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Descendants of Jean Le Maistre


One of three trees added by Guy Dixon to assist in disentangling 16th and 17th century Le Maistre families in St Peter. It also corrects the genealogy of the Le Maistre family featured in Payne's Armorial of Jersey with regard to the St Jean, La Hougue Boëte, branch

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  • 1 Jean Le Maistre (c.1530- ) (St P) [1]
    • 2 Nicolas Le Maistre (1560?-by 1637) (St P) [2] m (1587, St B) Perrine Bisson ( -1637) yngr. d. and co-h. of Guillaume Bisson (La Moye) [3]
      • 3 Jean Le Maistre (c.1590- ) (St P) liv. 1646 [4] m (1624, St B) Madeleine Guillaume d. of Jacques (St B)
        • 4 Judith Le Maistre (1625?- ) (St P) m (1642, St P) Jean Pipon (St My) [5]
        • 4 Jacques Le Maistre (1627- ) (St P) [6]
        • 4 Jean Le Maistre (1629-by 1691) (St P) [7] m (1658, St P) Susanne Pipon, d. and heiress of Jean (L`Aleval, St P) [8]
          • 5 Susanne Le Maistre (c.1660-1708) (St P) [9] m (1684, St P) Philippe Anley ( -1729) (St P) [10]
          • 5 Madeleine Le Maistre (1663- ) (St P) liv. 1691
          • 5 Jean Le Maistre (1665- ) (St P) [11] liv. 1703 m (1692, St L) Anne de Carteret [12] d. and eventual heiress of Abraham [13]
            • 6 Jean Le Maistre ( -1733?) no issue
            • 6 Edouard Le Maistre ( -1737) [14] m Marie de Rue ( -1774) d. and principal heiress of Jean (St My) and Esther Pipon
              • 7 Edouard Le Maistre ( -1815) [15] m (1745, St H) Florence Patriarche ( -1768) d. of Richard [16] (St H)
                • 8 Florence Le Maistre (1746-1809) (St J) m George Syvret [17] son of Thomas [18] (St Mt)
                • 8 Anne Le Maistre (1749- ) (St J) [20] m Thomas Syvret (1750-1790) Revd. [21]
              • 7 Jean Le Maistre, no issue
          • 5 Edouard Le Maistre (1668-1689) (St P), no issue
          • 5 Alice Le Maistre (1671- ) (St P) liv. 1691
        • 4 Philippe Le Maistre (1631-1639) (St P)
        • 4 Madeleine Le Maistre (1632-1712) [22] m (1653) Philippe Dauvergne (Le Coin, St O)[23]
      • 3 Pierre Le Maistre, living 1638 [24]
      • 3 Catherine Le Maistre (c.1600- ) m (1626, St P) Jacques Guillaume (St B)
      • 3 Perrine Le Maistre (c.1608- ) liv. 1664 m (1638, St P) Jean Le Brocq [25]

