Descendants of Pierre Mallet and Anne Le Pellier

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Descendants of Pierre Mallet


The Refugee Mallets of St Helier

This tree was submitted and added to the site in 2013 and has been reviewed and expanded on a number of occasions since. It is based on original research by Guy Dixon and featured in The Channel Islands Family History Society Journal, in 2001. In 2023 it was further reviewed by Guy Dixon, who added his original footnotes

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  • 1 Pierre Mallet ( -1724) m [1] Anne Le Pellier ( -1728) daughter of Isaac [2]
    • 2 Isaac Mallet (1705- ) (St H)
    • 2 Daniel Mallet (1706- ) (St H) [3]
    • 2 Pierre Mallet (1707- ) (St H)
    • 2 Nicolas Mallet (1708-1772) (St H) [4] m (1730, St H) Marie Cailleteau (1709-1753) daughter of Pierre and Louise Lys
      • 3 Marie Anne Mallet (1731-1771- ) (St H)
      • 3 Nicholas Mallet (1733-1796) (St H) [5] m 1 (1761, St H) Jeanne Fiott
        • 4 Elizabeth Mallet (1761- ) (St H) m (1787, St S) Clement Dumaresq
      • 2nd wife of Nicolas Mallet, Ann Dumaresq (1736-1799)
        • 4 Ann Jeanne Mallet (1767-1822) m (1789, St C) Nicolas Fiott
        • 4 Nicholas Mallet (1768- ) (St H)
        • 4 Marie Mallet (1771- ) (St H)
        • 4 Frances Mallet (1773-1775) (St H)
        • 4 Thomas Mallet (1780-1860) (St H) [6] m (1810) Sarah Saunders (Southampton, Eng)
          • 5 Thomas Britten Mallet (1811- ) [7] m (1853) Emma Hulance Davis (Islington, Mx)
            • 6 Maude Isabel Mallet (1856- ) (Plymstock, Eng)
            • 6 Thomas Norman Mallet (1858-1920) (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) m (1887) Mary-Anne Bertha Clarke, Rockhampton, Queensland
            • 6 Alice Kathleen Mallet (1859- ) (Buninyong, Victoria) m (1887) Andrew Kenneth Brown, Sydney, NSW, Australia
            • 6 Guy Hulance Mallet (1861- ) (Buninyong)
          • 5 Caroline Sarah Mallet (1813-1830) (St H)
          • 5 Jane Mallet (1814- ) (St H)
          • 5 Maria Mallet (1815-1833) (St H)
          • 5 Mathilde Mallet (1817-1909) (St H) [8]
          • 5 Charles Strode Mallet (1819- ) (St H) [9]
      • 3 Pierre Mallet (1735-1807) (St H) [10] m 1 (1759, St H) [11] Marie Chepmell ( -1763) daughter of William and Marie Orange, widow of Thomas Snow
        • 4 Pierre Mallet (1760-1782) (St H)
        • 4 Thomas Mallet (1761-1832) (St H) [12] m Marie Parry
          • 5 Julie Marie Mallet [13] m George Vincent
        • 4 Philippe Mallet (1762-1807) (St H)
      • 2nd wife of Pierre Mallet, (1766, St H) Jeanne Suzanne Patriarche, daughter of David, widow of George de Carteret
      • 3rd wife of Pierre Mallet, (1779, St H) Jeanne Pipon, daughter of James and Elizabeth Dumaresq
        • 4 Jeanne Mallet (1780- ) (St H)
        • 4 Marie Elizabeth Mallet (1781- ) (St H) m (1801, St H) Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin
        • 4 Elizabeth Mallet (1783-1787) (St H)
        • 4 Pierre Mallet (1786- ) (St H) [14]
      • 3 Philippe Mallet (1736-1736) (St H)
      • 3 Ann Jeanne Mallet (1738-1815) (St H) [15]
      • 3 Elizabeth Mallet (1739-1815) (St H) m (1768, St H) George Hooper (1727-1809)
      • 3 Louis Mallet (1741-1816) (St H) [16]
      • 3 Louise Mallet (1743-1794) (St H) m (1768, St H) Jacques Syvret
      • 3 Jean Mallet (1744- ) (St H)
      • 3 Philippe Mallet (1746-1814) (St H) [17] m (1776, St H) Jeanne Le Boutillier (St H)
        • 4 Philippe Mallet (1777-1778) (St H)
        • 4 Jeanne Mallet (1778-1838) (St H) m (1803, St H) Jean Quesnel
        • 4 Nicolas Mallet (1779-1797) (St H)
        • 4 Marie Mallet (1781- ) (St H) m (1805, St H) Henry Ménié
        • 4 Elizabeth Mallet (1783-1815+) (St H)
        • 4 Esther Elizabeth Mallet (1785-1851- ) (St H)
      • 3 George Mallet (1749-1814) (St H) m (1784, Gr) Elizabeth Dumaresq
        • 4 Elizabeth Mallet (1785- ) (St H) m Josue de Quetteville
      • 3 Esther Mallet (1751-1834) (St H)
    • 2 Magdelaine Mallet (1711-1794) (St H) m (1730, St H) Jean Le Capelain
    • 2 Philippe Mallet (1713- ) [18]
  • 1 Nicolas Mallet ( -1719) [19] m Judith Charetier

