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Descendants of Simeon De Ste Croix



The Limes, built in the early 19th century for Aaron de Ste Croix (1756-1835), merchant and shipowner. Fort Regent can be seen in the background, on the left. In the 20th century, it was used as a nursing home, before being demolished. The garden was used for housing

This descent has caused us considerable problems over the years. Nevertheless, the descent, as now displayed on this page, has been thoroughly revised in 2022 and is currently regarded as reliable.

Changes include the following: Generation 1 of this tree was previously shown as Pierre, but it has now been positively established from the 1655 marriage record of Mathieu and Marie Sohier that Mathieu was not born in 1636, the son of Pierre, but in 1633, the son of Simeon, who now heads the tree. Furthermore, baptisms of the children of Charles de Ste Croix, formerly in generation 4, and his wife Elizabeth Le Gallais, show that the father was 'Charles, son of Moyse, not son of Jean', as once shown. These are now to be found on their own tree, Descendants of Moyse de Ste Croix.

Jean de Ste Croix, in generation 3, was previously shown as marrying when aged fifteen or sixteen. Godparent or other evidence to support this having not being found, the issue of this couple, and their descendants, are now featured in Descendants of Jean de Ste Croix - 2

It has now been established that the Philippe de Ste Croix, previously shown as a descendant of Aaron, and the founder of the auctioneer and estate agent business at 9 Library Place does not fit into this tree here. His tree has, however, now been traced, and can be viewed at Descendants of Philippe de Ste Croix

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  • 1 Simeon de Ste Croix (c1600- ) (St H)
    • 2 Mathieu de Ste Croix (1633-1705) (St H) [1] m (1655, St Mt) Marie Sohier (1632-1702) [2] daughter of Jean
      • 3 Simeon de Ste Croix (1656-1724) (St H) [3] ?m (1682, St L) Elizabeth Allein ( -1720) [4]
        • 4 Mathieu de Ste Croix (1684- ) (St H) [5]
        • 4 Judith de Ste Croix (1686- ) (St H) [6]
        • 4 Jean de Ste Croix (1694- ) (St H)
      • 3 Mathieu de Ste Croix (1658- ) (St H) Liv. 1702 ?m (1681, St L) Jeanne Piton (1657-1693?) daughter of Philippe (St B) (with issue)
      • 3 Nicolas de Ste Croix (1660-by 1668?) (St H) [7]
      • 3 Elizabeth de Ste Croix (1662- ) (St H)
      • 3 Jean de Ste Croix (1664-by 1669?) twin (St H) [8]
      • 3 Edouard de Ste Croix (1664- ) twin (St H) [9]
      • 3 Marie de Ste Croix (1665- ) (St H) [10]
      • 3 Nicolas de Ste Croix (1668- ) (St H)
      • 3 Jean de Ste Croix (8/1669- ) (St H)
      • 3 Aaron de Ste Croix (1672-by 1728) [11] m (1704, St H) Elizabeth Falle ( -1744) Liv. 1735
        • 4 Aaron de Ste Croix (1706-1773?) (St H) [12] Liv. 1767 m 1 (1727, London) Sara L'Isle (1698-1744) sister of Jean (Ldn.); 2 (1746, St H) Esther Neel, (below)
          • 5 Elizabeth de Ste Croix (1728-1743) (St H) [13]
          • 5 Marie de Ste Croix (1730- ) (St H)
          • 5 Jean de Ste Croix (1732-1771) (St H) [14] m (1755, St H) Rachel Cartault (1731-1778) [15] daughter of Thomas
            • 6 Aaron de Ste Croix (1756-1835) (St H) Jurat [16] m 1 (1778, St B) Jeanne Winter (1757-1795) (St B)
              • 7 Jeanne de Ste Croix (1780- )
              • 7 Marie de Ste Croix (1782-by 1785) [17]
              • 7 Anne de Ste Croix (1783- ) m Philippe Journeaux (St H) [18]
              • 7 Aaron de Ste Croix (1784-by 1787)
              • 7 Marie de Ste Croix (1785-1828) m Elias Durell [19]
              • 7 Jean de Ste Croix (1786-by 1801)
              • 7 Philippe de Ste Croix (1787-by 1797)
              • 7 Aaron de Ste Croix (1787-1827) [20]
            • 2nd wife of Aaron de Ste Croix (1796, St O) Jeanne d'Auvergne (1775-1831) daughter of Philippe (St O) [21]
              • 7 Philippe de Ste Croix (1797-1873) (St H) Jurat [22]
              • 7 Francois de Ste Croix (1799- ) (St H) [23] m (1842, Gsy?) Amelia Elizabeth Dauvergne (1810-1876) [24] daughter of Charles (Gsy)
                • 8 Francis Dauvergne de Ste Croix (1843-1915) [25] unm. [26]
                • 8 Amelia Hoskins de Ste Croix (1846-1919) unm.
