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Descendants of Jasper Le Feuvre



The Rev George Le Feuvre, from the original in the possession of Guy Dixon

This tree, researched by Guy Dixon and added in February 2018, absorbs, corrects and has replaced the deleted Descendants of Philippe Le Feuvre of St Peter as the definitive tree for this branch of the family

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  • 1 Jasper Le Feuvre (1515- ) of St Peter [1]
    • 2 Nicolas (Collas) Le Feuvre (1540?- ) [2]
    • 2 Paul Le Feuvre (1543-1608) [3] m 1 Jeanne Remon; 2 Guillemine Le Bailly daughter of Martin
      • 3 Jean Le Feuvre (1565-1634) [4] m Susanne Le Bailly, daughter of Jean, [5]
        • 4 Jean Le Feuvre, s of Jean, living 1641
      • 3 Helière Le Feuvre (1566- ) died by 1611 m Matthieu de la Haye
      • 3 Thomasse Le Feuvre (1568- ) living 1611 m Noel Mauger
      • 3 Nicolas Le Feuvre (1570-1641) [6]
        • 4 Genette Le Feuvre
        • 4 Colliche Le Feuvre
      • 3 Thomas Le Feuvre (1575- ) living 1612
    • 2 Thomasse Le Feuvre (1545- ) [7]
    • 2 Daughter Le Feuvre (1548- ) m Pierre Huelin [8]
    • 2 Johanne Le Feuvre (1550- ) m Philippe Jean [9]
    • 2 François Le Feuvre (1555-1607) [10] m Jeanne daughter of Jean de St Pierre and of Marguerite de la Haule
      • 3 Daniel Le Feuvre (1580- ) [11]
        • 4 François Le Feuvre (1610- ) [12]
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1582- ) m Adrian Maret [13]
      • 3 Marie Le Feuvre (1585- ) m Jacques Le Brun of St Peter. [14]
      • 3 Philippe Le Feuvre (1588- ) [15] m Unknown [16]
        • 4 Pierre Le Feuvre (1620-1688) [17] m (1645, St P) Françoise Le Brun, ( -1690), d of Pierre [18] and of Marie Le Sebirel [19]
          • 5 Pierre Le Feuvre (1646- ) [20] m Marie Mauger (1651-1719) daughter and principal heir of Philippe, of Val de la Mare and Agnes Le Vesconte
            • 6 Pierre Le Feuvre (1675-1746) m unknown
              • 7 Jean Le Feuvre (1710- ) [21]
            • 6 Marie Le Feuvre (1680- )
            • 6 Susanne Le Feuvre (1685- )
          • 5 Philippe Le Feuvre (1647- ) [22] m unknown
            • 6 Jeanne Le Feuvre (1673- )
            • 6 Philippe Le Feuvre (1675- ) [23]
            • 6 Pierre Le Feuvre (1678-) [24] m Marie Alexandre
              • 7 Anne Le Feuvre (1720- )
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1682- )
          • 5 Simon Le Feuvre (1652-1735) [25] m Susanne Mauger (1653-1737) (St P) daughter and co-heir of Philippe, of Val de la Mare and Agnes Le Vesconte. [26]
            • 6 Simon Le Feuvre (1681- ) [27]
            • 6 Pierre Le Feuvre (1682-1755) m (1738, St P) Susanne Hérault [28]
            • 6 Philippe Le Feuvre (1685-1743) [29] m Jeanne Carrel [30] daughter and co-heir of Pierre Carrel and of Esther Grault, of Le Coin, (St O) </ref>
              • 7 Philippe Le Feuvre (1710?- 1741) [31] m (1736, St B) Marguerite Gallie of St Peter [32]
                • 8 Philippe Le Feuvre (1741-1769) [33] m (1760s) unknown
                  • 9 Children Le Feuvre [34]
                • 8 Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1741- ) twin
              • 7 Jeanne Le Feuvre (1715- ) m (1757, St S) Jean Fallu (St P)
              • 7 Simon Le Feuvre (1717- )
              • 7 Pierre Le Feuvre (1724-1802) (St P) [35] m (1759, St Mt) Marie Poingdestre, daughter of Nicholas (St P) [36]
                • 8 Jeanne Le Feuvre (1759-1839) m (1783, St P) William Le Brocq [37]
                • 8 Pierre Le Feuvre (1762-1782) unm.
