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Descendants of Jean Gibaut

A revision of Descendants of Jean Gibaut was undertaken in November 2014. More detail has been added to this revised tree, but some names which are absent from St Lawrence church records have been removed. Details at the top and foot of the page, prior to the marriage in 1662 of Philippe Gibaut and Judith Le Goupil, which generations predate the parish`s earliest surviving church records, contain many inaccuracies in transcription and are of little value. These generations have been revised to conform to the research of the J A Messervy, and further amended by Guy Dixon in 2020, for which, see Descendants of Pierre Gibaut

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  • 1 Jean Gybault m Marguerite Sarre, daughter of Simon and Catherine Larbalestier
    • 2 Edouard Gibaut (1530 -)
    • 2 Louis Gybault (1534- )
      • 3 Nicholas Gybault (1556- )
        • 4 Abraham Gybault (1580?-1661) m Elizabeth Bisson [1]
          • 5 Nicholas Gybault ( -by 1680) m Mary Laurens ( -1680)
            • 6 Nicholas Gybault m (1687) Elizabeth Laurens
              • 7 Marie Gibaut (1688- )
              • 7 Elizabeth Gibaut (1690- )
              • 7 Catherine Gibaut (1696- )
              • 7 Nicholas Gibaut (1698-1750) [2]
              • 7 Elie Gibaut, h of Nicolas (descendants at Les Vaux) (St L)
            • 6 Jane Gybault
            • 6 Catherine Gybault
          • 5 Philippe Gybault ( -1690) (St L) m (1662, St L) Judith Le Goupil
            • 6 Philippe Gibaut (1664-1668)
            • 6 Thomas Gibaut (1669- )
            • 6 Jean Gibaut (1674-1689?)
            • 6 Abraham Gibaut (1677-1678)
            • 6 Abraham Gibaut (1680-1681)
            • 6 Nicolas Gibaut (1682-1683) [3]
            • 6 Moyse Gybault (1684-1720?) m (1704, St L) Elizabeth Payn
              • 7 Moyse Gibault (1706-by 1784) m (1732, St L) Marie Le Cerf ( -1784) [4] daughter and heir of Philip (St O)
                • 8 Moyse Gibaut (1732-1796) m (1759, St L) Ann Payn ( -1776) [5]
                  • 9 Philip Gibaut (1764-1842) m (1794) Elizabeth Dean, daughter and principal heir of John [6] and Elizabeth Messervy
                    • 10 Elizabeth Gibaut (1795- ) no issue
                    • 10 Anne Gibaut (1797-1874) m (1820, St H) Jean Godfray (1797- )
                    • 10 Marie Gibaut (1799-1845) m (1820, St L) Edward Gibaut (1799-1879) of Broadfields (St L) [7]
                      • 11 Edward Gibaut (1821-1877) [8] m (1860, St L) Ann Charlotte Le Vavasseur dit Durell daughter of James (St H) [9] and Elizabeth Mary Pinel (Tr)
                        • 12 Ann Charlotte Gibaut (1861-1938) [10]
                        • 12 Mary Caroline Gibaut (1862-1938)
                        • 12 Amelia Eliza Gibaut (1864-1940)
                        • 12 Edward Durell Gibaut (1865-1910) unmarried
                        • 12 Charles Pinel Gibaut (1867-1916) [11] m Augustine Marie Le Gros (Fr)
                          • 13 Charles George Gibaut (1896-1955) [12] m (1926, St L) Lilian Florence Luce daughter of Francis Edward, of High Cliff, (St J)
                            • 14 Ann Lilian Gibaut (1927- ) m (1954) Jeffray Bissell-Thomas
                            • 14 Peter Charles Durell Gibaut (1929- ) [13]
                      • 11 Philippe Gibaut (1823-1872) [14] m 1 (1849, St L) Caroline Bertaut (1829-1853) [15] d of Philippe; 2 (1863, St L) Marie Langlois (1826- ) daughter of François
                      • 11 Moses Gibaut (1827-1835)
                    • 10 Philippe Gibaut (1800-by 1808)
                    • 10 Esther Gibaut (1804- )
                    • 10 Jeanne Gibaut (1806- )
