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Let us have your thoughts

Do you have views about Jerripedia or Donkipedia you want to share with other users and the site administrators?

By contributing to this page you will ensure that those views are heard. Just edit the page - at the bottom, please - and add any comments you have on existing content; ideas for new content; or just general comments about the way the site is structured, its looks etc

Please be aware that this is not the page to ask for help with your own family research, but for general comments about the site. If you want reaction to your suggestions, please include some form of identification or contact details, for the benefit of site users who do not have administrator access to membership lists.

Help with research

This page is monitored daily by the editorial team, but if you want help with research into a specific family's tree, you should start by emailing editcontact@theislandwiki.org and use ‘Jerripedia ancestor search’ as the subject of your email. If you do not use this as a subject, your email may get lost in our spam filter and we can only act upon emails correctly addressed with this subject.

If you want to comment on the information contained on a specific page you can click on the Discussion tab and leave a message there, and you can also discuss content with individual contributors by leaving messages on their own talk pages. As with most public family history sites, we will not provide information to identify those who have added content to the site. If you want to email somebody you can go to their own talk pages and use the user email facility which will be found in the left column.

Music/Arts/Entertainment venues

Would be a good idea to get a list of music/arts/entertainment venues on here

Perhaps also a list of Jersey/Guernsey artists/musicians/bands past and present

Yes, agree entirely
West Park Pav etc from late 20th century, and before. My father told tales of Saturday nights there in DJs
Where were the venues in Jersey before WW2? Greve de Lecq?
Who is going to do the research?
Mike Bisson

Hey Mike, we are currently compiling a database of local musicians and venues, would you
be interested in helping promote each other.
You can find us at https://www.sound.je or https://www.facebook.com/SoundofJerseyCI/

Yes, I would be happy to consider this, providing there is a strong historical element - ie The Beatles at Springfield etc.

Please email me - mike.bisson@inbox.com - with your thoughts on how this could work. Paricularly interested in pictures of local concerts over the years.

Mike, I remeber the DJs at the Pav.

And after the Germans went ¿?

>Wests Cinema, upstairs - I used to go dancing there

>The Forum, upstairs - ditto

>Even the New Era - now who remembers the back row in the New Era¿?

There was also a place out at St Laurence where the French workers had their dances but the mind is blank as to where it is. I still remembeer a nice dance there though with a fella playing his accordion.. 07.Oct.2010

Research Required

How about a page for details of any cross reference issues that users have noticed but perhaps don't have the info to research or correct themselves.

Example Search "Denize" and it says Jourdain Denize was a Jurat in 1331. I believe this to be correct as I have found other supporting evidence elsewhere. However, follow Jurat to the list of Jurats in 1331 and he is not listed. Maybe the 1331 list is incomplete, or maybe he was not a Jurat.

Mike Bisson's response

I think this is just the right place for this type of comment, and they are very welcome. This is an example of information being provided by two different writers. The Jurat list is based largely on the research of historian the Rev J A Messervy, who published lists in the Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise in the 19th century, and he does not include Denize in 1331. However, I have just bought a copy of the Extente for 1331 and expect it to be delivered next week, so I shall cross-check the information contained in the Denize page and update either or both references. Thank you for pointing this out.

To Mike Bisson

arising out of my further research into the end of the wars of the Roses as it affected jersey, I now have 4 illustrations relevant collectively to the pages about Phillipe de Carteret 7th Seigneur of St. Ouen [his correct heraldic escutcheon for his Life after his marriage to Marguerite Harliston]; - and the correct escutcheon and crest for Matthew Baker, the 2nd Governor, and a jpeg of Baker depicted "le grant Eqyer" riding as Master Of The Horse from the Great Tournament Roll of Westminster, dated 1511. I'm happy to have these added these to those wikipages. Where do I send them?

As a new person to the organisation researching my family tree I was surprised at the inconsistencies I came across when comparing Ancestor and Descendants trees and want to know how to resolve them to find the most likely year dates for specific events. I have put the details on my User Page but in short I found three birth years for the same Clement Lempriere - 1616, 1628 and 1630 - and two for his wife Elizabeth Bandinel - 1628 and 1640. Relationships are consistent and indicate they are not different people. There is only one baptism for Clement on 24 July 1616 and none for Elizabeth. Where to next to find the answers? CLaughton Unfortunately, the further I go the worse it gets - James Bandinel (1733- ) m Margaret Dumaresq (1605-1692) CLaughton

Local Heritage

I suggest categories for organisations concerned with local heritage - one per bailiwick, so probably "Jersey heritage bodies" and "Guernsey heritage bodies". Happy to create them and populate at least the Jersey one (which would include Jersey Heritage, NTJ, CIFHS, Societe for starters). --Jmbmac 07:17, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Local images

I have a considerable archive of images relevant to many of the subjects on this site, how would I add these to the relevant subjects?