                • 8 Jane Dauvergne de Ste Croix (1850-1898) unm. [27]
                • 8 Philip Charles de Ste Croix (1852-1928) [28] m (1877, Kensington) Annie Frances Morgan, daughter of James Hungerford Morgan
                  • 9 Harold Philip de Ste Croix (1880-1919) [29] m (1918, Bombay) Catherine Annie Pilkington
                  • 9 Wilfred Hungerford de Ste Croix (1882-1917) KIA [30]
                  • 9 Leslie Lawson de Ste Croix (1885-1975, St S) MBE [31] m (1924, Falmouth) Marjorie I. G. Austin
                    • 10 David Aaron de Ste Croix (1927-2020) [32] (married with a son and daughter)
              • 7 Jean de Ste Croix (1801-1856) (St H) [33] m (1830, St O) Rachel Dauvergne (1803-1884) [34] daughter of Philippe, Jurat (St O) [35]
                • 8 Emily Jane de St Croix (1831-1837) (St H)
                • 8 Helen Weekes de Ste Croix (1833-1844) (St H)
                • 8 Alice Rachel de Ste Croix (1835- ) (St H) m (1863, St Lk) Alexander Findlay, Lieut.-Colonel
                • 8 Jessica Mary de Ste Croix (1837-1918) (St H) unm.
                • 8 Dauvergne de Ste Croix (1841-1897) (St H) [36] m (1872, Horfield) Emily Hitchins [37] daughter of Richard [38] (Glos.)
                  • 9 Marie Dauvergne de Ste Croix (1873-1874) (L`pool)
                  • 9 Henri Dauvergne de Ste Croix (1874-1881) (Anfield) [39]
                • 8 Emma Lempriere de Ste Croix (1843-1917) [40] unm.
                • 8 Aaron de Ste Croix (1846-1890) (St H) OV; liv. 1879 [41]
            • 6 Sara de Ste Croix (1758- ) (St H) [42]
            • 6 Jean de Ste Croix (1759- ) (St H) [43]
            • 6 Clement de Ste Croix (1761?- ) [44]
            • 6 Marie de Ste Croix (1763-1820) (St H) [45] ?m (1788, St S) Philippe Jean (then of London) [46]
          • 5 Aaron de Ste Croix (1735-by 1741) (St H) [47]
          • 5 Sara de Ste Croix (1737- ) (St H) Liv. 1755
          • 5 Jeanne Marie de Ste Croix (1739- ) (St H)
          • 5 Aaron de Ste Croix (1741-1743) (St H)
        • by the 2nd wife of Aaron de Ste Croix (1706-1773?) m (1746, St H) Esther Neel (1722-1809) daughter and eventual heiress of Elie (St H) and Esther Le Geyt, daughter of Jean
          • 5 Elizabeth de Ste Croix (1747- ) (St H) [48] m Jean Dolbel (1746- ) [49]
          • 5 Aaron de Ste Croix (1748-by 1751) (St H) [50]
          • 5 Aaron de Ste Croix (1751-1779?) (St H) [51]
          • 5 Elie de Ste Croix (1755-1799) (St H) [52]
          • 5 Edouard de Ste Croix (1767- ) (St H)
        • 4 Jean de Ste Croix (1709- ) (St H) [53] Liv. 1758 m (1734, St H) Elizabeth Perrochon daughter of Jean and Elizabeth Le Feuvre (St H)
          • 5 Jean de Ste Croix (1735- ) (St H) [54]
          • 5 Elizabeth de Ste Croix (1737- ) (St H) [55]
          • 5 Marie de Ste Croix (1739- ) (St H)
          • 5 Marie de Ste Croix (1741- ) (St H)
        • 4 Jacques de Ste Croix (1711- ) (St H)
      • 3 Noe de Ste Croix (1675- ) (St H)

Notes and references

  1. Baptised as "fs Symon", married as "fs Semeon"- variants of Simon. His godfather was another Mathieu de Ste Croix
  2. Marie Sohier, "wife of Mathieu de Ste Croix, son of Simeon", divided her late father`s inheritance in April 1658, Thomas Sohier being her elder brother: L/C/103/A/4/8, at the Jersey Archive. She was buried in 1702, in St Helier, as "the wife of Mathieu de Ste Croix senior". Her son, Mathieu, was therefore then alive
  3. Godparents: Phle? [Philippe] de Ste Croix and the grandmother of the child
  4. Buried in St Helier in 1720 as "the wife of Semion de Ste Croix"
  5. Godparents: Mathieu de Ste Croix and Jeanne Piton, his wife
  6. Her godparents were French Protestants
  7. Christened on the 6th January 1660/1 [1661], Nicolas Le Gallais and his wife being godparents
  8. Godparents: Jean Le Gallais and Sara de la Garde, his wife--they were of Rouge Bouillon
  9. Named after his godfather, Edouard Le Preveu
  10. Edouard Le Preveu and his wife again being godparents
