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Blondel notable events on Guernsey
Date Person Event
1111 M. Blondel present at supplication of Claude Panthon Hermit at St Sampson
1111 Massi Blondel present at decication of St Sampson
1114 Hillaire Blondel present at decication of Lihou Priory
1117 Christopher Blondel Esq, present at dedication of church at Vale 29th September
1154 Martin Blondel named Seneshal of the court of St Michel of Valle Abbey, at St Saviours dedication
1167 Thomas Blondel present at decication of St Pierre Du Bois
1199 James Blondel present at decication of St Martin
1204 Gaultier Blondel Jurat of Royal court at Chief Plais of St Michel at St Anne Catel [1]
1284 Robert Blondel Father of Nicolas (Jurat of the Royal Court)
1299 Robert Blondel (Blundel) Guardian to Matthew de Saumurez a minor, tenant of Castle Jerbourg [2]
1306/7 Thomas Blondel Fief de Longues
1306/7 William Blondel Fief de Longues
1306/7 Richard Blondel father of Nicholas Fief de Longues
1306/7 Robert Blondel father of Nicholas Fief de Longues
1306/7 John Blondel Fief de Longues
1313 Nicholas Blondel mentioned with Matthew De Saumurez, concerning Castle Jerbourg [2]
1313-24 Nicholas Blondel Jurat of the Royal court, son of Robert [3]
1317 Johannes Blondel Juratores of Castro
1317 Nicholaus Blondel Jurati (new election)
1330 Colinus Blondel one of twelve meeting at St Peter Port with the Lord Keeper of the Isles
1331 John Blondel of Castel
1331 Matthew Blondel of St Sampson's
1331 M Blondel one of two Electores Juratorum, St Sampson's [1]
1331 J Blondel one of two Electores Juratorum, Catel [1]
1377 Thomas Blondel and Phillipot Blondel cleared of Suspicion
1394 Guillaume Blondel owned land to the east of the new Ste Appoline Chapel at La Perelle
1406 Nicholas Blondel John De Chesneye made a cessation to NB of property on the island. [4]
1444-80 Jacques Blondel of Castel
1488 John Blondel appointed bailiff
1486 John Blondel bailli de Guernsey, 11 février 1486. Patentes du roi, Henry VII
1483-98 John Blondel Baliff son of Nicolas
1482-7 John Blondel Baliff [4]
1502 Nicholas and Thomas sons of Thomas sons and heirs of Thomas deceased of St Saviours
1527 John Blondel Jurat, appointed sometime before 1527 [4]
1536 Nicholas Blondel appointed Jurat [4]
1540 Jeanne Blondel married Alleyn Roland of St Piere Port (sic)
1551 Leonard Blondel appointed Jurat [4]
1556 Leonard Blondel described as son of Leonard, of St Saulveur; in court default to Hellyer Gosselin [5]
1557 Jean Thomas Douzenier St Pierre du Bois, son of Thomas
1558 John Blondel Jurat
1559 John Blondel Jurat
1561 John Blondel appointed Jurat son of Collas, [4] discharged 1593
1561-92 John Blondel Jurat, used his merchant mark when serving as Bailiffs Lieutenant
1565 John Blondel senoir of Le Signiorye an elite protestant
1565 John Blondel Jurat summoned with 7 others to London and dismissed as being Papists
1566 John Blondel Pardoned
1576 Thomas Blondel signatory to the synod at St Peter Port
1580 Thomas Blondel appointed Jurat [4]
1582 Jean Blondel and Thomas Blondel both Jurats at same time
1582 Jean Blondel Jurés de la cour (named first so assume senior to Thomas)
1582 Thomas Blondel Jurés de la cour
1591 John Blondel Jures of Notre Dame with John Andros, 26th Aug
1592 John Blondel Jurat
1593 John Blondel Jurat buried in the church at St Saviours (contrary to regulations)
1595-1608 Helier Blondel Jurat, case concerning the wheat rent at St Saviours and St Pierre du Bois [4]
