Descendants of Richard du Feu

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Descendants of Richard Du Feu


This tree was added in 2021 by Guy Dixon. Future research in the Jersey Land Registry and Court Rolls, should enable further 16th and 17th century du Feus and their descendants to be placed within either this branch of the Trinity family, Descendants of Collas du Feu or Descendants of Nicolas du Feu. The genealogy will almost certainly be extended into the 15th century.

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  • 1 Richard du Feu (1615?-1675) living 1668 [1] m (1650) Elizabeth Blampied [2] d of Michel (Tr)
    • 2 Nicolas du Feu (1652?- ) [3] m Unknown
      • 3 Nicolas du Feu (12/1684-1762/3) [4] "son of Nicolas, son of Richard" m (1718, Tr) Marie Le Riche ( -1774)
    • 2 Richard du Feu (1654-1656) [5]
    • 2 Richard du Feu (1656- ) m Unknown
    • 2 Benjamin du Feu (1657-1711) m (1701, Tr) Jeanne de Gruchy
      • 3 Benjamin du Feu (1702- )
      • 3 Richard du Feu (1707- )
    • 2 Andrie du Feu (1659- )
    • 2 Laurens du Feu (1660- ) [7] m (1704, Tr) Anne Bisson
      • 3 Marie du Feu (1704- ) [8]
      • 3 Elizabeth du Feu (1706-1750) [9]
      • 3 Benjamin du Feu (1707- ) [10] m (1734, St J) Susanne Vaudin (Tr)
        • 4 Benjamin du Feu (1735- ) [11] (Tr)
        • 4 Susanne du Feu (1737- ) [12]
        • 4 Jean du Feu (1740- ) (Tr)
      • 3 Jean du Feu (1708- ) m (1733, Tr) Elizabeth Binet
        • 4 Elizabeth du Feu (1735- ) [13]
        • 4 Anne du Feu (1736-by 1747) [14]
        • 4 Jean du Feu (1738- ) [15] m (1763, St Mt) Marie de Gruchy daughter and heir of Elie [16]
          • 5 Marie du Feu (12/1763- )
          • 5 Jean du Feu (1770- )
          • 5 Laurens du Feu (1776- ) m (1798, St S) Anne de Gruchy of La Profonde Rue (Tr)
            • 6 Anne du Feu (12/1798- )
            • 6 Marie du Feu (1800- )
            • 6 Susanne du Feu (1802- ) m Clement Messervy (1786
            • 6 Elizabeth du Feu (1805- ) [17]
            • 6 Jean du Feu (1808- ) [18] m (1832, St S) Jeanne Aubin
              • 7 John Thomas du Feu (1835- )
              • 7 Frederic du Feu (1838- )
              • 7 Jane du Feu (1840- )
              • 7 Alfred du Feu (1842- )
              • 7 Mary Ann (1851- )
              • 7 William du Feu (1856- )
            • 6 Marguerite du Feu (1811- )
        • 4 Anne du Feu (1747- )
      • 3 Jeanne du Feu (1710- )
      • 3 Anne du Feu (1711- )
      • 3 Rachel du Feu (1713- ) [19]
      • 3 Sarah du Feu (1715- ) twin
      • 3 Laurens du Feu (1715- ) twin m (1744, Tr) Jeanne de Gruchy (Tr)
        • 4 Laurens du Feu (1745- ) [20] (St H) m (1770, Tr) Susanne de Gruchy daughter and co-heir of Elie
          • 5 Laurens du Feu (1772-by 1778)
          • 5 Elizabeth du Feu (1773- )
          • 5 Laurens du Feu (1778- ) (St H)
          • 5 Charles du Feu (1784- )
        • 4 Marie du Feu (1749-1840) m (1771, Tr) Thomas de Gruchy of Sous Les Bois

Notes and references

  1. Fils Lucas, fils Collas. This Richard du Feu is of the correct age to have been the man of this name who features in the 1668 Extente. He is there recorded as owing the Crown one loaf of bread and a hen, and three cabots of wheat for Vautiquer (an extinct surname), two of which were to be collected in St Martin. He is described as "Richard du Feu fils Lucas fils Collas". The said Lucas du Feu, fils Collas, owed the Crown, in the 1607 Extente, the 3 cabots of wheat "in the discharge of the heirs of John Vaulticques", whilst his contemporary, Nicolas (or Collas) du Feu, in the discharge of the same, owed the loaf and one hen. For Lucas` son Richard to owe the Crown annually the loaf and hen in 1668, strongly suggests that Richard was Nicolas` nephew: see Nicolas du Feu. John Vautenyer (variously spelt) owed these charges himself in the 1528 Extente. Richard`s Will, dated 18th January 1674 and proved in 1675, mentions a brother-in-law, Nicolas Messervy, who doubtless married the testator`s sister: see Descendants of Collas du Feu
  2. See du Feu page. However, this marriage has not been able to be rediscovered
  3. Nicolas`s is a missing baptismal entry in the Trinity Register, which is far from unusual, at that date. However, in the Extente of 1749, Nicolas du Feu, son of Nicolas, son of Richard is recorded as paying the above charges to the Crown annually, although that Extente did not include smaller items such as loaves and hens. This entry will refer to the son of Nicolas senior, being Nicolas du Feu junior (12/1684-1762/3), the husband of Marie Le Riche. For him to be paying these charges, the strong assumption is that his was the elder line, which had inherited the land on which the charges were levied
  4. Christened in December 1684 as Nicolas fils Nicolas and described in the 1749 Extente as "Nicolas du Feu, son of Nicolas, son of Richard"
  5. As another "Richard du Feu, son of Richard" was christened in Trinity on 18 August 1656, Richard (1654- ) may have died as a baby and a second child been named Richard
  6. Nicolas`s is a second missing baptismal entry, relating to the Trinity du Feus at this epoch. However, deeds at the Jersey Archive, with references L/C/227/A4/5 (1719) and L/C/227/A4/7 (1729) refer to Nicolas as the son of Richard and name, in the former, his Le Breton wife
  7. Godparents: Jean Blampied and Thomasse du Feu
  8. Godparents: Jean Bisson and Ann Cabot, his wife. Marie was mentioned in 1750, in her sister Elizabeth`s Will
  9. Elizabeth du Feu made her Will in 1750, proved that year, leaving some money to her brothers Jean and Laurens and her clothing, with the rest and remainder, to her sister Marie du Feu. Neither woman is mentioned as being married: D/Y/A/8/62 at the Jersey Archive
  10. Godparents: Benjamin du Feu and Marie Bisson
  11. Godparents: Me Jean Vaudin junior and Marguerite, his sister
  12. Godparents: Noé Vaudin and Elizabeth, his sister
  13. Godparents: Michel Binet and Anne Binet, his wife
  14. Godparents: Laurens du Feu and Anne Bisson, grand-mother of the child
  15. Godparents: Benjamin du Feu and Susanne Vaudin, his wife
  16. Of Brookvale (Tr)
  17. Godparents: Me Jean Collas and Mse Susanne du Feu, his wife
  18. Of Brookvale, Vingtaine of Rozel, Trinity, aged 62 (1871 Census, Trinity, Jersey) as a Farmer farming, as did his cousin and neighbour Nicolas du Feu at Les Noyers, 37 vergées. The household included his wife, Jane, son John Thomas du Feu, aged 33 years, farming with his father, and daughter, Mary Ann. There were still du Feus at Brookvale (Brook Vale), in 1940
  19. Godparents: Jean du Feu and Marguerite du Feu
  20. Godparents: Jean du Feu and Elizabeth Binet, his wife
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