard Dolbel, had as godmother "Elizabeth Fauvel, widow of Richard Baudains". Richard Baudains of Grouville and Elizabeth, his wife, whose surname, in common with others featured as parents in the Grouville register at this date, was omitted, presented in baptism in 1656, their daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth Baudains and her husband Daniel`s next child, Jean, had in 1682, as godparents Aaron Baudains and his sister. It transpires that Aaron Baudains was the name of Richard Baudains` own father and brother, the latter having been baptized in Grouville in 1634 to Aaron and his wife, Marie, whilst Richard, the younger Aaron`s elder brother by thirteen years, was baptized there in 1621. Other children born to Aaron and Marie were Jean (1614), Marie (1616), Marie (1618), Rachel (1624) and Susanne (1627). Richard Baudains and Elizabeth, his wife, probably had other children, whose christening records have not survived. One will have been a Richard Baudains [junr.], who was godfather in 1686 to Elizabeth and Daniel`s youngest, Elizabeth Dolbel. Addendum: The donor of Descendants of Richard Baudains had evidently reached, long ago, the Baudains conclusions reached yesterday [06/01/2022] by this writer. Both works, however, complement one another
  3. Godparents: Pierre Le Clercq and Elizabeth Fauvel, widow of Richard Baudains
  4. Godparents: Jean Dolbel and Elizabeth Baudains, wife of Daniel Dolbel
  5. Jacques Fradin made his Will in 1741 [D/Y/A/8/47, at the Jersey Archive], naming his wife, Catherine Perrochon, his late daughter, Marie Fradin, the mother of his grand-daughter, Catherine Le Tubelin and his daughter, Susanne Fradin, wife of Daniel Dolbel. Two nephews were to be executors, both signing the Will. They were Mr Jean Perrochon and Jean de Ste Croix, son of Aaron. Jacques describes himself as a refugee but he may have arrived in Jersey as a minor. The following abjuration may be that of his parents: Jean Fradin and his wife, of Pouzauges, in the Bishopric of Lucon, formally confirmed their renunciation of the Roman Catholic faith, at St Helier, 16th December 1699: ABSJ, 111,63
  6. Godparents: Mr Jacques Fradin and his wife
  7. Settled in St Helier; Merchant. A.C. Saunders, in Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, (Jersey: J.T. Bigwood, 1930), 51, writes: “The Navigation and Commerce of the Island was still causing the Chamber [of Commerce] concern and Mr Lerrier, senr., was requested to consult persons conversant with navigation, in order to report their opinion to the Committee Meeting that was fixed for the 16th October 1786. Messrs. John Dolbel, Daniel Dolbel, Francis Janvrin, Peter Mallet, Thomas Sivret and Jas. Hemery...” were approached for their opinions. As they were fined for non-attendance at the hour appointed, it may be taken for granted that they were members of the said Chamber. Whilst the identity of Daniel Dolbel is not in doubt, the said John Dolbel may have been one of the Descendants of Etienne Dolbel or may have been Daniel`s brother, Jean. Daniel`s Will [D/Y/A/21/59, at the Jersey Archive] was dated 1825 and proved in 1830. He mentions two sons, John and Nicolas, and the latter`s daughters, Anne, Jane and Maria. His Dolbel grandsons, by his son John Dolbel, were James, Philip and Laurens (sic), although where James was christened has yet to be discovered. His Dolbel grand-daughters by his son John, were mentioned, being Anne, Rachel Amelie and Jane. A daughter of the testator is mentioned, Marie Dolbel, wife of George Shaffner, as were two grand-daughters Shaffner and a grandson, George Shaffner. The executor was Mons. Daniel Janvrin, fils Daniel. The testator was a prosperous man, which is fortunate, as seven years earlier, it is highly likely that his eldest son was the John Dolbel who became bankrupt
  8. First cousin of one of Jersey`s foremost merchant in 1764, the celebrated Nicolas Fiott
