Descendants of Jean Asplet and Susanne Pepin

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Descendants of Jean Asplet/ Aspley


This tree was created by Guy Dixon to feature one of Jersey`s most versatile entrepreneurs, George Asplet of Gorey

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  • 1 Jean Asplet (1730-1795?) (St Mt) [1] m (1762, St Mt) Susanne Pepin (1737- ) daughter of Jean and Sara, née Aubin (Gr)
    • 2 Marie Asplet (1764-1793) (St Mt)
    • 2 Elizabeth Asplet (1767-1852) (St Mt) [2]
    • 2 Jean Asplet (1770-1794) (St Mt)
    • 2 Jeanne Asplet (1772- ) (St Mt) m (1803, Gr) George Mallet (Gr > St H)
    • 2 Philippe Asplet (1774-1851- ) (St Mt > Gr) [3] m 1 (1803, St H) Elizabeth Grault (1783-1817) (Gr)
      • 3 Elizabeth Asplet (8/1803-1878) (Gr) [4] m (1821, St H) Josue Sarre (St J)
      • 3 Philippe Asplet (1/1805-12/1883) (Gr) [5]
      • 3 Nancy Asplet (12/1806- ) (Gr) m (1828,St H) Jean Asplet (St Mt)
      • 3 Marie Elizabeth Asplet (1809- ) (St Mt) [6] m (1829, St H) [7] Jean Gaudin (St Mt)
      • 3 Jean Asplet (1812-1891- ) (Gr) [8]
      • 3 George Asplet (1815-1871- ) (Gr) [9] m (1847, St S) Margaret Le Quesne (1817-1871- ), daughter of Jean [10] and Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix (St H)
        • 4 Elizabeth Margaret Asplet (1848-1922) (St Mt) [11]
        • 4 Louisa A. Asplet (1850- ) (St Mt) m ( -- ) Le Bas
        • 4 George Philip Asplet (1852-1882?) (St Mt) [12]
      • 3 Charles Asplet (1817- ) (Gr) [13]
    • 2nd wife of Philippe Asplet (1820, Gr) Jeanne Mourant
      • 3 Francoise Asplet (1821- ) (Gr) [14] m 1 (1842, St H) Francois Gibaut (1804-1849, Naples) [15] son of Moise (Gr); 2 (1853, St S) Edward Romeril (1829-1850s) [16] son of Edward (St H) [17]
      • 3 Susanne Elizabeth Asplet (1826- ) (Gr) [18] m (1849, Gr) George Mallet (Gorey) [19]
      • 3 Esther Asplet (1830- ) (Gr) m (1855, St Mt) Thomas Asplet [20] son of Philippe (St P)
    • 2 Anne Asplet (1778-1797) (St Mt)
    • 2 George Asplet (1781-1832) (St Mt) [21] m (1803, St Mt) Elizabeth Jennes (1778-1850), daughter of Philippe and Elizabeth, nee Bayonne (St Mt)