  11. Aaron de Ste Croix is listed among search results under the name "Aaron Sohier"--see, however, original register, 29/06/1672 christenings. This confirms his "De Ste Croix baptisms in Jersey" entry on Jerripedia. His christening shows that he was named after his godfather, Aaron Le Feubvre, husband of Susanne Le Vavasseur dit Durell, the godmother
  12. Merchant in 1740: A.C. Saunders, Jersey in the 18th & 19th Centuries, (Jersey: Bigwood, 1930), 181, 182. Saunders, citing Extracts from protests and sworn declarations made before Peter de Ste Croix, Notary Public, Jersey, 1739-44, mentions a charter party dated the 20th June 1740. It was an agreement between Captain Carteret Dean, Master and part owner of the 60 ton brigantine, Thomas and Jane of Jersey, and Aaron de Ste Croix, Merchant of Jersey, whereby Dean would sail to River St Mary, Potomack, Maryland, to deliver cargo to Mr John Clark. The ship would remain there 60 or more days, to load tobacco, before sailing to Dartmouth. A further entry relating to Aaron de Ste Croix was on the 18th September 1741, when he received a letter "from Jean Ahier...his cousin," stating that he and his ship had been captured by the Spaniards. Ahier was back in Jersey by the 12th October, that year, having lost his vessel. From these entries, it is evident that de Ste Croix was already an established merchant, with an interest in the American colonies. Joan Stevens, in Old Jersey Houses, Volume 11, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co, 1977), 37, 38, writes "In collections of documents there are always many bills..An account with Aaron de Ste Croix, for goods supplied to Captain Snow in 1759, included sugar, wine, black tea (at 4s. lb.), thread, garters, handkerchiefs, Indian chintz, grenadine silk, persian cloth and "camlo", a cheap cotton material. In another account, with the same customer ...he owed for soap (in blocks), coffee, brandy, (odedue), wine, tea black and green, and sugar loaf (sucre en pain)". De Ste Croix would appear to have been, like Abraham de Gruchy two generations later, both merchant and retailer. Marguerite Syvret and Joan Stevens, in Balleine`s History of Jersey, with the same publisher (1981), 203, mentions a bill for £128 to Aaron de Ste Croix for 1600 tiles (no date). His family was soon to enter the Newfoundland trade, before eventually concentrating on that of Honduras in mahogany. His godparents were Me Simon Le Chastri [La Fosse Chastry] and Marie Syvret, his wife. He left no Will. However, his burial is likely to have been one of two "Me Aaron de Ste Croix" burials. The first was on 2/12/1773, the next on 9/2/1779
  13. Godparents: Mons. Simon La Fosse Chastry and Mse Elizabeth Falle, widow of the late Aaron de Ste Croix, Grandmother. Mse Elizabeth de Ste Croix was buried in St Helier on the 29/09/1743: "fille de Me Aaron de Ste Croix"
  14. Merchant, a member of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, on its foundation on the 24th February 1768, answering for 30 tons: A. C. Saunders, Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, (Jersey: J T Bigwood, 1930), 30. His Will was dated 1768 and proved in 1771: D/Y/A/12/30, at the Jersey Archive
  15. The Will of Rachel Cartaut, or Cartault, "Widow of Jean de Ste Croix", dated March 1778 and proved in August, names their surviving children, see below: D/Y/A/12/109, at Jersey Archive
  16. Godparents: Me Aaron de Ste Croix, Grandfather, and Mse Sara de Ste Croix, Aunt. Aaron de Ste Croix was of The Limes, being an impressive Georgian house, now demolished, off Green Street, within walking distance of his ropewalks and shipyard at Havre des Pas. He was a Jurat (1814-1833); a very wealthy ship and privateer owner, banker, shipyard and ropewalk owner, and merchant in the Honduras mahogany trade. His name appears as a Jersey shipowner in 1783. By 1792, when he was aged thirty-six, he was in partnership with James Poingdestre of London, owning jointly six vessels totalling 399 tons. De Ste Croix and Poingdestre