  9. Wine Merchant and Captain RJM. Godparents: Me Jean Fiott, Grandfather, and Mse Sara de Ste Croix, wife of Me Jean Fiott, Aunt. Jean Dolbel was probably the man of this name who became bankrupt in 1817-1818--L/F/76/B/2 at Jersey Archive--as he was a “retired Wine Merchant” living as a boarder, in 1851, in the home of Mr Edward Coutanche of St Aubin`s Road. His family also seems to have scattered abroad, which was frequently a result of bankruptcy
  10. A marble memorial near the altar in St Saviour`s Church bears this inscription: "Sacred to the Memory of Daniel, son of Jean Dolbel, whose premature death was occasioned by a fall from a horse at Gros Puits Cottage in this parish, on the 5th September 1807, in the 11th year of his age; Also of Ann, wife of John Dolbel, Merchant, of this Island, who departed this life on the 6th of October 1808, aged 33 years and 9 months, mother of 12 children. She has left 7 to deplore her irreparable loss. Her inconsolable husband has raised this monument to record the memory of a tender and affectionate wife and a beloved child". Immediately below the inscription is a relief showing a pyramid shaped grave memorial, crowned with the immortal flame of life. Before it, a man stands in grief, accompanied by four girls and three boys; a toddler sits beside a small dog. The memorial artist may perhaps have mistaken the number of boys in mourning, perhaps duplicating the toddler. The latter will have represented Lawrence Dolbel, then aged 11 months, with the family dog. The 4 girls represented were Anne, aged 13, Mary Rachel, aged 11, Jane, aged about 8 and Rachel Amelie, aged 3. The boys will have been James, Philip Edward and the toddler, duplicated, numbering, in total, 7 children. Below the relief are the faces of two winged, cherubic, beings. The monument is surmounted by a further relief of a young, fallen rider, being dragged by his mount. The parents must have travelled fairly often, probably in connection with John Dolbel`s business, as only nine christenings, of the twelve mentioned on the memorial, can be identified within the Island. Similarly, few burial entries for the immediate family, can be found in Jersey
  11. Buried in St Saviour as "Dlle Marie Rachel Dolbel, Consumptive, aged 24"
  12. The Will of Personalty of the grandfather of the children in generation 6, being that of Daniel Dolbel, dated 1825, has the following order of seniority among the grandsons: James (1799--known by the 1851 census), Philippe (either 1798 or 1803) and Laurens (1807). The testator names his grand-daughters in order of seniority, this being in order of age; he is unlikely to have done otherwise with his grandsons. The Philippe mentioned, is therefore unlikely to have been the elder of the three but the Philippe baptized in 1803. Children could be excluded from Wills of personalty but there is nothing in particular to indicate, in this instance, that this occurred. The inference is that Philippe (1798) had died before 1825 as, indeed, had in all probability, the other children not mentioned, as the family appears to have been afflicted with consumption
  13. Master Mariner and then Farmer. James was aged 51 at the time of the U.K. 1851 Census, St John, Jersey. It was a custom in Jersey to send at least one son of a merchant family to sea. As the finances of this particular family were then in a rocky state, it was fortuitous. Furthermore, James Dolbel , a Charles Robin and Company mariner, married the half-sister of the Robins` senior manager, Jean Le Boutillier (1797-1872) who seven years later founded his own firm, one of Jersey`s most successful Gaspé businesses. Dolbel was master of Hero, Pallas, Broadaxe and Andes, most of these being Robin-owned ships. John Jean said he retired in 1845. James then farmed in St John, as shown by the 1851 census: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co, 1982), 138
  14. Of La Chasse, St John; Lieutenant of Batteries, N.W. Regiment, RJM
  15. Mary Dolbel, whose christening has not been found, heads the list of those known to be the issue of Jane Dolbel, née Le Boutillier, who was, in 1841, the Head of the household in Douet, St John. She may be the elusive Mary Amelia Dolbel, who stood proxy for Jane, at the christening of John George Dolbel, in St John, in 1861
