Descendants of Philipot Blampied

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Descendants of Philipot Blampied


Blampied of Rondin, Trinity, owners of the property formerly called The States of Jersey Experimental Farm.

This is a transcript of the late genealogist Charles Langton`s Blampied genealogy, at the Société Jersiaise. Extracted from Court and other legal records, it is, as a result, likely to be dependable, but is lacking in dates. Guy Dixon has added certain findings of his own from the Jersey Registre Public (R. P.)

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  • 1 Philipot Blampied (c1470- ) (Tr) [1]
    • 2 Martin Blampied (c1500- ) (Tr) [2] m Catherine ( -- )
      • 3 Michel Blampied (c1525- ) (Tr) m Collette Noel, d of Michel and Catherine (St Mt)
        • 4 Martin Blampied (c1550- ) (Tr) [3] m ?Jeanette Le Masurier
          • 5 Michel Blampied (c1575- ) (Tr) [4] m Marie Cabot
            • 6 Michel Blampied (c1605- ) (Tr) m ?Daughter of Jean Bisson
              • 7 Jean Blampied (c1635- ) (Rondin, Tr) m Elizabeth Machon
                • 8 Elizabeth Blampied m Philippe Giffard
                • 8 Marie Blampied m Philippe Hamon
                • 8 Jeanne Blampied
                • 8 Susanne Blampied m Jean Vaudin
              • 7 Marie Blampied (c1640- ) (Tr)
              • 7 Josue Blampied (1646- ) (Tr)
            • 6 Richard Blampied (c1607-by 1647) (Tr) m Unknown
              • 7 Collette Blampied (1631- ) (Tr)
            • 6 Jean Blampied m [Not given] (descendants in Trinity)
            • 6 Elizabeth Blampied m Richard du Feu
          • 5 Catherine Blampied (Tr) m Jacques Briard dit Janvrin
          • 5 Richard Blampied,liv. 1613 (Tr) [5]
        • 4 Nicolas Blampied, fils Michel [6]
        • 4 Michel Blampied, fils Michel [7]
        • 4 Daughter Blampied m Jacques de la Lande
        • 4 Daughter Blampied m Julien Noel (St Mt)
          • 5 Collas Noel [8]
      • 3 Sire Martin Blampied, priest [9]
      • 3 Daughter Blampied m ( -- ) Vaudin
        • 4 Collas Vaudin (no issue) [10]
      • 3 Collas Blampied (1540?-1602) (Tr) [11] m Marie Unknown
        • 4 Denys Blampied ( -1621) (Tr) [12] liv. Rondin (1613) m Elizabeth Romeril
          • 5 Thomas Blampied (Tr) [13] m Jeanne Noel d of Nicolas (St Mt) [14]
            • 6 Nicolas Blampied (Tr) m Marie Maret
              • 7 Thomas Blampied (1643-1711) (Tr) m Catherine Giffard
                • 8 Denys Blampied (1673-1732) (Tr) [15] m 1 Sara Richardson d of Nicolas and of Sara du Parcq
                  • 9 Denys Blampied (1711-1768) (Tr) [16] m Marie Falle, sis. of Revd. Philippe [17]
                    • 10 Marie Blampied, d an infant
                    • 10 Susanne Blampied ( -1779) (Tr) (d and h) m (1771) Josue Aubin ( -1822) [18]
                    • 10 Elizabeth Blampied (1737-1826) (Tr) Charles Maret, s of Josue [19]
                • by the 2nd marriage (1726) of Denys Blampied (1673-1732), to Guillemine Coutanche
                  • 9 Josue Blampied (1728- ) (Tr) m (1754) Marthe Nicolle ( -1800)
                    • 10 Elizabeth Blampied (1759-1840) (Tr) [20] m (1782, Tr) Elie Falle (1756-1838) (Maufant > Tr) [21]
                    • 10 Marie Blampied (1764-1765) (Tr)
              • 7 Jean Blampied
              • 7 Aaron Blampied (1645- ) (Tr) m Marie Blampied (descendants in Trinity)
              • 7 Josue Blampied m (1680) Marie Asplet
                • 8 Josue Blampied (1680-1720)
                • 8 Nicolas Blampied
              • 7 Daughter Blampied m Jean Dorey
              • 7 Elizabeth Blampied
              • 7 Genette Blampied
              • 7 Esther Blampied
              • 7 Rachel Blampied m Jean Poingdestre
              • 7 Marie Blampied m 1 Richard Blampied; 2 ( -- ) Nicolle
            • 6 Pauline Blampied (Tr) m (1657) Matthieu Nicolle
            • 6 Elizabeth Blampied (Tr) m (1642, Tr) Jean Le Cornu
          • 5 Sara Blampied (Tr) m Thomas Le Riche
          • 5 Esther Blampied ( -by 1655) (Tr) m Lucas Pallot (Rozel, St Mt)
        • 4 Gilles Blampied (Tr) m Catherine Blampied [22]
        • 4 Katherine Blampied (Tr) m Helier de Gruchy (his 2nd m.) (Tr)
        • 4 Collette Blampied (Tr) m Jean Romeril (St J)
        • 4 Collette Romeril (Tr) m Jean Maret
        • 4 Genette Blampied (Tr) m Jean Giffard
        • 4 Daughter Baudains (Tr) m Germain Hamon
    • 2 Katherine Blampied (Tr) m Jean Vaudin
      • 3 Collette Vaudin m Jean Grault
        • 4 Marguerite Grault m Guille Dolbel [23]

