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Official accounts for Ivanhoe in 1833-34 - click on image to enlarge

Watersprite was followed on the Channel Island-Weymouth mail service on 12 July 1827 by the Ivanhoe, under the command of Captain Robert White

Built in 1820 by J and C Wood at Greenock, of 158 tons and 60 hp engines, Ivanhoe had a boiler pressure of 8 lb. She originally ran from Holyhead to Dublin, but in 1823 was purchased by the Government and stationed at Holyhead, until transferred to the Weymouth-Channel Islands mail run.

Inter-island race

There was always great rivalry between the companies and the Post Office packets and in January 1836, Captain Comben of the Ivanhoe challenged and raced Captain Goodridge, of the Lady de Saumarez, from Jersey to Guernsey. The Ivanhoe left 40 minutes before the Lady de Saumarez, but was passed off Grosnez. The Lady De Saumarez arrived at Guernsey 35 minutes ahead, owing to the fact that she had recently had new improved paddles fitted.

In February 1837 Ivanhoe was withdrawn from Channel Islands service and transferred to the Thames, renamed Boxer and employed as a tug. She was condemned in 1846.

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