  16. William was a Merchant, on marrying in 1866, aged 35, perhaps employed within the John Le Boutillier firm, as he had been in 1881 a "Commercial Clerk, Canada" (U.K. Census, St John, Jersey). William`s father was still described, in 1866, as a Master Mariner, although John Jean (op.cit.) states that he had retired in 1845. In the U.K. 1881 Census, Jersey, he and Eliza Mary were living, without children, in St John. In fact, the couple had no issue, as declared by the widowed Eliza Mary in the 1911 U.K. Census, St Luke
  17. Merchant. John Fauvel, a former Robin & Co. manager, had bought in 1854, Abraham de Gruchy`s “large fishing establishment” at Pointe Saint-Pierre, Gaspé
  18. Master Mariner commanding, amongst other vessels, Maggie, in 1862. By 1865, he was Master of the 344 ton barque Caesarea, owned by Peter Briard, on a voyage from the Philippines, with a cargo of sugar: A.G. Jamieson (ed.) A People of the Sea, (London: Methuen, 1986), 391. He died in 1871 and was subsequently commemorated in Pocasset Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island, in the United States of America, where his brother, widow, son and other members of the family were buried
  19. Of Flixton, Lancashire, Merchant Ship`s Captain
  20. Apprentice; died aboard the ship Duke of Argyle
  21. Described in the 1861 U.K. Census, St John, Jersey, as being aged "under 1 month". He does not feature in any further Jersey censuses or Wills
  22. Accountant. Migrated to Providence, Rhode Island, in the United States, in 1875, and was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen in 1891: Rhode Island U.S. State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1802-1945, at In the 1880 U.S. Census, Providence, Rhode Island, he features, with his 55 year-old widowed mother, Louisa Dolbel, as a 19 year-old book-keeper, born in the Island of Jersey. U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995, at the same site, have him in the year of his death, 1914, as an Accountant with the business address 316, Howard Building, Dexter, Providence. The Rhode Island, U.S. Death Index, 1630-1930 has John G. Dolbel`s "Relative: James G. Dolbel, Kin 2: Louisa A. Dolbel", the former no doubt named after John`s late father and the latter perhaps after his mother
  23. Godparents: Mr Lawrence Dolbel and Mse Anne Dolbel
  24. Merchant, in 1858, perhaps employed similarly to his brother William, in his mother`s extensive family firm. His godparents had been Mr John Diamond and Mse Ann Georgiana Le Boutillier. He and his wife moved from Gaspé to the United States of America. They died in Cranston, Providence County, Rhode Island, being buried in Pocasset Cemetery, Cranston
  25. Horatio Dolbel and his sister Delia were recorded, on the death of their mother, as "Kin 1" and "Kin 2", respectively: U.S., Find a Grave Index, 1600s-Current: at
  26. Charles does not feature in any Jersey censuses after 1851; his burial has not been found
  27. Perhaps buried in St Saviour, as "Mons. Philippe Dolbel, Consumptive, aged 24", this being the name by which he was called: see the Will of his grandfather, Daniel Dolbel, dated 1825, in which his brother Lawrence Daniel is called merely Laurens (sic). It is noticeable that he had consumption, as did Marie Rachel, and that, like her, he was buried in St Saviour
  28. Master Mariner, 1835-1860
  29. Lawrence, or Laurens Dolbel (1825), was born on the 15th December 1807, which event occasioned the sad loss of his mother. As a result, no doubt, he was not brought to church for christening until the 20th January 1809 [Register]. These events may have caused some momentary confusion in the mind of the rector. What appears to have happened is that he entered the infant`s uncle Daniel, who was probably present, standing as godfather, as the child`s father! The godfather was then entered as being the child`s “father” , with the godmother being Miss Anne Dolbel, his aunt. Fortunately, the 1825 Will of Lawrence`s grandfather is clear