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Gregory and Eddy were photographers who were in partnership at 15 Bath Street between 1871 and 1877. W W Gregory (possibly William, but only his initials are known) was in business on his own in Queen Street from 1868, until he went into partnership with Mr Eddy (not even his initials are known). Nothing more is known about either photographer

Until this set of 11 views of Jersey, printed as cartes de visite - CDV - were auctioned in 2022 it had been assumed that Gregory and Eddy were exclusively studio portrait photographers. Now the origin of several of the 11 images which have been in Jerripedia for a number of years has been identified.

The large photograph of Gorey was added to the site in 2019, but the quality of the image we obtained then was far inferior. The photographs of L'Etacq and Bouley Bay are also well known, but have not previously been attributed to Gregory and Eddy.


W W Gregory portraits

As far as we know, these five studio portraits are the work of W W Gregory, taken before he formed his partnership with Mr Eddy

Societe Jersiaise archive

The Societe Jersiaise archive holds only 11 cataglogued pictures by either Gregory or Eddy, and only these two can be viewed on its website

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