Notes and references

  1. There were several contemporary Jean Le Maistres, three of them in either St Peter or St Ouen. One was married to Madeleine, see Descendants of Pierre Le Maistre, one married Michelle de Ste Croix, daughter of Thomas, and had an eldest son called Jean; another married Michelle Le Cornu, daughter of Guillaume, and had an eldest son called Nicolas. There is, though, in all likelihood, some generation overlap. Born about 1560, there was Jean Le Maistre of St Peter, who married Michelle Le Brun, Jean of the same parish, who married Marguerite du Heaume (perhaps the same man, in two marriages), and the two brothers Jean senr. and Jean junr., living in 1591 (Cour d`Héritage 5/331, 1591) sons of Philippin Le Maistre, also of St Peter. With time currently at a premium, it has been decided to start this tree with merely “Jean Le Maistre”
  2. Registre Public-hereafter written “R.P.”-1/183 (1604) [translated]: Nicolas Le Maistre, fils Jean, sells to Jean Scelle, fils Germain, 3 Quartiers of annual wheat rente, to be received from ( -- ) Gasnier and Collas Arthur. The sale was probably an adjustment of an inheritance, as Catherine Scelle or Seale, sister of Pierre, was the grandmother of Perrine Bisson. In 1610, Nicolas Le Maistre and Perrine [Bisson] his wife were parties to a transaction involving, on this occasion, Thomas Scelle: R.P. 3/80
  3. Constable of St Brelade, 1555-1566
  4. R.P. 11/350 (1638) [translated]: Jean Le Maistre, eldest son and principal heir of his mother, following her death, the previous year
  5. Seigneur de Ganoire; Constable of St Mary, 1666-1671
  6. No doubt named after his grandfather, Jacques Guillaume. There was another St Peter family, the “Descendants of Michel Le Maistre”, (forthcoming), who used this Christian name
  7. Constable of St Peter, 1686-1689, having been one of his parish`s Sermentés for the Extente of 1668. The Revd. J. A. Messervy, the eminent Jersey genealogist, in his list of Constables (Mayors) of St Peter, in ABSJ, VI, 21, states, interestingly [translated]: “Jean Le Maistre features in the Armorial, page 224, as descended from Sylvestre Le Maistre, of La Chasse, St Ouen. This is a mistake: in reality Jean Le Maistre, Constable of St Peter, was son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Nicolas, and belonged to a branch [of the Le Maistre family] long-established in St Peter”. Messervy may, himself, have been mistaken on one issue. If Jean Le Maistre (1629-by 1691) was Constable, then he was merely “son of Jean, son of Nicolas.” If his son Jean (1665-1691), had been Constable, commencing at the age of twenty-one then he would indeed have been “son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Nicolas”. The salient points here are that Messervy spotted the error in the Armorial of Jersey and supplied the names, to support his assertion, of four generations of this Le Maistre family, back to Nicolas (gen. 2), who was son of Jean. This current research has confirmed it
  8. Jurat and Lieutenant-Bailiff
  9. The Will of Susanne Le Maistre, wife of Philippe Anley, was dated 15/10/1703. Legatees included her sisters Madeleine and Alice Le Maistre, and her brother Jean Le Maistre, gent. The current location of this Will, read and noted more than twenty years ago by this writer, is uncertain. It does not feature among those indexed and listed online by the Jersey Archive
  10. ”Mons. Philippe Anley, Marchand, de Jersey” was a former Constable of St Peter. His Will, dated 28th June 1728 and proved in 1729, made provision, in requesting he receive his share of the inheritance, for his son Edouard , should he return to Jersey, “ce que je ne croys pas”. He never did. He was presumably named after his maternal uncle, Edouard Le Maistre: D/Y/A/6/28, at the Jersey Archive
  11. Of L`Aleval, St Peter. Jean Le Maistre gent. left a Will dated 1691, now apparently either mislaid or unindexed. He describes himself as “eldest son and principal heir of the late Mr Jean Le Maistre, son of Jean”. He provided legacies for his sisters Madeleine, Suzanne and Alice. Mention is made of their great-uncle, the late Pierre Le Maistre
  12. Heiress in 1723, on the death of her brother, Jurat Edouard de Carteret, of the Fiefs de St Jean, La Hougue Boëte and Chesnel
  13. Seigneur de St Jean, La Hougue Boëte
  14. Seigneur de St Jean, La Hougue Boëte
  15. Seigneur, as above; Jurat, 1764-1815, during 51 years; Juge-Délégué
  16. Merchant and Shipowner
  17. Constable of St John, 1781-1784
  18. Constable of St Martin, 1752-1756
  19. Dame de St Jean, La Hougue Boëte, on the death of her maternal grandfather, Jurat Edouard Le Maistre, in 1815
  20. Godmothers: Dlles Madeleine and Anne Le Maistre
  21. Rector of St John, 1779-1790. His elder brother, George Syvret, was Constable of St John and married the elder daughter of Jurat Edouard Le Maistre: ABSJ, VIII, 13
  22. This marriage was wrongly ascribed to the La Chasse branch of Le Maistre, in the Armorial of Jersey, 224. Messervy also spotted this: see ABSJ, VI, 67
  23. Constable of St Ouen, 1665-1671; 1682-1687
  24. R.P.11/350
  25. Of La Commune, St Peter
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