and unambiguous. Lawrence settled in London. Pigot & Co., in their Directory of London and Its Suburbs (1839), 128, has this entry: "Dolbell, Lawrence D., Foreign Print Agent, 14, Coleman Street". He was in 1843 a "French and Swiss Agent": Post Office Directory In the 1841 U.K. Census, he and 35 year-old Marrian Dolbel, who was probably his wife as he was described as married in the 1871 Peckham census, are shown as living at the Priory, Peckham. Mr Lawrence Dolbel, with the address of Peckham Grove, features in the de Gruchy family Bible in 1838, as he was both family friend and godfather of William Laurence de Gruchy
  30. Godparents: Mr James Fiott, Uncle, and Mse Anne Hamon, wife of Gedeon Fiott
  31. Master Mariner and Privateer captain: Master of Felicity, a 186 ton brig engaged in Southampton`s “Foreign Trade”: Universal British Directory, 1794-1798, Volume 4, Part 1, 464, which was probably the vessel so-named, listed by John Jean as being owned by Messrs. Chevalier, Jersey: Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co. 1982), 65. Nicolas Dolbel was also the commander of the 30 ton privateer brig Mayflower, 1801-1803-: Ibid., 36,41,138
  32. ”Died suddenly, aged 49, 19/9/1827”
  33. Godparents: Mr Jean Godfray, Grandfather, and Mse Jeanne Le Caumais, Great-Aunt
  34. Will proved 1886: D/Y/A/46/44, at the Jersey Archive. She died aged 78 years
  35. Formerly of South Kirkby, Co. York, now of St Saviour
  36. Of which marriage, there was born a son, James Ross, in 1833, at Sorel, Lower Canada, who was christened at St Saviour in 1834. James Barclay Ross was a former Lieutenant, H.M. 50th Regt. of Foot, currently living in Guernsey
  37. Godfather: Mons. Jean Fiott, fils Nicolas
  38. Godparents: Mons. Nicolas Fiott of St Peter and Mse Anne Hamon, representing Dlle Elizabeth de Carteret, wife of the said Fiott
  39. For information regarding Marie and George`s issue, see Will and Testament of Daniel Dolbel, dated 1825 and proved 1830: D/Y/A/21/59
  40. Godparents: Me Philippe Dolbel and Mse Marie Lys, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  41. Nicolas Fiott Gt. Junr. and Dlle Jeanne Remon, wife of Nicolas Fiott, Esq.
  42. Godparents: Me Philippe Ahier and Mse Marie Fiott, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  43. Will dated and proved, 1789: D/Y/A/14/88, at the Jersey Archive
  44. Signals officer, Mont de la Ville who, with two others, saved St Helier from the effects of a major explosion
  45. This family seems to have left the Island at the close of the 18th, or start of the 19th centuries
  46. Godparents: Me Aaron de Ste Croix and Mse Esther Neel, his wife, Grandfather and Grandmother of the child
  47. Godparents: Me Philippe Dolbel and Mse Marie Lys, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  48. Godparents: Elie de Ste Croix, Uncle and the widow of Mr Aaron de Ste Croix
  49. Godparents: Me Daniel Dolbel and Catherine Fiott, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  50. Susanne`s Will, dated 1832 and proved in 1834, [D/Y/A/23/16, at the Jersey Archive], included legacies to Elizabeth Fauvel, widow of the testatrix`s late son, Jean Le Sueur, to her sister Marie Dolbel, widow of Pierre Bailleau, and to her great-niece, Dlle Emilie Dolbel, wife of Mr Le Couteur"
  51. Godparents: Aaron Baudains and his sister
  52. Godparents: Daniel Dolbel and his wife
  53. Godparents: Jean Dolbel and Esther Besnard, his wife
  54. Godparents: Me Edouard Millais junr. (after whom he was doubtless named) and his daughter. He was probably the merchant or retailer of this name who was a founding member of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, on its being founded, 1768: A.C. Saunders, Jersey in the 18th and 19th Century, (Jersey: J.T. Bigwood, 1930), 29
  55. Godfather: Philippe Aubin, Uncle
  56. Godparents: Daniel Dolbel and Susanne Fradin, his wife
  57. Godparents: Gilles Ahier and his wife
  58. Godparents: Aaron Baudains and his sister
  59. Godparents: Richard Baudains and Marie Coignard
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