                • 8 Philippe Le Feuvre (1764-1855) [38] m Ann le Bas, (1770-1840) daughter and principal heir of Nicolas of Les Nièsmes [39]
                  • 9 Philippe Le Feuvre (1795- ) [40] m 2 (1851, St My) Jane Guille [41] daughter of Philip, Ecrivain, (no issue); m 1 (1825, St P) Ann Elizabeth Balleine (1804-1848) [42]
                    • 10 Philip Alfred Le Fevre (1826-1889) [43]
                    • 10 Charles William Le Feuvre (1827-by 1831)
                    • 10 Francis Clement Le Feuvre (1829-1883) [44]
                    • 10 Charles William Le Feuvre (1831-1890) [45] m (1854, St L) Jane Simon (1833- ) daughter of Jean (St P)
                    • 10 Ann Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1832-1905) [46]
                    • 10 Ellen Mary Le Feuvre (1833-1919)
                    • 10 Louisa Maria Le Feuvre (1835-1906)
                    • 10 Jane Emily Le Feuvre (1836-1908)
                    • 10 William Henry Le Fevre (1837-1896) [47]
                    • 10 Alfred George Le Feuvre (1840-57)
                    • 10 George Edward Le Feuvre (1842- ) m Elise de Garis of Guernsey [48]
                      • 11 Elise Ann Le Feuvre (1865-1932)
                      • 11 Alice Mary Le Feuvre (1867-1933)
                      • 11 Henrietta Louisa Le Feuvre (1869-1869)
                      • 11 Florence Le Feuvre (1871-1871)
                      • 11 George Philip Clement Le Feuvre ( -1874)
                      • 11 George Philip Herbert Le Feuvre (1876-1916)
                  • 9 George William Le Feuvre (1800-1842) [49] m (1832, St P) Jane Le Brocq daughter of John of La Fontaine, (St P)
                    • 10 George William Le Feuvre (1834-1861) [50] m (1858) Helen Margaret Le Gallais [51]
                      • 11 George William Henry Le Feuvre (1860-1932) [52] m (1889, Kent) Alice Mary Blakey
                        • 12 Robert Le Feuvre (1890- ) [53]
                        • 12 Philip Alfred Le Feuvre (1892-1902) [54]
                    • 10 Henry John Le Feuvre (1839-1909) [55] m Agnes Strickland Tully
                      • 11 Alfred George Tully Le Feuvre (1874- ) [56] m Gwyneth Tate
                        • 12 William Le Feuvre
                        • 12 Margaret Le Feuvre [57] m Raymond Pocock (issue)
                      • 11 Daisy Clemence Lucy Belfield Le Feuvre (1878-1967) m (1898) George Evans Attwood
                      • 11 Helen Mary Strickland Le Feuvre ( -1945) m (1911) Thomas W B Marling
                      • 11 Emily Louise Beresford Le Feuvre (1908) William Robert Grieve
                • 8 George Le Feuvre (1771-1848) MA (Oxon) [58] m Phoebe Bayley [59]
                  • 9 George William Le Fevre (1796-1846) (Eng) [60] m Frederika Fraser daughter of Colonel Fraser