1597 Leonard Blondel Jurat in August [1]
1597-1610 Leonard Blondel appointed approx 1597 [4] discharged 1610
1599 Leonard Blondel described as Lieutenant du Bailly, godfather to Matthieu Le Tellier
16th cent Jaqueline Blondel dau. of Jean Blondel, Jurat, married James De Havilland
1603 Edward Blondel Jurat ditto 1604 (Eduoard)
1605-1608 Helier Blondel unnamed heir of Helier, case concerning debts owed to Jaspart Street formerly of St Pierre du Bois [4]
1607 Leonard Blondel prosecuted for payment of bond, taken out by John Blondel in 1579 who died about 1564
1607 Helier Blondel sued Jaspart Street for payment for being a gunner
1607 Helier Blondel of St Saviours in a case concerning wheat rent, ref to earlier case 1595 [4]
1607 Leonard Blondel appointement des commissionaires. [4]
1607-8 Leonard Blondel Jurat present at meeting in London
1603-8 Leonard Blondel Juarat of St Saviours due to pay wheat rent
1612 Genette Blondel A daughter Genette was baptised 29th Sept 1612, presented by John Blondel
1617 John Blondel son of Leonard appointed Jurat [4]
1622-27 John Blondel son of Thomas appointed Jurat sometime in time range.
1622-27 John Blondel John Junr of Les Pigues Jurat
1625 Hellier Blondel prosecuted for milling on a Sunday, in St Saviours.
1634 Hellier Blondel described as a miller
1638 John Blondel at St Saveurs, one of the Jurés. [6]
1644 Jean Blodel Jurat
1640 Leonard Blondel son of Jean of La Perelle, married Secille BREHAUT at St Brelades, Jersey
1643 Leonard Blondel of St Saviours part of the affray against Lt Governor [1]
1644 Marie Blondel daughter of Leonard and Seycille, bapt. St Saviours 4th Aug 1644, presented by Jean Brehaut
1649-50 John Blondel Jurat [7]
1651 Thomas Blondel described as son of Jan Blondel (probably of the La Porte line)
1651 Nicolas Blondel described as Procuerurs Publics
1651 Thomas Blondel described as son of Hellier, also mentioned Nicolas Blondel and Jean Blondel
1653 Thomas Blondel described as son of Hellier.
1653 Thomas Blondel another Thomas described as son of Jan.
1653 Nicholas Blondel mentioned as Vers Mrs. de l'esat et aprez leurs deffaults ont esté adjugez a l'amende suivant l'ordonnance
1653 Jean Blondel mentioned as Vers Mrs. de l'esat et aprez leurs deffaults ont esté adjugez a l'amende suivant l'ordonnance
1654 Thomas Blondel 1654/5 Thomas described as son of Jean. procureur publics
1654 Nicollas Blondel procureur publics
1655 Blondel One of the Jurats dismissed due to great age and infirmity
1661 Judith Blondel daughter of Jean of Les Piques, married William Andros
1600 abt Cecile Blondel married John Andros of Sausmarez
1660 Thomas Blondel Capitaine Le Sr Thomas Blondel buried 12th July 1660
1662 Blondel Jurat Blondel having died required a new election
1662 Jean Blondel Jurat of St Saviour appointed sometime between 1661-69 [4]
1663 Thomas Blondel of Le Gron Douzenier Livre de Perchage for Fief de Longues
1663 James Blondel Constable at St Saviour's
1667 Jan Blondel Jures also 1668
1670 Jan Blondel Jures
1671 Jean Blondel Jurat, one of the Jurez de la Cour Royale
1671 Anne Blondel married George Andros (sometime commander of a Maine Fort)
1672 James Blondel Douzenier
1673 Jean Blondel Monsieur jean Blondel Justicer et Capitane en cette parroisse buried Feb 1672/3
1700 Marie Blondel marries Helier de Garis at L'Eglise Wallone, Southampton
1760 Leonard Blondel St Pierre du Bois
1780 Elizabeth Blondel paid £50 Fort subscription.

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