Descendants of Michel Poingdestre

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Descendants of Michel Poingdestre


This tree was researched and added in 2021 by Guy Dixon, who has since then further added to it

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  • 1 Michel Poingdestre (1652-1743) (St H) [1] m (1684?) [2] Marguerite Chevalier (1662-1746), daughter of Jean (St H) and Marguerite Godfray
    • 2 Jean Poingdestre (1686- ) [3] (St H) m (1726, St B) Jeanne Giffard (Tr)
      • 3 Jean Poingdestre (1728-1832) (Tr)
      • 3 Jeanne Poingdestre (1732- ) (Tr) [4]
      • 3 Jean Poingdestre (1735-1822?) (St H) [5] m (1767, St H) Magdaleine Lempriere (1732- ) daughter of Jean (St H) and Rachel Alexandre
        • 4 Jean Poingdestre (3/1774-1838) [6] (St H) m Margaret Harris Le Lievre (Gsy)
          • 5 Eliza Madeleine Poingdestre (1805-1883) unmarried
          • 5 Caroline Harris Poingdestre (1808-1887) m (1826, St H) John Matthews Poingdestre (1801-1835)
          • 5 Lyndon Philip Poingdestre (1809-1861, NSW) [7] m (1834, St H) Mary Eleanor Agnew ( -1880, Sydney, NSW) [8] d of James, Esq. [9]
            • 6 Mary Poingdestre (1835- ) [10]
            • 6 Sophia Poingdestre (1836- ) [11]
            • 6 Alice Agnew Poingdestre (1838-1838)
            • 6 Lyndon John Agnew Poingdestre (1840-1924, Brisbane) m (1897, Queensland) Grace Dickie (Aus.)
            • 6 Alfred Nelson Poingdestre (1842- )
            • 6 Gerald Poingdestre (1844-1846)
            • 6 Edmund Irwin Poingdestre (1845-1845)
            • 6 Herbert Poingdestre (1845-1845) twin
            • 6 James Agnew Poingdestre (1847- )
            • 6 Laura Bowes Poingdestre
          • 5 Charles Thomas Poingdestre (1811-10/1885) [12] m (1853, St S) Frances Maria Le Geyt (1825-1899) daughter of George [13] (St H) and Rose Mary Heath (Ire.)
            • 6 Walter Frederick Poingdestre (1857- ) [14]
            • 6 Alfred Poingdestre (1/1860-1915) (Fr) [15] m Eva J. ( -- ) (1863-1943) [16]
              • 7 Charles Le Geyt Poingdestre (1890-1944) [17]
              • 7 Thomas Heath Poingdestre (1896-1971, Brighton) [18] m (1926, St Geo. Han. Sq.) Lucy Mary Barnes, Widow, née Higgs (1896-1985)
                • 8 Brian J. Poingdestre (1928- ) m (1952, Hove, Sx.) Barbara Porter
              • 7 Denys Poingdestre (1901-1954) [19]
              • 7 Veronica Le Geyt Poingdestre (1905- ) [20]
          • 5 Elvina Le Lievre Poingdestre (1815-1838)
          • 5 William John Poingdestre (1816-1817)
          • 5 John George Poingdestre (1817-1860) [21] m (1856, St John`s Wood) Harriett Eliza Houghton daughter of Michael [22]
            • 6 Herbert Allen Poingdestre (1858-1907) [23] m (1880, Totnes, Devon) Edith Moore ( -1923)
              • 7 Philip Poingdestre (1884- ) Tea Planter, India [24]
              • 7 Olive Poingdestre (1885-1955, Bedford)
              • 7 Mabel Winifred Poingdestre (1892-1974) (U.K.) [25]
              • 7 Alice Poingdestre (1894- )
              • 7 Grace Lyndon Poingdestre (1896-1951) m (1927, Surrey) Ernest Henry Milson s of Richard Henry [26]
            • 6 Katherine Grace Poingdestre (1860-1944) m (1888, Kens.) Ernest Richard Wood s of John Richard [27]
          • 5 Emma Marguerite Poingdestre (1820-1879) unmarried
          • 5 Ellen Emily Poingdestre (1821- ) unmarried
      • 3 Charles Poingdestre (10/1741-1815) (St H) [28] (St H)
      • 3 Jeanne Poingdestre m (1775, St H) Benjamin Bisson (Tr)
    • 2 Michel Poingdestre (1687-1728) (St H) m (1727, St H) Marie Bisson (Tr) [29]
      • 3 Michel Poingdestre (1728- ) (St H) Liv. 1743
    • 2 Philippe Poingdestre (1693- ) (St H) [30]
    • 2 Marguerite Poingdestre (1696- ) (St H)
    • 2 Elie Poingdestre (1699- ) (St H) [31]
    • 2 Pierre Poingdestre (1702- ) (St H) [32]