can claim to be the pioneers of Jersey`s Honduras trade. In 1818, Poingdestre had retired, and Aaron de Ste Croix features in shipping lists as the Island`s third largest shipowner, with five vessels, totalling 1019 tons. In 1828, he founded, with his Dauvergne in-laws, Philippe Nicolle and Le Quesne, the Jersey Banking Company, which was, until 1886, although in different hands, Jersey`s leading bank. An event in 1809 that most local boys were brought up on, involved Aaron de Ste Croix`s capture of the French ship Calista. John Jean writes, in Tales of Jersey`s Tall Ships, (Jersey: La Haule Books, 1994), 4: "Aaron de Ste Croix, who lived at "The Limes" in Green Street, St Helier, was a shipbuilder and owner ... he had a yard at the lower end of Green Street. On the 4th December 1809, de Ste Croix, with four men from his yard, rowed out in an open boat to a French vessel that was in trouble amongst the rocks off the Island`s south coast, boarding the ship, they took charge and piloted her into St Helier`s harbour whereupon de Ste Croix claimed her as a prize, much to the disgust of the Frenchmen. The prize, named Calista, had come from Surinam bound for London, when two days earlier she was taken by [a] French privateer. Two [of the eight] cannon from Calista stood for some years outside the gateway to The Limes." From that time, there was usually a ship of this name owned by the de Ste Croix family: A.G. Jamieson (ed.), A People of the Sea, (London: Methuen & Co., 1986), 315, 325. The value of his ships, on his death in 1835, was estimated as being at least £25,000 sterling: cited in ABSJ, VIII, 345
  17. In earlier centuries, Jersey families would, every now and then, have two surviving children of the same name. This occurred when a child was expected to die, the name of which was preserved in being bestowed upon the next-born. Should the ailing child unexpectedly survive, both were possessed of the same name. This result, however, was rarely seen, at this date
  18. Notary and Seigneur of the Fiefs ès Cras and St Clair. Their home was in New Street, St Helier, almost opposite St Paul`s Church, of which Anne`s father, Aaron de St Croix, was in 1819 both founder and proprietor, together with Clement Bailhache, Philippe Winter and the Winters` relative, Philippe Nicolle, merchant. Philippe and Anne had issue Philippe Journeaux, Advocate and Major in the Militia and Francois Journeaux, Captain in the Militia. Their home has been recently renovated, restored to its Georgian splendour and is now a National Trust for Jersey property, open to the public: ABSJ, IV, 413, and G/C/21/D1/19, at the Jersey Archive
  19. Merchant and Shipowner of 7, Pier Road, St Helier. Between 1813 and 1818, he owned Calista, a 26 ton cutter, Rowcliffe, a 354 ton barque, and Venus, a 65 ton schooner, in conjunction with the de Ste Croix family. He was, from 1803, the joint owner, with Janvrin, of the Jersey privateer Vulture, of 104 tons, also co-owning eleven vessels between 1803 and 1819: John Jean, Jersey Ships and Railways, (Jersey: La Haule Books, 1989), 129, 22. From John Jean`s list of "Elias Durell" vessels, there appear to be two generations of the same name within this firm. In the earlier generation, the renowned privateer Vulture, the Durells` and Janvrins` first vessel of that name, between 1776 and 1801, captured thirty-seven prizes. It was replaced in 1803, as above
  20. Lieutenant, RJM (1809), Captain (1815-1821-); Officier du Connétable (1815) as "Aaron de Ste Croix junr." and Centenier of St Helier (1818-1821). Godfather and uncle of Francois Journeaux, in 1805
  21. Deputy-Viscount
