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Don Street


Don Street in 1964

Don Street is a narrow road between King Street and Burrard Street. It is a much narrower street than New Street and Halkett Place, with which it runs parallel. There are now no buildings of any historical or architectural significance along its length

The pedestrian precinct end of Don Street
The junction of Burrard Street and Don Street in 1913. We believe that this is where James Pool's auction house was situated in the 19th century

In 1790 the island's first Methodist chapel was built on the corner of King Street and Don Street, and this served the English and French-speaking Methodist communities for 24 years, until they moved to another church further along Don Street. This was in use, probably as late as 1847, when the French-speaking community moved to Grove Street Church, the English-speaking Methodist congregation having already moved to their new church in Wesley Street.

The Don Street chapel then became known as Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) and its large hall was used for banquets and other social events. It is not thought that it had any real administrative function in the parish, which was probably not needed at the time, although the new Town Hall was built in 1872 to provide offices and a large assembly room for the parish.


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