Notes and references

  1. Of Mont au Prêtre, St Helier. He was buried in 1743 as "Mr Michel Poingdestre senr."
  2. Marriage not found, but the church record of the baptism of their firstborn son Jean Poingdestre, in 1686, names his grandparents, Jean Chevalier and Marguerite Godfray, who were also the infant`s godparents
  3. Jean Poingdestre snr. of Mont au Prêtre. His godparents were his maternal grandparents, as mentioned above
  4. Godparents: Jean Le Boutillier and Marguerite Poingdestre
  5. Advocate (1777-1789). Jean was baptized as "Jean fils Me Jean Poingdestre, fils Michel, et de Mse Jeanne Giffard, sa femme" Messervy, in ABSJ, IX, 157, rightly describes Jean, in his list of Avocats de la Cour Royale, as being "Jean Poingdestre junr du Mont au Prêtre", yet mistakenly calls him the nephew of Advocate Charles Poingdestre. Jean resigned in 1789 from being one of the Island`s six advocates, but was alive in 1815, when his brother Charles made his Will. His burial was probably that of "Mons. Jean Poingdestre" of St Helier, recorded there in 1822
  6. Advocate (1802-1838). His godparents were "Mons. Charles Poingdestre, l`un des Avocats de la Cour Royale, Oncle, et Mse Rachel Alexandre, femme de Mr Jean Lempriere"
  7. Gentleman; of Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, prior to emigrating
  8. The Sydney Mail, 13th March 1880, in their "Deaths" column, mentions that Mrs Poingdestre was "cousin of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart., of Lucknaw Castle, Scotland
  9. Major H.M. 48th Regiment of Foot
  10. Born out of the Island of Jersey: 1841 Census, St Clement, Jersey
  11. Born in Foreign Parts: op.cit.
  12. Described both as Merchant and Gentleman; latterly of 3, Romney Place, Millbrook: National Probate Calendar. He died aged 74
  13. Vice-Admiral, RN
  14. OV; Living in London in 1891, with his widowed mother; Bank Clerk
  15. OV. Born in Dinan, France: 1881 St Helier Census; 2nd Lieutenant, RJM, with effect from 1880. Transferred to Regular Army: 2nd Lieutenant, South Staffordshire Regiment (1882), serving in the Egypt Expedition, of that year; transferred to the Indian Infantry, 1885; Lieutenant (1892); transferred to Indian Staff Corps; Major (1902); Lieutenant-Colonel (1912). Commanded the 44th Merwara Regiment. Returning to Jersey, he commanded the 2nd Battalion, RJM. Died on active service, WWI, 11/02/1915: Victoria College Register, 1852-1929, (Jersey: J.T. Bigwood Ltd), 81, among other sources, including Army Lists
  16. National Probate Calendar, 1943: She died at 23, Tamworth Road, Hove, Sussex. Her exact date of birth is given in the 1939 England and Wales Register, which features also her son, the "West African Trader", Denys Poingdestre, with whom she lived
  17. Captain, 2/11th Gurkha Rifles. He had gone into London banking, on leaving school, and was so described in 1911, when he was living there with his mother and three siblings: 1911 U.K. Census. He joined the Army when the Great War broke out, was commissioned, and served with the Gurkha Rifles, remaining with his regiment after the war, travelling to and from Bombay, India. He died in Northampton in 1944
  18. OV., born in Rajputana, India. Educated St Paul`s, London, then at Victoria College, Jersey, which he left in 1913. Entered Sandhurst and was commissioned in the Regular Army (Royal Munster Fusiliers). Captain, Royal Munster Rifles, WWI; served in Gallipoli; was twice wounded: op.cit., 198; 1911 U.K. Census. Thomas Heath Poingdestre retired in the rank of Major: National Probate Calendar 1944, at the time of the death of his elder brother`
  19. OV. Born in Rajputana, India; was at St Paul`s Preparatory School in 1911, then attended Victoria College, Jersey. He left Victoria College in 1918 and entered the Army: op.cit, 198. He was a 2nd Lieutenant, 1922. By 1927, he was a Trader between Accra, Ghana, and London, arriving in the latter port on the 2/1/1927 aboard the British and African Steam Navigation Company`s ship Appam
  20. Born in Sirdenpur, Central India