  22. Merchant and Banker (Jersey Banking Company) and Lieutenant, RJM. Of Hastings Terrace, St Helier, 1871 (Census), living with his brother Francis and his family. John Jean cites local newspapers, in Jersey Ships and Railways, (Jersey: La Haule Books, 1989), 143: "The sloop Fanny...while coming from St Malo on the evening of Friday the 7th of January 1825, struck the rocks called Les Buts off Elizabeth Castle. On hearing of the wreck, Philippe, Francis and Jean de Ste Croix - the sons of Jurat Aaron de Ste Croix [with three others] set off in a boat and making two journeys to the Fanny saved the lives of the passengers and the crew. The States [of Jersey] were so impressed by their courage that they presented each of the rescuers with a testimonial on parchment." Under the management of the three surviving sons of Aaron de Ste Croix, the size of this family`s fleet returned by 1837, after having briefly dipped in the early 1820s, to five ships totalling 1404 tons, as required for their ongoing and highly profitable Honduras trade in mahogany. Regrettably, in 1863, the American Civil War having adversely affected the Nicolle`s trade in Newfoundland cod, the banking company run by them, in conjunction with the de Ste Croixs, needed, urgently, a new partnership. At the same time all but one of the Nicolles withdrew from shipping. The other banking partners were either ruined or forced to sell substantial assets. As a result, the de Ste Croix shipping business, founded prior to 1740, had returned by 1863 to possessing merely one ship, as in 1768. This, the 435 ton full-rigged ship, aptly called Ste Croix, disappears from Jersey lists after 1871. The Jersey bank crashes of 1873 and 1886, furthermore, wrote off the savings of many, if not most, local families. The de Ste Croix business was founded before that of either Charles Robin, David de Quetteville or Philippe Nicolle. The Janvrins, who did predate them, had retired from shipping by 1842, thus the de Ste Croix firm was, in 1870, the Island`s oldest shipping concern. Philippe de Ste Croix, to whom no blame could be attached, any more than it could to others within the family, for the demise of the firm, had been elected Jurat in 1833, serving until 1866, in the place of his father, Aaron de Ste Croix, who had resigned in the former year. Philippe was a bachelor
  23. Probably Master Mariner, and then Merchant; living at 3, Hastings Road, in 1871. A Francis de Ste Croix was Master of Aaron de Ste Croix`s brig Ann in 1821, and then of his 280 ton barque Ceres in 1824: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, op.cit., 137. Significantly, he was one of those, above, who in January 1825 "set off in a boat..making two journeys" to the wrecked sloop Fanny to rescue the passengers. He was briefly (1815-1820) a 2nd Lieutenant, 4th (St Helier) Bn., RJM although, if he was indeed the mariner of this name, he would have had exemption from militia duties whilst "absent en mer"
  24. First cousin of her husband
  25. Civil Eng. in 1871 (Census)
  26. His Will, dated 1898 and proved 1915, names Amelia Hoskins de Ste Croix Francis` principal heiress, residual legatee and executrix. A nephew and godson was Wilfred Hungerford de Ste Croix, a beneficiary, as was the testator`s godson, Charles Edward Malet de Carteret: D/Y/A/74/136, at the Jersey Archive
  27. The Will of Jane Dauvergne de Ste Croix, dated 1890, and proved in 1898, names her sister Amelia Hoskins de Ste Croix and her brother Francis Dauvergne de Ste Croix and a nephew, Harold Philip de Ste Croix: D/Y/A/57/57, at the Jersey Archive
  28. In banking, 1871 and 1881, living at home, as above. At the latter date, he was married to Annie, aged 26, born in Burma, with their one year old son, Harold Philip de Ste Croix (Censuses). By 1911, he and his family had moved to Greater London, living in Ealing. The census that year has Philip Charles de Ste Croix as an Accountant, as was his son Wilfred, whilst Leslie Lawson, the youngest son was a Stockbroker`s Clerk
  29. Served in the First World War as Assistant-Paymaster, RN. Afterwards Purser, SS. Egypt, dying at sea in 1919: National Probate Calendar
  30. 2nd Lieutenant, RASC, died on active service, 24/07/1917
  31. Captain, RASC, during the First World War; mentioned in despatches. He served also in WW2, retiring in the rank of Major.