Notes and references

  1. Approximate date of birth. He appears to have been one of three Jean Asplets born between 1721 and 1733, being perhaps the latter, who was a son of Jacques Asplet and Marie Le Huquet
  2. Elizabeth was buried in St Martin in 1852, aged 85. She was living in 1841 in that parish with John Gaudin and his wife, Mary, who was Elizabeth`s niece and god-daughter, Mary Elizabeth Asplet. Elizabeth was unmarried
  3. Cultivator (1847) and property owner (1851). In the latter year, there was living, within his household, 40-year-old Margaret Mallet (1809-1873), a Visitor, of independent means, who had been born in St Helier. She had in the previous census, aged 30, been living with Philippe`s son, Jean. She was Philippe`s niece, the daughter of George Mallet of St Helier and Jeanne Asplet, his wife
  4. Buried as Elizabeth Asplet, widow of Josue Sarre. Their son Josue Sarre (1822- ) had as godparents, in St John, Me Philippe Asplet and Mse Anne Mourant, his wife. In a strange parish, Jeanne Mourant was misheard as Anne Mourant
  5. His godparents were George Asplet and Elizabeth Jennes, his wife. His occupation on death in 1883, aged 78 years and 11 months, was Rentier
  6. Ancestry,, misread her father`s name as Thomas, mistaking the abbreviation "Ph" for Philip, with "Th" for Thomas. A second mistake was in the register itself, in which her mother`s name was written "Jeanne" [crossed out] "Susanne" Grault. In fact she was Elizabeth Grault
  7. Marie Elizabeth married as Marie Asplet, the name featured in censuses
  8. Unmarried. He was, in 1841, a Farmer in Grouville. Within his household was 30-year-old Margaret Mallet (see above). In 1861, he was living in St Martin, near the Royal Bay Hotel, and farming 60 acres. After Jersey, in common with other parts of the country, had experienced two major bank crashes within thirteen years of each other, bankrupting many and to the loss of all savings, Jean was by 1891, like so many others, a pauper
  9. Merchant. George Asplet was, in 1841, in business, aged 25, as a grocer, assisted by his half-sister, 14 year-old Susan (1841 Census, St Martin). However, his name had already appeared in the Jersey Shipping Register and local almanacks, as the owner in 1838 of the 26-ton cutter Margaritta and Esther. From 1840, Philip and George Asplet feature as joint-owners of the 28 ton cutter George and Mary. Philip was probably George`s elder brother of this name. In 1844, he was the ship`s "husband", or managing owner, whilst George was then the managing owner of the 46 ton cutter Turk, which he still owned in 1849. The 1851 census (St Martin) shows that he had by then followed in the footsteps of his uncle and namesake, as he was therein described solely as a shipowner. Being based in Gorey and operating cutters, the business will have been oyster dredging and sales. In 1846, the cutter Turk was schooner-rigged, with a corresponding increase of tonnage, to a weight of 59 tons. The cutters Emerald (53 tons) and Fly (12 tons), joined the vessels owned. 1848 saw the shipwreck of the vessel Emerald and an addition of two further vessels, the 58 ton schooner Emperor and the 17 ton cutter William and Frank, bringing the total number of vessels owned in that year to four. In 1849, the 60 ton cutter Daring, owned jointly with his in-laws Le Quesne, was a further addition. In 1856, the cutter Louisa (60 tons) briefly joined the list, whilst the cutter William and Frank no longer featured. In 1856, Fly had been sold to H. Baker, to be replaced by the 96 ton schooner James and the 46 ton cutter Carolina R. Ferrar. 1857 saw the 99 ton schooner Rhine build the fleet to six vessels and increase the total tonnage. By 1859, the Carolina R. Ferrar had been replaced by the 197-ton brig Vivid. George Asplet`s shipping interests had now long ago been extended beyond Gorey`s oyster trade to international shipping, probably in association with Jersey`s Canadian fisheries. Another concern of his was shipbuilding. Perhaps the cost of having the brig Advance (229 tons), intended for the international carrying trade, built for him in 1858 by Bellot at Gorey, led to his decision to employ shipwrights and open his own shipyard. His shipbuilding business, 1858-1862, is credited with the construction of seven vessels, including the 365 ton Montrose, built for Scrutton & Co. of London and launched on 23rd July 1861. It was not, however, an auspicious time to enter Jersey`s shipbuilding trade, as local timber was almost exhausted, trade was soon to be affected by the American Civil War and shipyards in major industrial ports were producing increasing numbers of iron ships, with a greater carrying capacity. After four years, Asplet`s shipbuilding yard closed, together with the majority of the Island`s other shipyards. Then, in 1863, both of his brigs, the Advance and Vivid were shipwrecked, whilst James, Daring and Rhine disappear from the list of vessels he owned. The new owner of the latter two vessels was his brother-in-law, Charles Le Quesne, draper and shipowner of St Helier. It would seem that the capital invested in the ill-timed shipbuilding venture may have caused the near demise of Asplet`s mercantile career. Ship broking is listed by John Jean (qv) as another of George Asplet`s activities. He was also a coal merchant. John Jean, in Jersey Sailing Ships (Chichester: Phillimore, 1982) even includes in the list omnibus owner. These were large, flat-bedded, horse-drawn carts, first used in 1826, in which were arranged lines of benches for the benefit of those wishing to view castles, shipyards and other features not normally seen. Asplet`s name disappears from shipping lists in 1864 but returns between 1865 and 1870, as the owner of the 102-ton schooner Vivid, which was perhaps named after the earlier vessel of this name. Asplet`s date of death is not yet known but his wife Margaret, and daughter Elizabeth, were staying in 1871 at St Etienne, in St Martin, with Gaudin 1st cousins, these being related to her, rather than to her husband, through her family. She was described as "Cousin, Merchant`s wife" showing that George was still living. Many of the family are absent from Jersey records after this census, suggesting they may have been living in, or occupied, in Canada
  10. Of Mont a L`Abbe House, Cultivator
  11. Elizabeth was, in 1891, living with her maternal relatives, Le Quesne and Gaudin at Ivy Gate, St John. She was unmarried. In 1901, she was living at 22, Midvale Road, St Helier, with her married sister, Louisa Le Bas, aged 50. Both gave Gorey as their place of birth
  12. Probably the "George P. Asplet" whose wall-mounted memorial states that he died on the 6th January 1882 at Sea, aged (30?), and is buried in St Paul`s Anglican Churchyard, Bonavista-Trinity Census Division, Newfoundland
  13. Charles was perhaps the Seaman of this name who was shown as living in St Helier in the 1841 census
  14. Francoise`s godfather was Charles Asplet whose position within the family is not yet known
  15. Master Mariner. The wedding was witnessed by Jean Asplet and George Asplet, being the celebrated merchant, above
  16. Seaman. He was, in fact, a Master Mariner. J. Jean in Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co. 1982), 159, writes that he "died on voyage to the South China Sea, c. 1850s"
  17. Merchant
  18. Godparents: George Asplet and Elizabeth Jennes, his wife, whose name has been mistakenly written in the register as “Jeune”
  19. Master mariner, shipowner, chandler and postmaster
  20. Sea Captain, aged 37
  21. Centenier of St Martin, 1828-1832; Gorey merchant in the oyster trade owning, in 1825-1831- the cutters Commerce (60 tons), King Fisher (34 tons) and, named after he and his wife, George and Elizabeth (14 tons). "George Asplet, Centenier de cette paroisse" was buried "agé de 52 ans" on 2nd November 1832
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