                  • 9 Clement Fall Le Fevre (1797-1882) (Eng) [61] m (1822) Mary Clowes [62]
                    • 10 Ellen Le Fevre (1823- ) (Sherbrook, Canada) m John Coleman of Montreal [63]
                    • 10 Francis Le Fevre (1824-1827)
                    • 10 William Le Fevre (1826-1906) [64]
                    • 10 George Le Fevre (1827-1871) m Emma Beale [65]
                      • 11 Henry Belfield Le Fevre (1857-1942) [66] m (1891, Pierce County, Washington) Ida Beltzen (1867-1942) [67]
                        • 12 Ruth Elizabeth Le Fevre (1892- ) [68] m Gordon Nelson (1890-1971) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin [69]
                    • 10 Mary Clowes Le Fevre (1830-1831)
                    • 10 Edward Le Fevre (1833-1834)
                  • 9 Henry Belfield Le Fevre [70] m Anastasia Reid [71]
                  • 9 Annie Le Fevre
                  • 9 Frances Le Fevre
                  • 9 Emma Le Fevre [72]
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1720- ) [73] m (1752, St P) Philippe Huelin [74]
            • 6 Susanne Le Feuvre (1688- ) living 1754
            • 6 Marie Le Feuvre (1697- )
          • 5 François Le Feuvre (1652-1656)
          • 5 Marguerite Le Feuvre m (1663, St P) Michel Le Brun, son of Jean (St P)
      • 3 François Le Feuvre (1589?-1641) [78] m Rauline Mauger daughter of Jean and Elizabeth de Lecq [79]
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Feuvre (1635-1650)
        • 4 Jeanne Le Feuvre (1641- )

Notes and references

  1. Died, as had his wife, by 1583; m Johanne
  2. Was sued (1583) as "Collas Le Feuvre, son of Jasper and of Johanne, his wife" by his brother-in-law, Pierre Huelin, regarding the Le Feuvre inheritance
  3. Tenant of the Fief de Nobretez, St Peter
  4. Tenant of the above fief, engaged in litigation, 1587
  5. De la Vallée de St Laurence
  6. Settled, by 1611, in Guernsey
  7. Fille Jasper, engaged in litigation before the Cour d'Héritage, 1587, [5/178]
  8. Mentioned above; [Cour d`Héritage 5/175]
  9. De la contrée de la Ville au Neveu; engaged in litigation, as the daughter of Jasper, regarding her late parents' estate [Cour d`Héritage 5/175]
  10. Fouageur of St Peter, 1593; Ancien de l`Eglise, 1596-1606. Owning property on the Fief de Nobretez, he bought in 1592, a further house and some land, at Val de La Mare [Registre 13/53]. He bought another field in Nobretez, 1606, as "François Le Feuvre, fils Jasper", adjoining the house of Paul Le Feuvre, [Registre 2/82]
  11. Who will have inherited his father`s property on the Fief de Nobretez, died by 1634
  12. Bought, in 1634, his aunt Elizabeth`s share of the estate of her parents, François Le Feuvre and Jeanne de St Pierre [Registre 10/85], the purchaser being described as "François son of Daniel, the said Daniel eldest son of François..."
