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A Jersey business profile from The Islander 1911

Jam is always an acceptable dish and appeals to all classes. The commercial man at his hotel after his ham and eggs can often "go" a little marmalade, whilst other jams form one of the luxuries of the poorer classes.

We would like in this necessarily short article to point out the fact that we have an excellent jam manufactory in St Helier — that of Mr F Johnson, of 17 Parade. Mr Johnson, who has been in the grocery line in Australia, London and other parts of England, and after serving a local firm, decided to start on his own, the success which has hitherto attended his venture quite warranting his move.

We paid a visit to his factory one afternoon this week, and can testify to the absolute cleanliness which prevails, and to the purity of his products. This of course is not the fruit season, so that Mr Johnson just now confines himself to the making of marmalade, and it is satisfactory to note that his output up to the present this year exceeds that of the whole of 1910.

He is turning out on an average 500lb per day. The marmalade is put up into 1lb and 3lb jars, which cost 4½dand 1s respectively, whilst a speciality is made of preserving jams, jellies, marmalade, etc in vacuum jars, by which process they will keep good and free from mould for years, and will not dry or crystallize, without their natural flavours being in any way impaired.

They are not affected by varying temperatures and climatic changes, and they may therefore be sent to all parts of the world.

As we do to all local traders and manufacturers, we wish Mr Johnson the best he wishes himself.

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