Notes and references

  1. No marriage record has not been discovered. The family were probably refugees from France. Anne Le Pellier`s name is confirmed by the children's baptismal records. Pierre`s will, dated 20 December 1723, names his wife as 'Anne Pellier' and mentions among beneficiaries (translated): "my two sons and my daughter". (D/Y/A/5/100, Jersey Archive). As they were not specifically mentioned by name, Pierre, prersumably, had, at that date, only two surviving sons out of the five presented for baptism, and the one daughter. Pierre`s will also expresses his desire that his 15-year-old son Nicolas be apprenticed into an occupation of his own choice, which suggests that the other son was already so engaged and thus Nicolas`s elder. That the family may have been French Huguenots who migrated to Jersey via England (see below) is supported by Pierre`s will, in which he mentions assets likely to be realised in England
  2. Isaac Le Pellier was godfather and grandfather of Isaac Mallet in 1705. The child`s godmother was his grandmother, Catherine Goslard, although whether she was a maternal or paternal grandmother is yet to be discovered
  3. Perhaps the Daniel Maley of Marblehead, New England, who married there in 1749 Annis Pittman and fathered six children. One of these, Daniel junior (1750- ) seems to have married in 1774 Jane Malzard, with whom he had four children, leaving descendants in Massachusetts. The recurrence within this family of the Christian names Daniel and Nicolas may be significant: Turk, Marion G., The Quiet Adventurers in North America (Detroit, USA: Harlo, 1983), 421
  4. Nicolas`s apprenticeship was requested in the will of his father (See above). He was probably a retailer and was Lecteur (lay reader) of St Helier from 1763 until his death
  5. One-time master mariner who, during the Seven Years War (1757-1763) and the American War of Independence (1775-1783) commanded privateers (J Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships,) He commanded, among other vessels, the Mary in 1764 and, in 1778, the 40-ton Defiance, which was armed with six cannons. In 1768, he and his brother Philippe Mallet were members, at its first meeting, of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, in association with Abraham and Isaac Gosset (A C Saunders, Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries,. In 1792, Gosset and Mallet owned the 161-ton vessel Hercules (J Jean). His will, dated 5 October 1796, mentions his daughter Elizabeth, her husband, and a son and daughter of theirs. It also mentions Thomas and Anne Jeanne, mes autres enfants, inferring that Nicolas and Marie had predeceased their father
  6. Colonel, RJMA; Merchant and shipowner. Captain, St Helier Battalion of the Militia in 1809, he was promoted Major on 24 June 1819 and, on transferring to the Militia Artillery, became a Lieut-Colonel in 1823 and Colonel Commanding, 21 February 1829. The silver chalice, surmounted by cannon and flags, presented to him on his retirement in 1838, is in the Jersey Museum. He bought, in 1834, La Maison du Mont, from the curator of his 1st cousin, Pierre Mallet. Thomas, at the start of his career, was probably the Master Mariner, 1803-1819, who owned and commanded the 74 ton sloop Mary, a former prize of war
  7. 2nd Captain, RJMA (1834). Renounced in 1860 his right of succession to La Maison du Mont, in favour of his sister, Matilda. He emigrated to Australia
