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Compiled from information in The Le Mesurier Rough Index. For more information please refer to Rough Index of the Le Mesurier Family © 2010 Ray Le Mesurier-Foster

  • 1. Michel le Mesurier (Maeserrer) (R.I. #27) Possibly born as early as 1375 Guernsey. Living 1421 in St Pierre Du Bois. Possibly died before 21/2/1435. m. Guillemyne Le Prevost, d/o Jean Le Prevost snr. Possibly died before 31/3/1470.
    • 2. Pierres Le Mesurier (R.I. #30 / also see R.I. 24) Possibly born 1400-1415 St Pierre Du Bois. 31/3/1435 ‘Rent due’, this means he was in possession of property and most likely of age. Jurat in <1479 to <1485. Died after 28/11/1480. m. possibly Guillemyne Fouachin.
      • 3. Pierre Le Mesurier (R.I. #33) b. ?
        • 4. Pierre Le Mesurier des Prevost, St Pierre du Bois. (R.I. #39) b. c<1470>. 23/4/1487 Pierre bought property (above age). – d. <1550. m. Symone le Vecheulx, d/o Jean le Vecheulx and Guillemyne Fauochin.
          • 5. James Le Mesurier (R.I. #46a) b. c<1485> St Pierre du Bois. 21.9.1513. James Le Meszurier, fs, Pierres, SPDB rents from John Symō du Doyt SPDB (James was over age). – d. <Feb 1525. (RI)1.1.1525, 17.2.1525. John (46b) tuteur of children of James his brother. (James dead before 1525). m. Elizabeth Brehaut d/o Lienart (Leonard) Brehaut des Marches
            • 6. Thomas Le Mesurier (R.I. #50b) b. c<1520 St Pierre du Bois . – d. c<1549
              • 7. Leonard Le Mesurier (R.I. #59a) b. c<1545 St Pierre du Bois, 1549 John (R.I. 49a), fs Pierre’s tuteur. - d. <Feb 1574. 21.2.1574. James de Havilland and John de Garis, tuteurs of the children of Leonard, fs. Thomas, St Pierre du Bois. m. Jacqueline Blondel, d/o Jean Blondel & Michelle Henry. Between 1574 & 1583 Jacqueline married James de Havilland.
                • 8. Marie Le Mesurier (R.I. #80) b. c<1570> St Pierre du Bois. m. before 9/6/1606 St Pierre du Bois to Leonard Brehaut des France (Lienart Brehault) s/o Pierre Brehault & Michelle Jennemie (c1570-c1619)
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