Halkett Street

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Halkett Street


Lilliane and brother Marcel outside their father, Yves Marie's (1880-1926) bakery at 20 Halkett Street in 1927

Narrower and shorter than its nearby namesake Halkett Place, this important shopping street, now pedestrianised, runs from Queen Street to Beresford Street

Planning officers' record

The first batch of pictures was taken by planning officers in 1967 as part of a project to record all the town centre's streets

This picture was taken in the mid-1970s by Andre Ferrari, a noted campaigner for the preservation of St Helier's remaining original architecture. He comments:'This photo has acquired its own historic interest. Most of the opposite side of the street has been redeveloped. The ladder on the right shows work in progress on what was to become the House of Dupre - an upmarket, indoor stores-within-a-store concept. Jersey was starting to get a bit above itself, and they had a liveried gentleman at the entrance to welcome you in (I used to deliberately go through the place in my scruffy anorak for the pleasure of having the poor guy open the door for me!). But the real interest is the hanging sign in the top left: The Pantry! I still yearn for the smell of that shop and the taste of their pies! Who remembers the wonderful chicken vol-au-vents, with a sliver of tomato and sprig of parsley on top? The Pantry eventually got taken over. I think it was by Le Bruns, who were taking over everything (including the newer Hot Bread Shop around the corner in French Lane). And that was the beginning of the end...


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