Thanks you

Norman Wood


Your offer to add images to the site from your archive is very interesting and most welcome. Only administrators are allowed to upload pictures. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones are copyright control and ensuring that the images are in the optimum format for the site without taking too much server space. Initially, at least, I would prefer that you send the images to me so that I can process them and upload them. Once I have an idea of the number of images involved, their subjects, digital formats etc, I would be happy to consider giving you administrator status so that you could continue with the uploading process. Would you be kind enough in the first instance to send me by email scans of a varied batch of images, with caption information, with an indication of what else you have available and the subjects and dates covered, and I can then assess the situation and come back to you with my suggestions on how we could proceed. The maximum size of image I add to the site is 800 pixels wide for landscape images and 400 pixels for portrait format. They are optimised for web display in Photoshop and end up around 50 kb each file. I like to receive them somewhat larger than this - say 1000-1200 pixel width and standard .jpg format, to allow for any cropping, digital enhancement and resizing I consider necessary.

I hope this all makes sense to you and look forward to receiving some samples - perhaps 4-5 per email, and as many as you like - to editcontact@theislandwiki.org - please use Jerripedia as the subject of your emai

Post-1842 central records of births, marriages and deaths

I'm interested in accessing the indexes to civil registrations for Jersey post-1842, even if this is in the form of images of the index pages (which are still incredibly useful) rather than fully searchable transcriptions. I regularly check the family records project update page, but it appears that no new records have been added since February 2015. I realise that the resources for completing this project are limited, so I would just like to clarify whether work is currently continuing behind the scenes and new records will be added soon, or whether you have had to halt the project completely for the time being.

Many thanks.

Thanks for contacting us

All the birth registrations, with the exception of St Helier, were added at the beginning of the year. St Helier is covered by the baptisms already in our database and we have no plans to add the birth registrations at the moment. As we have indicated on the update page, we will add page images of marriage and death register indexes as soon as time is available. We have completed three parishes of deaths and hope to return to this work early in the new year. Unfortunately the information contained in the marriage and death indexes is so limited that we cannot justify the time necessary to fully transcribe them into our database. The death indexes only give a date range and the marriage records do not even link bride and groom. Nevertheless, we recognise that the availability of page images for those who cannot view them in Jersey will at least help them to spot ancestors and then order certificates with full detail. The backlog of material awaiting processing for addition to Jerripedia seems to grow at the same pace as the popularity of the site and our small editorial team has to prioritise this work and try to maintain a balance between the use of the material to researchers and the time it takes to process. Full transcription of family records is incredibly time-consuming. Sill, now that our recent phase of adding 200-plus family pages, 400 family trees and over 6,000 gravestone images is more or less complete, we can turn our attention to other things, and they will include page images of marriage and death register indexes.

Mike Bisson

Thank you for your reply. In light of this, I've been thinking about the next steps in my family history research and have an idea that I’d like to suggest.

First, let me briefly explain my situation. Among other things, I’m looking for details of two births in St Helier which I haven’t been able to find in the baptism records currently available. However, I believe they may still be included in the civil registration indexes, as I’ve found another family member born in St Lawrence for whom there is an entry in the civil index but no baptism record. I would therefore like to be able to check the birth indexes for St Helier.

Consequently, I was wondering if you’d be prepared to consider an arrangement whereby members of the public could assist with transcribing records in exchange for information that is not currently available online.

Let me give an example of how this could work. I’ve had a look at the images of the Grouville deaths register indexes, and I would be happy to transcribe one full volume such as that for August 1842 – April 1853, in exchange for someone looking up one entry in the St Helier births index (within a specified date range) and letting me know the reference so I could order a certificate. This could be done on the understanding that, if the relevant entry was not found, I would need to transcribe additional records before requesting any further searches.

Of course, it needn’t be images of the civil registration indexes, but could be anything else that needs to be transcribed: creating an index of names on gravestone images, for example. I realise that any information transcribed by members of the public would need to be double entered to check for inconsistencies, but I believe this might be a way of getting through the large amount of material that needs to be transcribed – which, as you rightly say, is not an efficient use of time for your team.

