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Architecture historian Andre Ferrari bemoaned the loss of historic buildings in this section of an article in the St Helier parish magazine Town Crier

For a certain generation, the Hue Street area will always remain part of Lost Jersey, an entire quarter of 18th century houses, lost to the mania of total clearance for 1970s redevelopment. Had it been respected and saved, it would now be one of the town's most charming areas, a place for tourists and locals to enjoy.

That loss has rather blinded us to the other interesting areas of town which have been devastated, long after Hue Street was recognised as a terrible mistake.

6 Hue Street, built in 1767, photographed in 1930


Hue Street

Artist's impression

Planning officers' record

The first set of photographs were taken by planning officers in 1965 as part of a record of town streets

Numbered properties

These photographs of individually numbered properties were taken by planning officers before demolition started

1974 Jersey Evening Post aerial photograph showing the cleared area

General views

Hue Court, built on the site of the old Hue Street properties


All that was left in 1977
Hue Street in 2007

Maps and plans

An aerial view of the cleared site


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