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Grandfather clocks


A clock supposedly made in 1750 by Poignard, but probably by an ancestor of one of the Poignands shown in the list on this page

Many old Jersey houses have a 'grandfather' or long-case clock apparently made in the island, but the great majority were probably manufactured elsewhere, although their cases may well have been made in Jersey

A Jersey room setting with a long case clock

Quite often the face of the clock will bear the mark of a Jersey 'clock maker', but closer examination will reveal an English maker's name hidden behind the mechanism.

The earliest long-case clock bearing the word 'Jersey' is dated about 1690, but an examination of the register of apprentices of the Company of Clockmakers from 1631 to 1931 does not reveal any Jersey names. An English Act of Parliament of 1698 required every clock dial to be signed with the 'name and place of abode' of the maker, and in Jersey's case, this was invariably taken to be the person responsible for the final assembly of the clock.

So the 1690 clock is engraved 'Henry de la Fauille, Jersey'. He was a Huguenot watchmaker who settled in Jersey and married Marguerite Aubin. Their son Abraham was apprenticed in 1716 to Henry Aubin, probably his mother's brother, the London goldsmith.

The following is a list, compiled by R Falle and Richard Mayne, of names which have been found on 'grandfather' clocks in Jersey:

Anderson, J 1 Halkett Place, clockmaker 1832
Arthur P
Bailhache P 1865
Benjamin, E Halkett Place, clockmaker 1832
Carrel, Edward F St Aubin
Damer, John 7 Library Place 1834
Royal Square 1853
Damer, W H Royal Square, clockmaker
de Gruchy, Thomas 2 Brook Street, silversmith 1832
de Gruchy, Mathew
de la Feuille, Henry Watchmaker 1736
Fontaine, L D
Falle, Thomas 29 Beresford Street, clockmaker 1832
Farr, George St Aubin, watchmaker 1786
Gruchy, Jean Clockmaker 1763
Garrett, E
Hamon, E St Ouen
Hamon, George 48 King Street, clockmaker 1834
Ireland, Henry 23 King Street, clockmaker 1832
Josephs 10 Dumaresq Street, clockmaker 1834
Kerby, Francis 10 Royal Square, Broad Street, clockmaker and silversmith 1853
Kerby, J Clockmaker
Kerby, M Royal Square, clockmaker 1833
Lee, H Charing Cross, King Street, clockmaker 1832
Le Fortier 17 King Street, Clockmaker 1834, 1837
Le Gallais, John 2 Brook Street, silversmith and clockmaker 1853
Le Goupillot and Son 22 King Street, Beresford Street, clockmakers 1837, 1853
Le Goupillot, E 2 Queen Street, clockmaker 1835
Le Quesne, Richard
Le Roux, Edward 76 King Street, clockmaker 1832
Le Sueur, Edouard St Peter
Luce, Edward
Mallet, J 41 King Street, clockmaker
Marcus, R 71 King Street, 14 Great Union Road, clockmaker 1837, 1875
Mauger, Charles Martin Watchmaker 1810
Mitchell, James Broad Street, watchmaker to Prince of Wales 1792
Nando, W Clockmaker
Nelson King Street, Clockmaker 1832
Nicolle, Edmund
Ollivier, T 9 Library Place, 1 Charing Cross, 5 Brook Street, clockmaker 1875
Pluck Watchmaker and silversmith
Plummer, S 38 Parade Place, clockmaker 1832
Poingand Broad Street, clockmaker and goldsmith 1807
Poignand, Louis Near Royal Square, clockmaker 1781
Poignand, Pierre Clockmaker 1807
Quesnel, Jacques King Street, Library Place, clockmaker and silversmith 1787
Quesnel, Michael Clockmaker 1771
Quesnel, Charles William 9 and 21 Broad Street, clockmaker and silversmith 1832
Renouf, Edouard Clockmaker 1748
Renouf, J
Samuel, Davids Halkett Place, clockmaker 1832
Sebire, AP 4 King Street, 4 Broad Street 1832, 1834
Sebire, Pierre Clockmaker
Smith, James Clockmaker
Thoreau Watchmaker 1740
Toutain, J R
Toutain, Louis D 14 Library Place, Broad Street 1832, 1853
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