                    • 10 Philippe Gibaut (1808-1833?) m (1831) Elizabeth Langlois ( -1876)
                    • 10 Moise Gibaut (1810-1891) [16] m 1 (1845) Mary Elizabeth de la Taste, daughter of Mellish ( -1853); 2 (1857, St L) Henrietta Wallop ( -1860) d of William; 3 (1870, St L) Anne Elizabeth de Ste Croix (1829-1873); 4 (1875, St S) Georgina Elizabeth Poingdestre [17]
                  • 9 Moyse Gibaut (1766- ) [18] m (1794, St J) Ann Poingdestre, daughter and co-heir of Philip of Les Prairies (St J)
                    • 10 Philip Gibaut (1797-1886) [19] m Elizabeth Gruchy daughter of Jean and Betty Le Gros
                      • 11 Elizabeth Gibaut (1825- ) m (1844, St J) John Le Gallais
                    • 10 Moyse Gibaut (1798- ) [20] m Elizabeth Perchard, daughter of John, of Les Augrès (Tr)
                      • 11 John Gibaut (1826-1887) Advocate [21] m [22] (1852, St B) Elizabeth Marie Slous (1836- )
                      • 11 Ann Gibaut (1828- ) m E C Jeaffreson
                      • 11 Philip Gibaut (1830-1910) [23] m (1874, Essex) Maria Heywood daughter of William Arthur
                      • 11 Walter Moses Gibaut (1831-1905, Eng.) MRCS [24] m (1864, Islington) Emily Owthwaite (1839- ) daughter of John
                        • 12 Margaret Elizabeth Gibaut ( -1933) m Henry Chambers ( -1934)
                      • 11 James Gibaut (1833-1882) [25] unmarried
                      • 11 Alfred Gibaut (1836-1857) [26]
                      • 11 Ellen Gibaut (1838- ) m (1860, St S) Frederick Steriker s of Walter, of London
                      • 11 Clifford Gabourel Gibaut (1841-1921) [27] m (1886, Devon) Julia Edith Love daughter of Philip, of Stokenham, Devon (no issue) [28]
                    • 10 Ann Gibaut (1804- ) m John Orange
                    • 10 Henriette Gibaut (1810-1848) m 1834 Thomas Falla (1811-1892)
                • 8 Nicholas Gibaut (1734- ) living 1766
        • 4 Elias Gybault ( -1666)
      • 3 Louis Gybault (1538- )
        • 4 Philippe Gybault m (1632, St B) Catherine Le Goupil
          • 5 Louis Gybault
            • 6 Philippe Gybault
            • 6 Mary Gybault
          • 5 Philippe Gybault
          • 5 Margaret Gybault
    • 2 Marie Gibaut (1536- )

Notes and references

  1. The marriage is believed to be from contracts. Note, that a marriage at this date will be earlier than the parish`s first surviving register
  2. Nicolas`s Will, dated and proved in 1750, bears no evidence of his having married or had issue. His residual legatee was his eldest surviving brother, Elie
  3. "Nicolas Gibaut, son of Philippe, son of Abraham" buried
  4. The initials that puzzled Joan Stevens, engraved upon the old cottage behind Mainland were, she believed, "MLG". They were almost certainly "MLC" for Marie Le Cerf, with the date 1749: Stevens, Old Jersey Houses,Volume 11, 152
  5. Moise Gibaut and Anne Payn left their initials and date on the old house behind Mainland: "MGB AP 1762": Source as above
  6. John (originally Jean) Dean was a most successful Jersey merchant and shipowner, whose money is credited with the building of the Georgian house called Mainland, (now demolished), in Rue de Haut, St Lawrence. Note: It has often been assumed that Philippe or his son, Moses, engaged in the Newfoundland or Gaspé fisheries, to enable construction of such an elegant and substantial house. That was not the case, as it was Philippe`s wife, Elizabeth Dean, whose family had been so engaged, since at least 1717, as both merchants and masters. Philippe Gibaut and his wife Elizabeth Dean left their initials and date on their first house, that behind Mainland, "PGB ED 1802": Source as above