  13. Whose son Etienne sold in 1634, his mother`s inheritance to François Le Feuvre, her nephew, (above)
  14. Marie, the fille puinée of her parents, also sold, in 1634, her inheritance, [10/70], to her nephew François, including annual income due from their 1st cousin, Jean Le Feuvre, son of Paul, (above)
  15. Of Val de la Mare, Officier des Vraics, 1626; purchased a house and land from Simon Le Sebirel (1643), formerly the property of Nicolas Le Brun (1642). He then sold, as "Philippe Le Feuvre fils François," (1645) the previous Le Feuvre property, stated as having been bought by his father in 1592; living 1668 [Extente] owing the Crown 3 sous (porcage) for part of the Le Brun property
  16. Buried 1649, "femme Philippe fs. François"
  17. Of Val de la Mare, owing the Crown in 1668 [Extente], 4 crowns for his part of the Le Brun property
  18. Des Vaux de la Mare
  19. Sister of Simon, Advocate and Jurat
  20. Of Val de la Mare; died by 1719
  21. Of Val de la Mare, "son of Peter, son of Peter" [Extente 1749] owing the Crown 4 crowns and 3 sous (porcage), as had his predecessors in 1668 [Extente], for the former Le Brun property
  22. Died by 1713; Aubergiste
  23. Died by 1713, no issue
  24. 1713: "Pierre Le Feuvre, eldest surviving son of the late Philippe, son of Pierre and of Françoise Le Brun, his wife"-- Public Registry 29/93
  25. Of Val de la Mare, St Peter
  26. This marriage is confirmed by the Public Registry
  27. Appears to have died in infancy
  28. Her will, of 1755, shows no issue from this marriage
  29. Of Val de la Mare
  30. Buried 1768, "veuve de Philippe Le Feuvre"
  31. Of Val de La Mare, principal heir of his parents and uncle Pierre
  32. Buried there 5/6/1742, "veuve de Phil: Le Feuvre"
  33. Of Val de la Mare, sold his house and land there, in 1761 [Registre 47/38] to his uncle, Pierre Le Feuvre, (1724-1802)
  34. Of a young age, 1772 under the minority guardianship of François Journeaux
  35. Of Val de la Mare and then in 1799 of La Hougue. A former owner of La Hougue, Nicolas Fiott, of the merchant family, declared in the 1774 Appairiement of the Fief de Vingt Livres that his property "communement appellé La Hougue" consisted of 63 vergées
  36. Formerly of St Saviour
  37. Of The Yews
  38. Of La Hougue, Lieutenant, RJMA; Vingtenier of La Grande Vingtaine, 1785 then Procureur du Bien Public, 1791-1803
  39. Captain RJMA
  40. Of La Hougue, Procureur du Bien Public, 1828, Constable of St Peter, 1839-42
  41. Married by the Rev Philippe Guille, Rector of St Mary, the brother of the bride
  42. Daughter and heir of Francis, of St Peter. She died three years before her father and Oak Walk, St Peter, was inherited by her eldest son Philip Alfred
  43. MA Of Wadham College, Oxford, where he matriculated in 1844, gaining his BA in 1849 and his Master`s degree in 1851. He held various curacies and was for some years a vicar. In 1888, he was living at The Rectory, St Helier, as he was, from 1880-1888, Vice-Dean of Jersey. He had previously lived at Oak Walk, St Peter. He died in the Town Church, while officiating at the communion service. A brass plaque on the north wall of the sanctuary, to the left of the high altar, marks the spot where he fell: Francis Corbet, The Monuments and Windows of The Parish Church of St Helier, Jersey, (Jersey: Islandprint, 2004). He was unmarried
  44. Doctor (MRCS?) Lieutenant RJM
  45. Of Thornhill, St Peter; Captain RJM. There were no surviving children of his marriage
  46. One of the four "Misses Le Fevre", this branch having adopted that spelling and pronunciation, who lived at Oak Walk, St Peter. The others were her younger sisters. Their eldest brother, Philip Alfred Le Fevre, had also lived there before becoming Vice-Dean in 1880
  47. C.Eng OV; He was one of two designers of the former Midland Railway`s station at St Pancras, London, which escaped bombing during the Second World War. He presided for many years over Jersey`s principal telegraphic company. In retirement, he was Chairman of the Jersey Railway Company
  48. Three children died in infancy; three children who reached their majority died without issue
  49. Of Les Niemes, St Peter
  50. Of Les Niemes, St Peter, died in Paris
  51. Daughter of Philip, of La Moye, Jurat
  52. OV; Major, North Lancashire Regiment, (retd 1899)
  53. Of Les Niemes, St Peter, OV; Captain RJM; Captain, North Lancashire Regiment (1914-1918) unmarried
