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From a 1950s hotel brochure

Eden Country Hotel is one of a number of Jersey hotels (the Ritz, l'Emeraude and Le Coie are others) which started life as private houses, and then became schools, before eventually converting to hotels.

Eden House, on St Clement's Inner Road, was home to Mr Le Feuvre's School in the middle of the 19th century. The school was founded by Philip Le Feuvre in about 1840, and subsequently run by his daughter, and son Henry.

It reverted to a private house for nearly 100 years, before being opened as a guest house in the 1950s by Mr and Mrs Philip Ahier. The name of the establishment progressed from Eden House Guest House, to Eden House Hotel and then Eden House Country Hotel, until it went the way of so many others and was converted to flats.

The fine gardens which stood between the Georgian frontage and the main road sadly became a car park.

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