  32. Served as a young officer in the Royal Navy during WW2. His post-war career involved working overseas and much travel
  33. Merchant and Captain RJM; also marrying his maternal first cousin: ABSJ, VI, 72, 73
  34. Dame de Lecq, which fief she inherited from her father
  35. Seigneur de Lecq, Leoville, Orglandres and Ganoire; Lieut.-Colonel RJM
  36. Master Mariner, on marriage (1872), and afterwards Surveyor [Shipping] of Lloyds, Liverpool, (1873). They retired to Beau Rivage, Greve d`Azette, St Clement
  37. Executrix of her husband`s Will, proved in 1897: D/Y/A/56/26, at the Jersey Archive
  38. Of Horfield, Gentleman
  39. Henri Dauvergne de Ste Croix and his sister, Marie, have their dates of death inscribed upon a family memorial in Green Street Cemetery, Jersey
  40. Christening not found, but date of birth calculated from age at death, as given on her memorial in St Saviour. She was also named in her mother`s Will, dated 1879, as was the testatrix`s son-in-law, Colonel Alexander Findlay: D/Y/A/44/39, at the Jersey Archive
  41. His dates are recorded on the family memorial in Green Street Cemetery. Apparently, where he died was in Warwick, Queensland, aged 43, 25/10/1890: to be confirmed
  42. Godparents: "Jean de Ste Croix, Great-Uncle, Sara de Ste Croix, Aunt...."
  43. Godparents: "Me Aaron de Ste Croix, Grandfather, representing Mons. Jean L`Isle, Great-Uncle, and Mse Esther Neel, wife of the said Me Aaron de Ste Croix"
  44. Mentioned, in order of age, with his brothers and sisters, by their mother, Rachel Cartault, widow of Jean de Ste Croix, in her Will, dated 20/03/1778 and proved that August: D/Y/A/12/109, at the Jersey Archive. The testatrix`s uncle--presumably uncle-by-marriage--Mons. Jean L`Isle of London is also mentioned, as having made testamentary provision for these same children
  45. See note by her name at Descendants of Jean Jean - 2
  46. Artist
  47. Godparents: Jean Dumaresq, Gent., Connétable of the parish, and Marie Maude La Fosse Chastry, his wife
  48. Godparents: Me Jean de Ste Croix and Elizabeth Perrochon, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  49. Their son Jean, in 1775, had as godparents Me Aaron de Ste Croix and Mse Esther Neel, his wife, grandfather and grandmother of the child
  50. Godfather: Mr Elie Neel, Grandfather
  51. Two "Me Aaron de Ste Croix" died within six years of each other in St Helier, in 1773 and 1779, see above. The first date has been provisionally ascribed to the elder
  52. Master Mariner? Elie may have been the man of that name who was Master in 1786 of the Jersey vessel Betsey, as he was engaged in the Honduras trade: A.G. Jamieson, (ed.) A People of the Sea, (London: Methuen & Co., 1986), 376. His godmother was "Mse Sara de Ste Croix, sister" [of the child]. She was born in 1737, and was then aged 18, being the half-sister of the child
  53. Godparents: Mr Jean de Ste Croix and Marie Trigue[l], his wife
  54. Described on christening as "Jean, fils Jean de Ste Croix, fils Aaron". His godparents were the Connétable, Jean Dumaresq, and "Mse Elizabeth Falle, widow of the late Aaron de Ste Croix, Grandmother"
  55. Godparents: Mr Jean Perrochon, Uncle, and Elizabeth Le Feuvre, widow of Jean Perrochon, Grandmother

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