My current alternatives for continuing my research would be to arrange a visit to Jersey or pay an organisation such as Jersey Archive to undertake research on my behalf. While I am prepared to do this, I’m a firm believer that genealogical information should be freely available (or as close to being free as possible), and I think the work you’re doing on Jerripedia is great. If there’s a way for me to find out the information I need while also assisting with your work, I would be very keen to do that.

Of course, there may be problems I haven’t considered and I don’t know how many other users of Jerripedia would be willing to assist with transcribing records (though I suspect there might be a lot), but just thought I would suggest this. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.


Thanks for your suggestion, which is certainly worth consideration, although past experience makes me very hesitant to embark on something like this.

There are several issues:

1 The way I work now is not to transcribe records, but to enter them direct into my database. This is a painstaking and time-consuming process, even though I touch type, as I am currently well aware because I have just started doing this for the early St John records which are indexed in Jerripedia but, because they were processed quite separately from the other parish records, somehow escaped being added to the database.

2 I would be most reluctant to give anyone input rights for the database, but even if I did, the guy in Canada who built the database for me has not yet created an input routine for marriages and deaths, and I don't think he will have time to do this in the near future.

3 When the original pre-1842 records became available to me over four years ago, I tried to get volunteers to help transcribe them. I had 12 initial volunteers. Three pulled out immediately when they realised how time-consuming the job would be. Seven never completed a single volume of records. Of the remaining two, one was brilliant, her input was virtually error free, and she worked almost as fast as I did. The other processed a substantial number of folders, but as soon as her data was unploaded to the database it became apparent that it was full of errors - so many that it was quicker for me to re-enter the data afresh than proof-read the data.

4 Of the 12 volunteers, and those who continue to help me in other ways, not a single one is Jersey resident. Family researchers in Jersey are very blasé about Jerripedia. They use it extensively - even the professional genealogists - but they know that they can go to the Archive or Societe library if they need to, whereas those who live in Australia, NZ, Canada and elsewhere rely heavily on the site. This begs the question of who is going to look up the entries in return for the data input. And what do I get out of it? I will have to administer the scheme, check all the entries, organise the required programming, all of which is going to take up probably as much of my time as it would take to input the deaths and marriages myself. And I don't think the extra functionality which would be gained from inputting the marriages and deaths, compared with putting the page images on the site, which I intend to do in the new year, makes the work worthwhile.

As for a gravestone index, this is 90% complete and on the site in the family pages. An index for gravestones for individuals not in one of those 600-plus families is nearing completion and will be on the site in a few weeks.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but unless somebody has spent the amount of time I have over the past six years creating Jerripedia, they cannot begin to understand what is involved. Hardly a day goes by when I don't get an email asking me to provide information which a researcher has not found on the site. I have to politely decline, although in the majority of cases I am able to point the inquirer to where the information is indeed already on the site.

I have considered opening a discussion section on the site, allowing researchers to exchange information and ask each other questions, but in truth this already exists elsewhere on the web. There is the Rootsweb Channel Island mailing list, which unfortunately has slowed almost to a standstill since Jerripedia started, and the Facebook Jersey Family Tree group, which is quite active. Links to both are included in the page of external resources in the Family research section.

Following your approach, I will give further thought to how Jerripedia might be able to help people seeking access to records which are not yet on the site, but it's not a nut I have been able to get close to cracking yet.


Can someone help me find the Military Birth table?

This isn't the obvious place for this question - yet it's the best I could see. I wont be offended if someone moves it:

About two years ago I discovered the jerrypedia site when researching my great grandmother, Ada Eatough's (1876) birth. I recall finding a page that listed military births, showing the name of both parents, the child's name, on a plain white HTML page. I was excited to see a record of Ada's birth and a mention of her father John Eatough.

I can no longer find this page. I'm wondering whether anyone recalls this or whether it was moved/changed/removed?

I know that my great grandmother was born on 16 or 18 July 1876 and that by 1881 she was living in England with her married mother whilst her father was presumably still in the military.

Can anyone recall such a thing?

Id be very grateful for any suggestions.

Peter Booth

Mike Bisson replies: Peter, I am mystified by this. I don't recall creating a Military Birth table, and can't think of anybody else who would have added something like this to Jerripedia. A search for Eatough across the site draws a complete blank. I think you must have found this table somewhere else.


This pages has been edited and tidied up on 19 September 2017. Some comments and questions have been transferred to the discussion page of the relevant subject I believe that the John Mowlem and the Lavinia were built by the Sauvary shipyard and not Sauvarin . Regards Mary Sauvary

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