  21. National Probate Calendar: "John George Poingdestre, late of the Isle of Jersey, Merchant, died 21 April 1860, St John`s Wood, probate to Harriett Eliza Poingdestre, Widow, relict and sole executrix". His marriage entry (1856) names his father as John Poingdestre, Barrister. After John George`s premature death, his widow married in 1870, at Hampstead, Thomas Eales Rogers, Gentleman. They lived in Devon, where he died in 1873
  22. Captain, HEICS
  23. Born in Brazil, Herbert Poingdestre and his Yorkshire-born wife lived many years in the United States, where their children were born: Olive, in Texas and her younger siblings, in Kansas. They returned to England in about 1900, living on their own means, to reside in Bedford, where Herbert died in 1907
  24. Philip Poingdestre sailed between London and Calcutta, en route for the Tea plantations, probably those of Assam
  25. Died at her home, `St Helier`, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, in 1974
  26. Both the bridegroom and his father were Medical Practitioners. The marriage was witnessed by Mabel Winifred Poingdestre, the bride`s sister. Grace died in 1951, in Brighton
  27. The bridegroom and his father were both Solicitors. Ernest and Katherine Wood lived at Melton Hall, Suffolk. They had a large family, one of whom was Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Poingdestre Wood, M.C., Commanding officer, "aged 26," 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment. He was killed in action, in France, 9th October 1916: UK; Commonwealth War Graves, 1914-1921, at
  28. Advocate (1772-1815), Stipulant-Avocat-Général and Stipulant-Procureur-Général. Messervy, op. cit., 156, describes him as "younger son of Jean Poingdestre (son of Michel) of Mont au Prêtre, and cousin of Dr. Charles Poingdestre (son of Pierre), see immediately below. He was a former militia officer, who was present at the Battle of Jersey: ABSJ, XIII, 67. Charles Poingdestre was christened as "Charles fils Mr Jean Poingdestre, fils Michel, et de Mse Jeanne Giffard." One of the Island`s foremost advocates, he numbered the de Carterets, Seigneurs of Trinity, among his clients: L/C/66/B4/43, at the Jersey Archive. His Will, dated 1815 and proved in 1816 [D/Y/A/18/151], mentions his brother Jean, who would inherit his real estate and his nephew, the advocate of the same name, to whom he left all his law books. The remainder was to be divided between this nephew Jean, and the testator`s niece, Jeanne Bisson, wife of Mr Charles Matthews. Matthews and the nephew, Jean Poingdestre, were appointed joint executors of the Will. This mention of the testator`s niece and of her husband is genealogically useful. Their daughter, Mary Matthews, was born on the 7th May 1813 and baptized the same day, in the house of Benjamin Bisson and Susanne Esnouf, who were described as the "Grandfather and Grandmother"-- from the copy of a finding of the Cour Ecclesiastique, dated 3/6/1831. They were, in fact, the grandparents of the infant`s mother. The latter, Advocate Charles Poingdestre`s niece, Jeanne Bisson, was baptized in Trinity in 1777, the daughter of Benjamin Bisson junr. and of Jeanne Poingdestre, his wife. Jeanne Poingdestre`s baptism appears to have been missed, either in the church register or by those digitizing it for, but she features, with Jean Poingdestre her brother, as a godparent in 1763 of Jean, son of Pierre Poingdestre, above
  29. Godparents: Abraham Chevalier and Elizabeth Chevalier, his sister. His father`s burial in 1743 as "Mr Michel Poingdestre senr.", initially suggests that Michel junior was then still living. However, it is far more likely that he was the Michel who married in 1727, at St Helier, Marie Bisson. They had in 1728, a child, Michel, who had his Bisson grandparents as godparents. The father, Michel junr., died in the following year. The child, aged fifteen in 1743 will have been Michel junr. at the time of his grandfather`s death, in 1743
  30. Godparents: Philippe Le Breton and Anne Chevalier, his wife
  31. Godparents: Mr Hugh Lempriere and Marguerite Godfray, the child`s grandmother
  32. Godparents: Jean Alexandre and Jeanne Chevalier
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