  8. Sold La Maison du Mont, in 1861. She also sold, in 1861, to Philippe Laurens, her family`s ropewalk: ABSJ, (1969), 68, 65, respectively
  9. 2nd Lieutenant, RJMA (1838)
  10. Of Maison du Mont and formerly of Broad Street, St Helier. Merchant and shipowner. Pierre was one of the original members of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, in 1768. J Jean lists five vessels for Pierre Mallet, the first of which was owned in 1778. They were the 80-ton brig Unity (1778), the 200-ton brig Nancy (1778-1786), the 80-ton vessel Swallow (1783-1792-), the 69-ton brig Liberte and the 171-ton vessel Lord Dorchester. The Almanach Historique (1790) shows that Pierre`s trade was with Newfoundland. Jean also mentions that the Mallets owned one of the ropewalks in Green Street from 1773-1804; this may have been Pierre`s original business after leaving Broad Street for Maison du Mont in 1769, as it predates the ownership of his first known vessel
  11. 1762 datestone PML MC at No 13 Broad Street
  12. Merchant, shipowner and co-owner with others, including, in 1798, Thomas de Gruchy, of the privateer Robert and Jane and, in 1804, ropewalk owner. He was one of the Procureurs de La Villein 1799-1804. He was a Lieutenant in the Militia (1789), Captain (1796), Major (1812), Lieut-Colonel (1816) and finally Colonel Commanding the St Helier Battalion, South Regiment, in 1817. The purchase by Thomas`s father of Maison du Mont (now demolished), near the east entrance to Fort Regent tunnel, was inherited by Thomas`s half-brother, Pierre, a Captain in the Militia. An article concerning this property and the numerous quarrels and law suits involving Thomas, his step-mother and half-brother is to be found in ABSJ (1969). Colonel Mallet`s Will (1832) was disputed. It mentions his natural daughter, Julie Marie Mallet
  13. "Natural daughter", mentioned in her father`s Will
  14. Owner of Maison du Mont and Captain, RJM; after many vicissitudes, Pierre had, in 1828, a Curator appointed to manage his affairs. The curator sold Pierre`s property, La Maison du Mont, in 1834, to Thomas Mallet (1780-1860), his 1st cousin
  15. The will of Anne Jeanne Mallet, dated 26 October 1814, mentions virtually all her relatives
  16. Louis Mallet was Lecteur of St Helier from 1773, following his late father. He admitted being the father of of Elizabeth Louise (1778- ) (Gr) the daughter of Marie Vautier
  17. Master Mariner. Member, with his brother Nicolas Mallet, of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce at its first meeting on 24 February 1768
  18. Probably died as a minor before 1723
  19. Nicolas Mallet was buried in 1719, at St Helier, as Nicolas Mallet, refugié. His will, dated 15 April 1709, names his brother Pierre, identifying him as a fellow refugee: (D/Y/A/5/36 Jersey Archive). Nicolas and Pierre were protestants, so are likely to have been Huguenot refugees, originally from France, where the surname is widespread. There were no entries relating to them in the Jersey abjurations, or professions of faith, as would normally be expected should a religious refugee have arrived in the Island directly from France, so these Mallets had probably initially settled in one of the Huguenot communities in England or Ireland, before migrating to French-speaking Jersey
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