Notes and references

  1. Lived in Rondin, 1523, in the centre of Trinity. He may have had as brother, Louis Blampied, mentioned as living “auprès de L`Eglise”, in Rondin, in 1523 and in 1542. Louis Blampied is known to have had a son, the priest, Sire Thomas Blampied, living 1523: ABSJ, 1, 270: Role du Trésor, Trinity, 1523. Four members of the Blampied family are mentioned, being Louys Blampied, Sire Thomas Blampied, fils Louys, Philipot Blampied, all living in Rondin, and Jean Blampied in Ville à L`Evêque. An Inspeximus (investigation) conducted in 1542, in Trinity, with the aim of putting an end to the differences between Matthieu de Grochy and Denys Guerdain, regarding an inheritance sold by Domyan Vauldyn and his wife [daughter of Jean Poingdestre dit Cosnard] to the grandfather of the said Guerdain, was conducted in Trinity churchyard, before mid-day, near the house of Louys Blampied. The Inspeximus failed in its objective. De Grochy and Guerdain`s case was to eventually go before the Privy Council, and was ongoing in 1610
  2. Proof of his having been the son of Philipot, is given below
  3. Cour d`Héritage (C.H.) 5/265: “Martin Blampied, eldest son of Michel Blampied, the said Michel eldest son of Martin Blampied, the elder, and of Catherine, his wife, being sued by Collas Blampied, son of the said Martin and his wife” [for his share of their inheritance]
  4. Michel Blampied, fils Martin, fils Michel, as forbear of the Giffards, Hamons and Vaudins (generation 8) has been established by Langton: see “Blampied” at La Société Jersiaise
  5. Marked by Langton as a probable son: ABSJ, 1, 368: The household of Martin Blampied (generation 4) of Rondin, in the "List of Communicants of Trinity, 1613", is given as “ Martin Blancpie, Richard Blancpie and Michel and his wife”. Richard appears to have been a son
  6. R.P. 1/22 (1602): “Jean de Ste Croix, fils Thomas, and Jeanne, his wife, daughter of Helier Romeril sold to Nicolas Blampied, fils Michel, a field..”
  7. R.P. 2/300: “Jean de Ste Croix, sold 4 cabots [of wheat] to Michel Blampied, fils Michel”. See also C.H.6/426 (1601)
  8. C.H. 6/426 (1601) Collas Noel claiming against Michel Blampied (generation 5)
  9. C.H. 6/140: “Martin Blampied [generation 4], the eldest, with regard to the inheritance of Martin Blampied the elder, and Katherine, his wife [generation 2], also with regard to the escheat [vacant real estate] of Martin Blampied, Clerk..”. An escheat reverts back to the family of the childless deceased, and the `aine`, or eldest, within the family has responsibility for its division among his co-heirs. This case places Sire Martin as being in the line of descent from Martin the elder and Catherine, his wife, in this instance, their son
  10. C.H. 6/355 (1598)
  11. See C.H. 5/265 (c1589), above
  12. Langton has this note for Denys Blampied`s share in his family`s partage (translated): “(1608) House on the Fief of the Abbesse de Caen, and received 15 vergées of land, by right of seniority/being the eldest.” There is the following `partage` between Denys and his siblings, R. P. 3/294 (1612): “Denys Blampied, eldest son of Nicolas [Collas] Blampied and of Marie, his wife, together with Helier de Gruchy and Katherine, his wife, Jean Romeril and Collette, his wife, Jean Maret and Collette (sic) his wife, Jean Giffard and Genette, his wife, all the said wives being daughters of the said Nicolas [Collas] Blampied and his said wife,... Denys having right as the eldest, and also having right of his younger brother, Gilles Blampied
  13. This being a transcript, the legal sources, from which Langton extracted this genealogy, will henceforth not all be included. Dates feature, only as given in the original
  14. Chef-Sergent, St Martin
  15. Vingtenier of Rondin, 1697
  16. Vingtenier of Rondin, 1734
  17. Rector of St Ouen
  18. Whose descendant was shown on Hugh Godfray`s Map of Jersey (1849), as owning the former Blampied property, now called The States Experimental Farm. Joan Stevens, in Old Jersey Houses, Vol. 1, 218, describes the States Experimental Farm as a former Blampied property, the family being descended from Collas Blampied, fils Martin, [generations 3 and 4], who lived in La Rue d`Asplet, Trinity
  19. Seigneur des Arbres
  20. Heiress of her father
  21. Centenier of Trinity, 1797-1800; Captain, RJM (1781), of which marriage were born the brothers, Richard and Elie Falle, who founded in 1836, the merchant firm, Richard Falle & Co. of Jersey and Little Burin, Newfoundland
  22. Descendants: Blampied of La Chapelle, Trinity
  23. R. P. 2/221 (1607): “Bernabey Vaudin sold to Nicolas Blampied, fils Michel, [fils Martin] a purchase Vaudin had made from Guille Dolbel and from Marguerite, his wife, daughter of Jean Grault and of Collette, his wife, daughter of Jean Vaudin and Katherine, his wife, daughter of Philipot Blampied”. Vaudin was, in fact, selling back to Philipot`s representatives, Blampied assets
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