  54. Killed on the railway line at Bel Royal, playing with Briard cousins
  55. Captain RJMA, Centenier of St Peter, 1870; settled in Ontario, Canada later that year
  56. C.Eng, DSC. Served in WW1, Captain, 85th Regiment, Canadian Army: Mentioned in "Despatches 15/5/1917; French War Cross, DSO": War Service of Officers of the Forces of the Oversea Dominions and Colonies, 1973 (Quarterly Army Lists). The DSO entry may have been incorrect, as his description in Jersey legal documents is as a bearer of the "DSC". Resided latterly at Lakeside, Ontario
  57. Returned, by inheritance, to Les Niemes, St Peter
  58. Adopted the spelling Le Fevre. Attended Exeter College, Oxford, where he matriculated in 1789 but gained his BA degree from Pembroke College, in 1794. He was ordained Deacon on 21 September that year and was Curate of St Mary, Jersey, from 26 September. He was then Curate of Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, before becoming Minister of St Julian`s, being the French Church, Southampton (1802-1820) and finally, Chaplain for many years of the British Embassy, Paris, where he died in 1848. He is buried in the "Cimetière de Montmartre"
  59. Daughter of William, of Tring, Hertfordshire, Surgeon. William Bayley`s daughter Anna Henrietta had married in 1787 Clement Fall (Falle) of Southampton, the brother of Philippe Fall, Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey, whence the middle name of Fall, given to George and Phoebe`s second son. Another of William Bayley`s daughters, Eleanor, married the Reverend John du Pré, Principal of Berkhamsted, 1789-1803. Phoebe Bayley, as her father`s eldest daughter, was the heiress of her maternal uncle, the Revd. H. Belfield, Lord of the Manors of Studham and Barworth. Belfield`s name was given to Phoebe`s younger son
  60. Kt, MD, for 15 years Physician, British Embassy, St Petersburgh
  61. Church of England and then Unitarian Minister. Born in Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, he emigrated to Lower Canada and then moved to Hempstead, New York, where he founded the town`s first newspaper, The Long Island Telegraph and Advertiser, later known as The Inquirer. He settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a farmer
  62. Born in New York State
  63. Descendants in the United States of America
  64. Farming in 1850, Milwaukee, with his parents and brother George. He was in 1882 the co-executor of his father`s Will. He died without issue
  65. Daughter of Lieut-Governor Beale of Wisconsin
  66. Attorney-at-Law and "US Commissioner" (1910 US Census), living in Juneau, Alaska, with his widowed mother, giving his status as "single", as he had separated from his wife. Died at Juneau, on 31 March 1942, "aged 84 years and 11 months"
  67. Name wrongly heard and recorded as "Burgon" on their daughter`s birth record, 1892. Ida Le Fevre died in San Francisco, where she had lived for more then twenty years, within months of her husband`s death in Alaska
  68. Born in Pierce County, Washington, she was living in Alaska in 1910 [US Census]. She was a beneficiary of her great-uncle, William Le Fevre, in 1906 and survived her husband
  69. Service manager, highway construction (1940)
  70. Of Paris, MD. G. F. B. de Gruchy wrote of him: "He resided for many years in Paris and was well-known in literary and scientific circles. He was the author of several valuable contributions to the Academy of Science in Paris". De Gruchy`s father had previously written that Belfield had greatly assisted Daguerre in his photographic experiments, hence the photographic equipment included in the background of his portrait
  71. Lived in Exmouth, Devon. No children
  72. Died without issue
  73. Godparent with her father, Philippe, to Elizabeth Le Feuvre, 1740/1
  74. Of Val de la Mare
  75. Of Val de la Mare; godparents: "Pierre Le Feuvre et Jeanne Carrel, sa mère", the child`s maternal uncle and grandmother, (see above); no issue
  76. Mariner
  77. Sister of William, above, of The Yews. Their issue includes Jean, of Beaumont, Wine Merchant and Grocer
  78. Of Val de la Mare (1609), when he bought La Vallette ès Espaynes adjoining the meadows of St Ouen's Pond, (under the present reservoir); Miller
  79. Rauline Mauger, widow of François Le Feuvre of St Peter, married second in 1643, at St Brelade, Jean Benest
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