  7. A genealogy at the Lord Coutanche Library, Société Jersiaise, shows Edward as the son of Edouard Gibaut and Elizabeth Mauger. The mother was really Marie Mauger, Elizabeth's niece. Both women having married an Edouard Gibaut may have given rise to an error in transcription. Edward's sister, Elizabeth Gibaut, married Francis Voisin. Edward married secondly, at St Lawrence in 1853, Jane Coutanche, Widow, daughter of John, of the same parish
  8. Of Broadfields, Tourgis Nord, St Lawrence, Constable of that parish, 1875-1877
  9. The Armorial of Jersey, 156 and 319 (Pinel) describe him as "James Le Vavasseur dit Durell, RN" This denotes a junior officer below the rank of Lieutenant, namely a Midshipman. That he went on to become, after the peace of 1812, a Master Mariner is far from unusual. He was Master of the Jersey cutter Jubilee from 1813, owned in part by his family, his father having been a Master and latterly a merchant: J Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, 96, 117, 139
  10. Ann Charlotte Gibaut and her sisters latterly lived together at 2 Romney Villas, St Aubin`s Road, St Helier
  11. Apprenticed 30 November 1883 until 1887 to the Australasian Shipping Company, afterwards 2nd Mate (1891), then Landed Proprietor
  12. Of Maison Charles, Bel Royal, Jersey
  13. Lt-Commander, RN (1959), retiring to Maison Charles, his father`s property
  14. Died without issue
  15. Marriage witnessed by Moses Gibaut and Edward Gibaut
  16. Of Mainland, St Lawrence, Deputy for that parish and Major, RJM. Joan Stevens, in the above work, writes that "in origin Mainland was a large and prosperous farm, noted for its apple orchards, and in 1856 when the Société Centrale d`Agriculture de la Seine Inférieure de Rouen visited Jersey, they reported that the best managed orchards and heaviest crops were found at Mainland, farmed by Mr Moise Gibaut." The St Lawrence Census (1881) describes the farm at Mainland as consisting of 62 acres, being about 155 vergées, which ranks it as one of the Island`s largest estates. The grand 1850 Georgian-style house looked out over St Aubin`s Bay, surrounded by its own land, which extended from La Rue de la Blanche Pierre to the sea-front at Bel Royal. Joan Stevens, though, remarked that Moise "was almost ruined by the failure of the Mercantile Bank in 1873", which seems also to have seriously affected his relatives at Oaklands and Broadfields
  17. Despite the youthful age of his fourth and last wife, twenty-four years old at the time of marriage, Moses Gibaut, whose portrait survives, died childless
  18. Constable of St John, 1803-10, 1811-1814, where he had settled, on his wife's property
  19. Of Les Prairies, St John. He was Constable of St John
  20. Of Oaklands, Colonel RJM; Landowner, Solicitor and Banker (Gibaut and Orange). Colonel Gibaut was living in 1881 with his son John and daughter-in-law
  21. Constable of St Helier, 1861-1864; Judge of La Cour Correctionale, Jersey, (Magistrate)
  22. The marriage of John Gibaut to Blanche Dustan, previously shown on this page, was that of a different branch of the family: see Descendants of Pierre Gibaut
  23. Lieutenant-Colonel, late of 73rd Regiment, of Bon Air, St Saviour. Colonel Gibaut`s Will, (1910) mentioned two nieces and a nephew. He seems to have had no issue of his own
  24. Surgeon, formerly Assistant-Surgeon, HM 17th Regiment, of Oaklands Lodge
  25. Solicitor; Captain and Adjutant, RJM
  26. Lieutenant, 74th Regiment; killed during the Seige of Lucknow, (India) 1857, unmarried
  27. Major, 20th Regiment; latterly of Clarence Terrace, St Helier
  28. 1911 Census, St Helier
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