Descendants of Philippe Winter

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Descendants of Philippe Winter

We do not yet have sufficient information to create a family page for Winter. The members of this family were, by 1792, merchants owning three vessels [1] In 1816, Philippe Winter`s partnership with his relative Philip Nicolle, placed them as Jersey`s largest shipowners [2] This tree was created in 2021 by Guy Dixon

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  • 1 Philippe Winter (1690?-1777) (St B) [3] m 1 (1711, St L) Elizabeth Le Montais [4] (St B);  ?2 (1740, St B) Susanne Le Geyt (1698-1780) [5] d of Jean (St B)
    • 2 Philippe Winter ( -1794) (St B) [6] m (1739, St B) Anne Hamon (1717- ) liv. 1766, d of Jean and Sara Valpy dit Janvrin
      • 3 Philippe Winter (1743-1785) [7] m (1765, St P) Esther Villeneuve d of Jean, and sister of Jean (St B)
        • 4 Philippe Winter (1766-1836) [8] m (1802, St S) Jeanne Lihou (1776-1842) (St PP, Gsy.)
        • 4 Jean Winter (1769-by 1820) [9] m Marie Marett (1770-1820), sister of Philippe, Esq.
          • 5 Marie Winter (1794-1822) [10] unm.
          • 5 Anne Winter (1795-1882) [11] unm.
          • 5 Philippe Winter (1797-1838?) [12]
        • 4 Esther Winter (1773-1849) m (1796, Tr) Philippe Nicolle (1769-1835)
        • 4 Anne Winter (1776-1863) m (1805, St J) Edouard Nicolle (1781-1851)
        • 4 Elizabeth Winter m (1802, St B) Stevanus Blancken (Vriesland, Holland) [13]
      • 3 Anne Winter (1746-1748)
      • 3 Anne Winter (1748- ) m (1770, St B) Nicolas Anthoine [14] (St S)
      • 3 Elizabeth Winter (1751-1752)
      • 3 Elizabeth Winter (1753- ) m (1771, St B) Pierre Jean Villeneuve
      • 3 Jeanne Winter (1757-1795?) [15]
      • 3 Jean Winter ( -1784) (St B) [16] m (1773, St B) Marguerite Jeanne Mollet ( -1813) (St B)

Notes and references

  1. A G Jamieson (ed), A People of the Sea, (London: Methuen & Co., 1986), 315.
  2. ibid 325
  3. Master Mariner
  4. Philippe Winter and Elizabeth Le Montais, his wife, were in 1739 godparents of Elizabeth Winter, daughter of James, son of Edouard, and Elizabeth Messervy, his wife. The child, Elizabeth, married in 1769, at St Brelade, Philippe Le Brun, of that parish. This is one of two links connecting the descendants of Philippe Winter to his contemporary (brother?), James Winter (1702-1786), son of Edouard, son of Edouard (1630?-1704). It is also the last mention of Elizabeth Le Montais, wife of Philippe. If her husband married anew in 1740, then Elizabeth must have died in 1739/40, but her burial has yet to be found
  5. ”Buried as the “veuve Me Philippe Winter”
  6. Master of Industry in 1745 and privateer captain, Charming Nancy, during the Seven Years War, 1757-1763: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co., 1982), 33, 38, 63. This 225 ton barque, armed with 14 guns, was owned by Lemprière and Fiott in 1759, but their one-time captain, Philippe Winter, was by 1778 her owner, owning also, from that year, the 110 ton, American-built brig Endeavour, the 60 ton, French-built brig Revenge and the 100 ton, colonial-built brig Princess, of which his son-in-law, Nicolas Anthoine, was master. From 1780, Capt. Philippe Winter owned Argus, a 68 ton brig and from 1786 the vessel Dauphin. John Jean writes, op.cit., 164, that he lived on the Bulwarks, St Aubin. He was Philippe Winter senior at the time of the death of his son, “Philippe Winter junior” in 1785
  7. Master Mariner. He was buried in 1785 as Philippe Winter junior. He was, at the time of his death, Centenier of St Brelade
  8. Gentleman (1795), which would indicate Militia rank of Ensign or, at his age, a Lieutenancy. His father was, in 1766, described as “Capt. Philippe Winter junior.” His godparents in 1766 were Capt. Philippe Winter and Mse Anne Hamon, his wife, Grandfather and Grandmother. This Philippe Winter was Constable of St Helier,1809-1812
  9. Captain RJM. He was perhaps the Jean Winter, who was in 1819 a Public Notary. His godparents were Captain Jean Villeneuve and Dlle Elizabeth Vincent, [maternal] Uncle and Grandmother
  10. Godparents: Francois Marett Esq., Jurat, and Dlle Jeanne de Carteret Remon, widow of Philippe Marett, Esq.
  11. Godparents: Philippe Winter, Gent., her Uncle, and Dlle Esther Villeneuve, her Grandmother. She died aged 87 years 5 months, and was buried in St Brelade
  12. Godparents: Philippe Marett, Esq., Mons. Philippe Nicolle and Dlle Anne Mauger, wife of the said Philippe Marett, Esq., Uncles and Aunt. Not mentioned in any family Wills, Philip(pe) Winter was the same age as a man of this name buried at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, in 1838; albeit, the surname is common in England
  13. Colonel Blancken, in the Will of Jane Winter, née Lihou, dated 1838, and Etienne Blancken in that of Philippe Winter, dated 1833
  14. Master of Princess, in 1778, owned by Philippe Winter. Their son, Jean Anthoine (1779- ), became a merchant and shipowner in 1825
  15. Jeanne Winter was described, on baptism in 1757, as “daughter of Capt. Philippe Winter junior and Anne Hamon, his wife.” This establishes that her grandfather was also a Master Mariner. Her burial was either that of Dlle Jeanne Winter in 1795 or “Jeanne Winter” in 1807
  16. Tentative placement; christening not found nor yet legal documentation
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