Descendants of Matthieu de Gruchy

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Descendants of Matthieu de Gruchy


This tree was added in 2010 and has been comprehensively reviewed on a number of occasions since by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes

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  • 1 Matthieu de Gruchy (1789-1866) [1] m 1 (1811, St S) Françoise Le Cappelain (1792-1872) d of Jean, of St Helier
    • 2 Matthieu de Gruchy (1814-1851) [2] m (1847, St H) Jane Eliza Le Capelain [3] d of François of St Helier and Jeanne Cabot
      • 3 William de Gruchy (1850-1937) [4]
    • 2 Mary de Gruchy (1817- ) m (1843, St H) Daniel Norman [5]
  • 2nd wife of Matthieu de Gruchy (1826, London) Hannah Bateman
    • 2 Henry George de Gruchy (1827-1882) [6] m (1850, Eng) Sara Ann Reid daughter of George, currier
      • 3 Sara Ann de Gruchy (1854- ) m (1877, Aus) William Albert Stokes
      • 3 Louisa Amelia de Gruchy (1856-1940) m (1894, Aus) James Collins Amos [7]
      • 3 Helena De Gruchy (1858- ) m (1879, Aus) Arthur John Virtue of Victoria, Australia
      • 3 Emily de Gruchy (1860- ) m (1888, Aus) Edward Clarke
      • 3 Henrietta de Gruchy (1862- ) m (1883, Aus) Herbert Howlett Vale [8]
      • 3 Gertrude de Gruchy (1863?- ) m Unknown Robinson
      • 3 Georgina de Gruchy (1865-67)
      • 3 Henry William de Gruchy (1871-1947) [9] m (1897, Aus) Mary Ann Jane Redding
        • 4 Olga Elmire de Gruchy (1898-1988) m (1926, Aus) Ormond Meadows Neale, [10]
        • 4 Esmée Mavis de Gruchy (1901- ) m Bernard William Godly
    • 2 Edmund de Gruchy (1828- ) [11]
    • 2 Amelia Bateman de Gruchy (1831- ) m Unknown Woolley
    • 2 James Edward de Gruchy (1834- ) [12] m 1 (1856, London) Emma Alexander daughter of Joseph, of South Norwood Park, Surrey [13] m 2 Jessie Remington
      • 3 James Edward de Gruchy (1866-1938) [14] m (1900, London) Edith Florence Maddox daughter of Charles Bowen of Henley Court, Herefordshire
        • 4 Azrle Edith de Gruchy (1901- ) m John Braya Callander [15]
        • 4 Charles Edward Maddox de Gruchy (1905- ) [16]
        • 4 John Graham de Gruchy (1911-1911)
    • 2 Elizabeth Ann de Gruchy (1837- ) m Harry Pulford [17]
    • 2 William Bateman de Gruchy (1839- ) [18] m (1873, Aus) Emma Thornton Read daughter of Samuel Read and Maria Thornton
      • 3 Henry George de Gruchy (1874?- ) [19] m (1923, Victoria, Aus) Myrtle Florence Roberts
      • 3 Alice May de Gruchy (1876-1954) m (1911, Sydney) Charles Alexander Skinner [20]
        • 4 Claire Frances Skinner m (1945, Vic) Grant Stanley Featherston
      • 3 Edgar Theodore de Gruchy [21] m (Aus) Ethel Laura Stubbs
        • 4 Winifred de Gruchy (1921- ) m 1 Bruce Watson; m 2 Virgilio Bassifer
        • 4 Roger Henry Gilmour de Gruchy (1925-1990) [22] m unknown (Three sons and descendants in Australia)
      • 3 William Arthur de Gruchy (1877-1937) [23] m Mary Alice Thomas of Oldham
        • 4 Rudolph Thornton de Gruchy (1905-1999) [24] m (1940, Surrey, Eng) Rosemary Crilley
          • 5 Peter de Gruchy
          • 5 Janet de Gruchy m John Nash, [25]
        • 4 William James Bassett de Gruchy (1909-1997) [26] m (1937, Lancs) Dorothy Hall of Stalybridge, Cheshire (Four daughters, living)
        • 4 Mary de Gruchy [27] m Vernon Ravenscroft
      • 3 Clara Winifred de Gruchy of Melbourne, Australia m 1 (Aus) Barnes Frank Gladman; 2 (Aus) Martin Rothery

Notes and references

  1. Vingtenier du Douet, St Peter. Matthieu was the brother of Abraham, one of Jersey's most successful businessmen. A banker, builder and timber dealer, he became bankrupt, abandoned his wife and two children and fled the Island. In London, he reinvented himself as a bachelor, married again (bigamously), and had a family there and in Australia, with descendants living there to this day
  2. Master mariner, wrecked on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua 1851, murdered near Pueblo Nuevo by bandits, on crossing overland to the Caribbean
  3. 1st cousin of the artist, John Le Capelain
  4. Settled 1869 farming in Stafford County, Virginia, USA, with his mother and step-father, Captain George Desreaux. Died at Mount Holly, Virginia, unmarried
  5. His second marriage
  6. Settled in Melbourne, Australia; lithographer and printer, (1862-73), De Gruchy, Leigh and Stephen of Melbourne, then in banking: Manager (1879) of Land Credit Bank of Australasia
  7. Descendants, graziers in Tasmania
  8. Reverend
  9. Chemist and dentist of Melbourne
  10. Civil engineer; Lieutenant, Royal Australian Engineers (1914-18)
  11. Probably died young
  12. Of Stoke Newington, agent or factor in London
  13. Wine merchant
  14. Of Forest Hill, Kent, printer and publisher, as De Gruchy and Company
  15. C Eng, at one time of Brazil
  16. Of Brockley, Kent, MRCS, LRCP. De Gruchy served in WW2; Captain, RAMC
  17. Of Winnipeg, Canada (descendants in Canada)
  18. Settled in Melbourne, Australia, naming his home in Caulfield, St Helier; Broker
  19. LLM. He lived in Melbourne and was admitted to practise Law in 1903. In 1927 and 1935, his offices were at 100 and 104, Queen Street, Melbourne. He was a solicitor, notary and commissioner for oaths: Law Journals, directories
  20. Surveying cartographer
  21. Of Melbourne
  22. Of Melbourne, radiographer and photographer; served in Australian forces, WW2
  23. Attended Melbourne University; Member, Victorian Institute of Engineers, (Aus); Chief Mechanical Draughtsman, Melbourne Harbour Trust (1911). He came to the UK in 1914 and was subsequently a Captain, RAOC, (1914-18). He lived in Camberwell, Surrey, having started his own business as a sheet metal manufacturer
  24. Educated at Oundle; BSc (Lond.); gas engineer
  25. PhD (Oxon), MRCPath, senior lecturer, University of Liverpool Department of Pathology
  26. Educated at Oundle; MRCS, LRCP, BChir (Cantab), of Church Enstone, Oxfordshire
  27. Adopted
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